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7 Types of Friends you need to get rid of: Types of Friends to avoid

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Types of Friends

We all make friends at every stage of our life. Friends can be from school, work, neighbor, friends of friends, online friends and sometime friends whom you meet everyday in commute. Very few friends stays with us lifelong. While some friends stays with us for longer time while many comes and go. Some friends fade away themselves while you have to cut the cord by yourself. Sometime you consider a friend as your wing man but your that friend is holding you back.

Sometimes you have to go through a breakup with a friend if you want to live up to your fullest potential. Despite how long you've known someone or what you have been through, there comes a point in your life when that person might be holding you back. I am not saying you have to change friends with different stages of life but if someone is holding you back and make you go low, you have to think about this. You can slightly fad away from them in face book or can cut off gradually in social meetings. So here are some types of friends you need to get rid off, even though it is hard to do so.


1. The One Attention Seeking Friend

This kind of friend is an attention greedy. They are like one man show and you feel almost everything revolve around him or her. They can talk about almost anything for hours and people can just listen them without even paying any attention to you. This type of friend are good intentionally but they are so attention grabbing, you barely get a chance to put on your show. An attention seeking friend grabs everyone's attention and you will always feel low. This is true for girls group, in which you find one girl always try to get more attention either by looking pretty, looking cool, getting more attraction of boys or even by showing off more skin. It is time to get rid of such friends.


2. The Contender

This type of friend loves to compare things, especially when he/she has upper hand. They does well in school, get good grades, attract all the girls/guys, have better job, look, life etc. Healthy competition is always good among friends but if one friend is outdoing another then it is certainly not good.I mean seriously, do you want your friend wear an enemy suit and march ahead of you?


3. The Busy Friend

You probably come across such friends. They almost always stays super busy no matter what. They are busy when you need, on your birthdays or any other special occasions. They are always busy when you call and they reply to your text at the end of the day and sometime the next day. This shows what is your place in their life. Do not waste your time with such friends.

4. The Disappearing Friend

This type of friend maintain your friendship only till they are single. As soon as they find boyfriend/girlfriend, they will forget you. They just want you to fill in their empty space in social life. They want you to be there in your bad time but in their good time, you are nowhere. It is usual that when a person be in relation they can spend less time with friends. But this type of friends forgets you completely. Although they will keep a loos contact because they want you to be there when they want your shoulder to cry.You soon need to disappear from this friend's life.

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5. Friend with Childish/Stupid Behaviour

This type of friend has always create problem with their childish behavior and foolishness. They do not know how to handle their emotions and aggression. They can easily get annoyed and angry. They can get attracted to anyone easily if gets some warm feelings and can easily breaks relation too. We all knows how hard to deal with emotions are but with experience in life everybody learn how to be more mature. This type of friend seems like will never learn and always be a child.

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6. Energy drainer

You will always feel low energy when ever you hangout with them. They are of high energy and also they want to have conversation around them only. They are high on complaints and use their emotions easily to play their "me" card. You have to listen their complaints, life problems and give relationship ideas. They are always want to go for high adventure sports even if you want to go or not. They will get you to be with them and take part in their activities.

7. The Friend who Secretly Hates you

This type of friend are your friend on top surface but they are your biggest enemy from inside. They laugh with you, share your good/bad time and claim to be your friend but they are really not your well-wisher. They are your worst enemy because they knows you inside out. These are the real back stabbing friends, get rid of them as soon as possible.


peachy from Home Sweet Home on January 09, 2015:

i hate disappearing friends, they always do that in nick of time

ktnptl (author) from Atlanta, GA on November 09, 2014:

Thanks DDE, true backstabing friends are worst and we all somewhere in our life encounter such friends (enemies).

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on November 09, 2014:

I say the backstabbing kind of friend is the worst I had that been there and got them off my list. I no longer have a list of friends. Certain individuals are just not worth my precious time and energy.

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