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The Bedroom Nightmare

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How Our Wives Handle the Bedroom Nightmare.

Bravo to our wives who can endure their husbands' nightmares.

The happenings within the room settings can be as varied as the fish species in the ocean.

Without a doubt, the room is a unique space reserved for our privacy and wellbeing.

While we sleep, many other things happen to us that we might not be aware of if not for our wives, our closest companions.

For example, sometimes our wives suffer from our snoring, like in my case. The constant daily noise they must go through, especially in the middle of a sweet night’s sleep, can significantly hurt their health.

The Night Dreams and the Coward Protagonists.

Most of the time, don't they say that people dream about stuff they care about and dearly think of in their minds before going to bed?

So, should it mean that I must have been thinking of settling some scores with somebody, to the extent of wanting to deal with them or outrightly fight ruthlessly with them? Not to my knowledge and not even close to being my kind of person.

According to my experience, I do not dream about anything negative before going to bed. Not to talk of quarreling or fighting with someone before my sleep. That is not me. Instead, I think of something more positive.

I wonder why these coward personalities only want to be protagonists in my sleep and, worse still, in my dreams!

Otherwise, the question becomes, why should they always want to make trouble with me in my sleep if they are not cowards? You will not believe it; sometimes, I used to engage in a frantic struggle and fight with these folks in my sleep.

The latest, all still through dreams. Just some few days ago, thank God for my wife, I was going to fall from the bed. "I found myself on a highway with my back on the ground.

And I noticed that a trailer truck was approaching and coming towards me, but I was still lying on the ground powerlessly. Unable to stand up from harm's way. As I struggled to step completely clear of the truck's path, I heard my wife's voice, that ‘that angelic voice,’" Saying,

"What's wrong with you? You are shaking the bed too much!" And I woke up realizing that I was dreaming.

It is worrisome because sometimes I dream, but I don't remember what the dream was. However, I could recall everything that happened from A to Z another time.

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Life’s Wonders: How the Spiritual Affects the Physical.

Another strange experience so far—again the other day, I found myself on the floor, almost hitting my head on the light stand.

It was a massive fall with a big "bang" whose noise woke up my wife. She was utterly shocked by the noise resulting from the fall and wondered how and why that happened.

Though the fall happens rarely, it does not mean that other petty dramas weren't taking place within the room’s four walls— most especially the talking while asleep.

My wife told me that sometimes I talk so loud while asleep that she used to think that someone else was in the room with us.

The truth is, you have no idea how to approach such a topic and do not even have a clue of how to start it. The situation leaves one clueless but always eager to know what these nightmares and blunders mean.

My poor wife had to wake me up the other day because I was shouting again in my sleep at the top of my voice. The issue was that I was having a severe problem with some people in my dream.

Moreover, I realized that the beings were very violent and came for a real fight with me. But I stood my grounds, using all I had at my disposal, including shouting and all that...

It's surprising that sometimes when I wake up, I used to feel tired. Does it mean that all that happened, though, in the spirit while asleep, can affect my physical body when awake? Is that not some of life’s wonders?

Falling From the Bed It’s No Longer the Preserve of Kids—Adults Also Fall From Their Beds.

Though the falling to the floor from the bed occurs once in every blue moon, the fall’s noise used to be incredibly loud, with a loud "bang" on the floor. Thank goodness I never seriously hurt myself, except for some slight pains.

Talking and screaming at night ———is the current currency as it happens more often—

My wife's voice has been at the vanguard of waking me up.

So far, I have not been able always to remember dreams easily. However, I would remember every little detail from beginning to end at some moments. I must admit that I was delighted to recall my two last dreams. My attackers came for a dirty fight, but they were shamefully defeated with the strength of “I don’t know where it originated,” I guess from my guiding angels.

Finally, our bedroom is no longer a place of rest. It has ceased to be that space to keep us refreshed for the next morning (freshness in our mind, soul, and spirit); but is now a place ridden with nightmares.

Snoring can be as unbearable and heartbreaking for our wives, mainly when it occurs frequently in the middle of the night. Furthermore, this disorder (sleep apnea) can become a significant health burden for our wives to bear. Thanks to all of you wives who go through these tough “battles” with your husbands.

Thanks for reading!

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