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7years of Hostel Life (He Too Have a One Sided Love Story)


First Moment When He Saw Her

Hostel where I spent 7 years of my life,

or I can say that the place where I could understand myself, this is the story of a boy living in my own hostel, very rarely speaking But one who understands each one's feelings well.

(Here we give him a fictitious name for better understanding - Raj)

The story begins when Raj passed Navodaya examination, the year 2012, when he got admitted in navodya, (Navodaya was a government residential college). People said that there were very few people whose names appeared in the final list. But Raj was among the few who qualified for the new admission. Everyone was very happy, everything was going well.

Now it was the turn to take admission in Navodaya,

Raj along with his mother and dad reached Navodaya.
Even today, that picture is in front of my eyes, on the morning of August 14, when Raj was walking in the whole school with his mother and dad, he had a mixed sense of thrill and fear. After collecting all the documents, his mother and dad went to leave him to the dometry (the dometry is the place where everyone keeps their belongings, etc. and with that they are given a bed).
Now it was time for Mommy and Papa to leave, Raj's eyes were slowly getting moist, Raj was looking down because he didn't want to reveal his sad face, as he walked towards the gate, mother and Gradually, seeing the father, his heart started getting depressed. From inside, it seemed as if someone was taking away a part of his body. As soon as he reached the gate, his eyes were completely moist. But he was walking silently, hiding those moist eyes.

upon reaching the gate when his mother looked at him lovingly and asked him to take care of himself. Raj could not stop himself on hearing this and tears started flowing from his moist eyes and he wrapped up and told his mother that he does not want to stay here, please do not leave him there alone. He was just crying. His mother explained to him a lot and then after a long time Raj's mother and dad had left him there, Raj was still standing there, still the final picture of his mother with dad was in his moist eyes, he was looking at the silent road from where his mother and father had gone a while ago. He did not want to live there at all, despite that he now had to stay there.

After looking at that silent road for a long time, he silently came back to his dometry and sat on his bed, the moisture of his eyes telling how sad he was, not a single moment had passed when his eyes were not moist.
He was always depressed and took a thought in his mind that he did not like this hostel and the atmosphere here, then he slowly tried to adapt himself to the atmosphere there,
One says that not every person gets molded over time, it was the same as Raj, slowly he started feeling good there and with the passage of time, 1 year passed.
Along with this, he was promoted to class seven from class six, he was always good in studies, now he came in class 7th and made some friends too.

Even in the seventh grade, there was nothing special, with a few selected things, gradually that year also passed with time.

These selections will be repeated in the middle of the story,

Now begins the first page of his one-sided love story from here.

When he reached class eight, and had learned a lot of things, begun to understand people and had even gotten a little bit of the atmosphere of Navodaya, Raj saw him for the first time.
In class eight, he used to sit on the front-row seat, and one day, just like everyday, when everyone was coming back from the assembly and entered the classroom, Raj was also thinking about going to his seat Then Raj saw those eyes, a thin kajal streak adorned in his eyes, one of the layer of her black hairs was upon her pink cheeks seems like rose petals, a tall girl in a blue skirt and white shirt, blue tie, in class. She comes, and everyone's eye is on her, there is only one thought in mind that I wish God can do something else so that it becomes my friend.

That moment had come to a standstill for me and Raj also wanted God to keep the moment like that, Raj was just looking at her, God had the karisma that everyone was asking for in his prayers. .

To be continued....