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8 Signs That Reveal if a Guy Really Likes You

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Or if It’s Time to Walk Away

It can be really hard to tell if your new crush likes you back or not? You might think he likes you back, but sometimes you feel friend-zoned, and you're afraid to mess things up and to lose what you have. But sometimes, not telling someone what you truly feel about them can be the biggest mistake.

He might like you back, but even he is afraid to make the first move. So here are 8 signs that reveal if he likes you back, to save yourself the embarrassment for going for someone who's not interested in you:

Wonderful girl in trendy heart glasses expressing good emotions

Wonderful girl in trendy heart glasses expressing good emotions

1. Body Language

A person's body language never fails to tell the truth, even if you decide to hide something, you subconsciously make gestures that reveal what you're truly thinking. Apparently, men give a lot fewer body language signs than women.

  • A guy in love will want to be around you all the time and to know more about you just like you, so he'll probably notice and remember little details that you ever mention in a conversation and follow up, this just shows that you matter to him. He will also try to make eye contact frequently.
  • The direction of his feet – If his feet are pointed towards you, it may suggest that he is interested and attracted to you. And if you're in a group, usually the most charismatic person will have the most feet pointed towards them. So if his feet are directed towards you, he really does find you fascinating and is into you.
  • Dilation of pupils – You may have heard this one before. Oxytocine and Dopamine, often referred to as the "love hormones", influence the dilation of the pupil. When you are attracted to someone, your brain gives a boost of these hormones. Although sometimes, there may be other causes for the Dilation of the pupil, if you have observed this sign, it may very well be a good indicator that your crush is really attracted to you.

2. He Initiates and Makes the First Move

If it's always you who starts the conversation or the one who texts or the one who plans things and invites over, it's not a good sign. You can tell if a guy is interested in you through his actions – If he is really interested in, he will want to spend time with you and if he doesn't reach out to you, he isn't playing hard to get, for any relationship to work both the people should invest time and effort, you should just know that it is one-sided and he doesn't feel the same way about you and it just isn't worth it.

3. He Tries to Know More About You

If you someone, you would naturally want to know more about them. Well, he will feel the same way – He will show a interest in the things you are into, he will ask you questions about you, directly or indirectly and will want you to show him around your world and pay attention to what you say and do, you might bump into him in places you visit often but never expected him to be there and start doing different things together because he'll want to spend more time with you and be a more significant part of your life.

4. He Will Hint That You Will Be a Part of His Future

Whenever he talks about his future plans, he will hint that it involves you. It really takes guts to share your future plans with somebody else and open up, it will make him vulnerable, but he doesn't care, he will give you a chance to know his life. Your relationship just grows closer, even if it's just as friends yet. So if he talks about what he wants to do, he considers you important and is comfortable around you and might be interested in dating you and sees you together in the long term.

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5. He Asks About Your Dating Life

By this point, you may have observed a few of the other signs and when he asks you about your dating life, he's pretty serious about you and wants to ask you out. It may not always be so direct, he will casually bring it up in a conversation hoping to figure it out. He will also give you compliments or you may have a fun banter – But you should always look out for playboys, it shouldn't be very over the top and not just a one-time thing, they might just be trying to get into your pants.

6. He Touches You Frequently

Physical interaction plays a sign role in determining whether a guy likes you or not – He will lean towards you, touch your hand often, hug you tightly when you meet, sit in such a way that your legs touch or pull your chair closer to him, but if he's the shy type, he might be waiting for you to make the first move. See his reaction – if he doesn't flinch and doesn't move when you touch his hand, he might like you back.

But players usually use such tactics just to get you to trust them and into a bad one-night stand. A guy who genuinely likes you won't be very consistent, men are usually more physical than women but if he really likes you, he will respect you and your space and won't try to touch you inappropriately.

7. His Friends Act Differently Around You

If he really, his closest friends probably know that just like your friends when they start giggling stupidly when they see him. And needless to say, they won't be able to hold it in for long and probably start acting a little strange and will treat you differently, give you hints, leave you two alone and tease him about you. And when you notice this, you will just know.

8. He Spends Less Time on His Phone When With You

We all know resisting your phone for a long time is really hard. Taking important calls and checking notifications quickly doesn't matter, but if he puts his phone away when with you, he finds you more interesting as a person and values the times you spend together than scrolling through social media and texting somebody else. Coz if he does, there's a very good chance he sees you just as a friend.

Self-Love Sunset Hands Silhouette Heart

Self-Love Sunset Hands Silhouette Heart

Self-Love Is the Key to Any Healthy Relationship

And if you can relate with most of these signs, maybe it is the time to muster the courage and confess your feelings to your person. But just remember there may be times people you like don't always like you back or aren't sure how they feel about you or just wanna play you, and you can't do anything about it either, just don't let it ever discourage you.

You should let them know how you feel about them and you always deserve someone who will be crazy about you and truly love you because if you learn to love yourself, only then can you really love somebody else. You should learn to let people go and when the person is right, you won't need to.


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