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Best Four Qualities that Fathers have

Hello everyone! Hope you read my first article. I Love my father so much to the extent he has been my inspiration to wrote this.

The unconditional Love of a Father

He's love is unconditionally- He will do everything just to make his children happy. He will guide them for a better future awaits. He's willing to sacrifice his own happiness for his family. Even though he is sick or has a disabilities, He will always do his best to be there with you and support you no matter what happens.

Sometimes, when our father scolds us for the wrong things we did, we tend to misunderstands him, but he simply just wants us to be disciplined. Every father wants to bring out the best for his children because of his eternal love for them.

Fathers love is so valuable that no one can compare his unconditional love with any precious things. He is the true source of encouragement and always tries to thread in all family members. He is a fight resolver and a most trustworthy person in a kid’s life.


Stand as our First Hero

He's our First Hero -Each and everyone of us has our personal hero. For me my Dad is my first hero. He inspired me in so many ways. I saw his hard work by doing his jobs just to raise us. His livelihood is selling cigarettes on the street and a heavy bottles of water that he carries on his right side of his shoulder. Rain or shine, He is still on the middle of the road selling. I still remember that even when there was a storm, he was still selling and come home wet. I know he does it to provide our day to day needs.

Managed to send each of us in school until we graduated and earn our Bachelor's Degree. My father told me that education is the biggest investment that he could give to me and it will never be stolen by others. Therefore, it was planted in my mind that I need to study well to repay all things he did.

Sometimes we get into a lot of arguments due to disagreements on some matters, but he will approach me and will laugh and act as nothing happened between the two of us. When I get into a fight with my sisters or by others, He's the first one who will protect me. He can be strict, gentle, and tender towards me. He will never get tired to understand me despite of my immaturity. Thinking of all his positive values in life, I could say that I'm very proud to be his daughter and most of all, blessed to have a father like him, My hero.


Father as our Provider

He's our Provider - What does providing means? Webster definition of provider is " A person (such as a mother or a father) who earns the money that is needed to support a family." Simple and true, however there is so much more to dive into here.

Father is the best gift in everyone’s life. He is the pillar of support in every family. Dad is not less than a superhero for kids. He is the one who has to behave tough even in emotional situations. Every kid shares a special bond of love with his/her father. Dad is the one who is the utmost responsible for the good upbringing of his children.

My Dad is a hero of our family. He could make all sacrifices to provide our daily needs just for us so we can eat three times a day. Payer of our utilities at home and provides for our school needs. There's a time where he comes to a point to borrow money just to buy the things we want like clothes, toys, and personal wants. His kindness is too much. He does everything for us even when he has nothing left.

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I haven't heard his complain instead, He always smiles and make a humor as if he had no difficulty. He had been seriously taken his responsibility as a head of our family. Parents spend money to fulfill all the kid needs since childhood. They provide the best education possible and sometimes go beyond their limits to give kids better opportunities.


He's sacrifice is Priceless

He's willing to Sacrifice -When you truly love someone you have been offer sacrifice. this is the well known verse in the bible John 3:16 "For God so loved the world he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."

If we're talking about love, the word sacrifice must follow to prove our love is real. When you really love someone, We do everything. Like the example stated above. It shows even if it hurts to the Father God to give his only son for the salvation of the world, He did it because of Love. Indeed, Love could do anything even if it hurts yourself. You sacrifice for the sake of everyone. Like my father, I'd seen him sacrifice his self a lot just to provide for our family.

1. Financial Needs - I saw him selling water and cigarettes even if its raining on the road in order to provide for our daily expenses such as food, monthly bills and educational needs.

2. Emotional Needs - When I feel down, he's the first person who's always there for me. He's ready to listen to all the bad things that happened to me and most often give some advice. He cheers me up and tell me that I can do it. The person whom I can run to in everything that happens in my life.

3. Spiritual Needs - He is the father always praying for his children to have the fear of God and to have a faith in God. I remember when I was young he always tells me to have faith in God that he can do everything and for Him nothing is impossible.

4. Mental Needs - He gives the unconditional love for us, his family. He's totally selfless. All he think was our welfare when he woke up and when he sleep we were still on his mind. He is always there to listen our hearts just to give us a great life that we are now enjoying because of his sacrifice.

Thanks to him a thousand times. One working definition of sacrifice is this: Sacrifice is giving up something temporarily good for something eternally better.

" I had to be successful to justify my parents' sacrifice for me." -Robert Herjavec

" I had to be successful to justify my parents' sacrifice for me." -Robert Herjavec

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