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A Bodybuilder Married His Life-Sized Doll

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Hotsexydolls is the author of this photograph.

Hotsexydolls is the author of this photograph.

Egads! How much insanity can the world take? I came across a true story about a man who married his life-sized silicon doll, and it only gets weirder than before from this point on. I thought that the movie Lars and the Real Girl was a product of someone's twisted imagination, but this story about a man marrying his life-sized doll is actually for real.

Our world has people falling in love with imaginary sweethearts, marrying their pets, and even marrying themselves. Now the world has people falling in love with inanimate objects and taking their hands in marriage. If you don't believe me, watch YouTuber Joker's video below. If you do believe me, watch it anyway.

YouTuber Joker Reports That A Bodybuilder Marries His Silicone "Girlfriend" Of Eight Months

The life-sized doll's name is Margot. The name of the bodybuilder who married her is Yuri Tolochko. In his video above, YouTuber Joker reports that this doll cost Mr. Tolochko somewhere in the five figures. YouTuber Joker got the full story from 9GAG. However, it didn't end there. After the wedding, Mr. Tolochko broke up with Margot and left her or rather it for someone else or rather something else. It will make you question whether this man is in therapy. If he isn't, he needs to be.

1. A Lovesick Man's Journey Into Madness

How pitiful it is that a man fell madly in love with an inanimate object that cannot possibly reciprocate his feelings for it. Exactly as the title of Basit Aijaz's article titled "Once ‘Married’ To Sex Doll, Kazakhstan Bodybuilder Is 'In Love' With An Ashtray Now" reads, Mr. Tolochko tied the knot with Margot and then left her for a large ashtray. Hmmm. I wonder if he smokes. I guess if he works out all the time, he would steer clear of cigarettes.

Now, according to the latest news, Mr. Tolochko broke up with the large ashtray and found himself another life-sized silicone doll to fall in love with and marry. The doll's name is Luna. The entire scoop can be found in Basit Aijaz's article titled "Kazakhstani Bodybuilder, Yuri Tolochko, Takes Second Sex Doll Wife On Lavish Honeymoon After First One Broke."

If this same trend becomes a regular occurrence with alpha males, then incels (involuntary celibates) and perma-virgins may become a thing of the past inasmuch as it will produce a surplus of eligible bachelorettes throughout the world. This bodybuilder could have any beautiful woman that he wanted, but he chooses to fall in love and even wed inanimate objects.

The two above-cited articles describe Mr. Tolochko as being pansexual. I believe that he is merely bonkers, but that's only my opinion. Everyone else is entitled to theirs. I have to wonder what brought this man to this point. Did some lusciously beautiful woman leave him at the altar? When a man's pride is damaged, it can hurt him in so many ways insofar as his behavior may become rash. However, I have never witnessed any man take matters to this extreme. There has to be another story behind this one that led up to it.

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2. Inanimate Objects Also As Children

Mr. Tolochko could run his own YouTube channel in spite of his apparent less-than-sound mind and judgment. There is a woman whose YouTube channel is called Reborn Love. On that channel, she treats expensive dolls as though they were real babies or children. The video below will illustrate to you exactly what I mean.

A YouTuber Named Faviola Provides Childcare To A Doll

If Faviola only posts these videos for the money, then I wish her only success in her journey as a YouTuber. In any event, it disturbs me that she speaks to this baby doll she calls Rose as though she were a real infant. She is the mother of real children. I hope that she pays more attention to them than she does to her dolls.

After watching Faviola's above video, you may get to thinking that she's not much different from Mr. Tolochko in terms of her mental faculties. Then again, I don't know the woman, and I am not a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Like Margot and Luna who are described above, the baby doll, Rose, is also made of silicone. Woah. The idea of a grown woman playing with dolls is bizarre to me. Of course, that's another article for another time. What is even more so disturbing about Faviola is that she looks more normal than a number of mentally healthy people I know. She would not stand out in a crowd as being odd in any manner if she were seen walking alone out in public.

RyanMcGuire is the author of this photograph.

RyanMcGuire is the author of this photograph.

3. Final Thoughts

If I need to write another one of these kinds of articles, I'm wondering what its title is going to be. Will I one day be reading a story or watching a YouTube video about someone who married an alien or an extraterrestrial? Well, I must admit that I don't believe in aliens or extraterrestrials. Therefore, I may decide to pass on that opportunity.

Anyhow, marriage is supposed to be one of the happiest days in a man or woman's life. Wedding anything other than a human being is way beyond my comprehension. Unfortunately, there are people who will go above and beyond to cross whatever boundaries they can.

It is for certain that Yuri Tolochko will not be fathering any children in the near future. Whether he can actually find real happiness and true love remains to be seen. Perhaps what he has been doing could be nothing more than a publicity stunt to bolster his celebrity status. It cannot be disputed that he definitely is grabbing the attention of a multitude of people. It is more likely going to be the kind of attention that the majority of us don't want.

I don't know what is right for Mr. Tolochko, as I do not know him. I can only wish him all the best in life wherever his strange pair-bonding rituals may take him. I can only recommend that anyone in the marketplace for romance should narrow their pursuits down to other human beings for sanity's sake. I'd be interested in knowing what Mr. Tolochko's immediate family members think about him and his so-called romantic pursuits. If his mother wants him to give her grandchildren, she is definitely in for a major disappointment, to say the least.

A Poll For Anyone Who Is As Disturbed About Yuri Tolochko's Behavior As I Am

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