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A Guide To Romantic Thing Your Gil Wants But Wont Tell You She Wants

Why is it important to keep the romance alive?

Fellers. I am here to be your wing girl. Let me help you out a little bit.

Some guys think that once they have their girls "on lock," they no longer have to do anything romantic. They don't have to do anything cute for their ladies anymore. In some cases, some of you guys never knew how to do any of that in the first place. If that is you, it is a miracle that you got someone to fall for you! Romance is a huge part of love.

Let me show you guys some tips and tricks to win over that little lady's heart.

It does not have to cost money!

Make it simple!

You do NOT need money to make your girl feel special, loved and appreciated.

Try this:

If you live together, get up a little bit earlier than her. Find some paper and a pencil. Everyone has that just laying around. Write her a little note. Something like this:

"Dear (Insert Pet Name Here)

I hope that you have slept well, my love. I woke up thinking about you. Your (insert eye color here) eyes. Your cute little smile and nose. You amaze me with you beauty day in and day out. When you think you look your worst, I am still in awe. I love you.

Love, Your Not So Secret Admirer

See! It does not have to be anything that fancy or long.

Personally, I like it when my man compliments me on the things that I am the most insecure about. For example, I am a bigger woman. I am insecure about my large belly. However, when my man swoons over how much he loves the way that my belly looks while he is also swooning over my hair and eyes (things that I DO like about myself!) It makes me feel good to know that he sees these good things in me, and even the good things about me that I CANNOT see!

Do not wait to get us flowers!

Yes, flowers are nice for our birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, need I go on?

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Any girl who enjoys the large bouquet of roses on a holiday is going to just melt over a single handpicked roadside beauty.

Why is this? You took the time to pull over and select just the perfect flower for us. It gives a message that it came from the heart- not the flouriest!

What if your girl does not like flowers? Some girls just don't go for things like that. This is fine! I got you covered on this, too.

Does she collect anything? Rocks? Marbles? Soda lids?

Anything that you can find (Do not steal! I am not saying to become some thief mastermind.) that would remind you of her- gift it to her.

Maybe you found a blue feather and it reminded you of her eyes?

Maybe you found a beautiful colored leaf and it reminded you of her beauty?

(Tip on the leaves. Press it in a book!)

Learn about her!

In conclusion, there are many, many, many, MANY things that you can do to please your lady romantically.

Chances are, she has already told you what she wants.

Pay attention.

Listen to her.

Learn HER love language and do what makes her FEEL loved by you.


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