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8 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Will Cheat on You According to an Expert


Many marriages have to an end because of partners cheating on each other. Nowadays, unfaithfulness in women has been increasing overtime main reason being financial problems. One thing that we all know is that both men and women cheat but female cheating goes not noticed.

If you want a long-term relationship the are many things that the both you must portray. There is a lot of work ensuring that you partner is feeling okay to be with you. Things like sharing responsibility, both parenting and good communication skills can hold back your partner from cheating. According to men another main reason why women cheat in a relationship is when their emotional needs are not met.

Here are more reasons why your woman is more likely to cheat on you:

1.If she has misleading friends.

Most women tend to mislead others if you aren’t careful. It is your responsibility as a man to watch and take care of your woman when she is on the wrong. Don’t end their friendship but ask her to limit the time that spend together. Mostly if her friends like parting in nightclubs and other entertainment joints make sure you are on the lookout.

Those misleading friends are either jealously, single or have already destroyed their marriages and they want the same thing to happen on her side. If you are a woman and you are reading this post, please make sure that you surround your marriage with the right friends.

2.If she wants revenge.

This happens if she has ever caught you cheating or suspicious about it. Revenge is very common when a woman is bitter with you. If your guy cheats on you, don’t cheat for you to be even there are better ways on how both of you can solve the problem. On the other side as a guy don’t take advantage of your woman calmness and go around cheating with other women. It hurts a lot when you find out that your partner has been cheating.

3.Long distance relationship.

Most long-distance relationship don’t work. Women tend to get emotionally frustrated when their partner away for a longtime. This doesn’t mean to quit your job or studies, but ensure that you create some free time when you shall be meeting. Long- distant relationship tend to create lies and secrets between partners that leads to breakup.

4.When she feels neglected or ignored.

If you ignore your woman for some time this makes her, feel like she is less important to you. If incase at this point another man comes and shows her interest, she will definitely cheat. If you treat her like your housekeeper, she will seek external validation from other people how shows more care.

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5.When she has craving for intimacy.

All women like to feel valued and connected to their partners through non sexual emotional like having fun together, talking, being thoughtful, going out on hiking etc. If a woman doesn’t get enough emotional satisfaction from his lover, then she will seek it from somebody else.

6.If she is lonely.

There are many reasons that bring loneliness in a relationship. Maybe you as her lover you tend to work for long hours or you are away for some few weeks this may add to her cheating. Whatever, the reasons if a woman is lonely, she will have to find a way on how to end it. This will make her cheat on you and

In other case some women tend to have to many expectations when they get in a relationship with are not met, then she will seek them somewhere else.

7.Previous cheater.

If your woman has ever cheated on you before and you are aware of it the same situation might happen sex life history before you move in together. If he/she is honest with you and find out that he/she has been in 3 or more relationship then run for your life because it will happen again.

8.If she spends time or talks too much with her ex.

If your girlfriend or wife keeps talking about her ex, she might be missing him and if a chance comes up for them to be together then she might cheat on you. It always very important to take note on how your girlfriend talks to her ex. Don’t let it go too far because you are already there, her ex is that past and she should let it go.

How To Cope with a Cheating Wife/Girlfriend?

If it happens that you find out that your wife has been cheating on you and feel like everything is coming to an end, there are some ways on how you can get over it. Although forgetting it will be a huge task but life has to move on maybe you were aren’t meant to be together.

There are things like taking good care of yourself, accepting it that she has cheated on you, visiting a therapist, not playing the blame game and many more will help you cope with such situation.


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