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The Top 7 Things Men Want Most From Women

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Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus

Just like other male mammals that live on this planet, a male human's genetics consists of an X and a Y chromosome and will always produce X and Y chromosome sperms to determine the sex of a fetus. All females have an XX chromosome makeup and will always produce an X chromosome ovary for reproduction. Men favor and produce 20 to 30% more of androgen, also known as the testosterone hormone. Women favor and produce more of the estrogen hormone. Both men and women's bodies do contain both hormones, just more of one over the other depending on the gender. Men do have a smaller hippocampus, which is where memories are stored, compared to women. This is why many women will remember almost every word said, every argument, and every major event that happens.

Men and women definitely are different beyond just their sexual organs and physical differences, such as size, weight, and strength. The biggest differences other than the obvious is thought processes, actions/reactions, and even needs and wants. Men process information differently. Men also make decisions differently and also act/react very differently to certain types of circumstances or situations. Men also differ in a big way in terms of relationships, feelings, and even in their wants and needs. Men always have their own way of doing things and at their own pace, which can be frustrating for women at times. Men and women have always expressed themselves differently and even live life differently.

Some Facts About Men

  • Men refuse to go to the doctor.
  • Men die sooner than women in most cases.
  • Men have more car accidents from speeding.
  • Men refuse to ask for directions (had to put it on the list)
  • Most men do not shower every day.

What Do Men Want?

While putting the pieces together, incorporating wisdom on this topic, and studying the facts that do exist, there are certain conclusions about certain topics that do hold true. Men like things in certain ways. Men have different a different way of communicating and bargaining. Men are also much simple than most women believe. Men don't want anything out of the ordinary, but in fact, it's usually simple and to the point. Sometimes it will be odd and challenging to obtain but men always will find a way if it's something they want bad enough. Men sometimes can want what they can't have but that is human nature. To simplify, the basic necessities men want daily are sleep, food, and love. Just like with women, men will also have their bad days when they don't know what they want.

Do Men Even Know What They Want?

The Top 7 Things Men Want Most From Women

This article is about men and what they want most from women, for women that may need more insight on this topic. The top 7 things men want most from women can be surprising and also inspiring at the same time. Men aren't all about sex all of the time, in fact they are much deeper than that. Men do have wants from women on a different level than average stereotypes and generalizations. So let's dive right in and see what's first on this list!

1. True Respect.

Respect is defined as due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others. Respect is also defined as a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important and serious, and should be treated in an appropriate way. Women always want respect from men, but men also want that same respect in return. Men want to know that their feelings and opinions matter just as much as a woman's. Some great ways to show a man that he is respected are to:

  • Give him your undivided attention when he talks.
  • Do not interrupt him when he's talking.
  • Always welcome him home with a kiss after a day at work.
  • Tell him that you love him as he walks out the door in the morning.

Doing these things everyday will improve the way he feels about the relationship and about his woman.


2. Loyalty, Always.

This needs no explanation. You either got it or you don't.


3. Complete Trust, Both Ways.

The act of a woman trusting a man, with little and big things, means so much to men. To trust or not to trust a man is interpreted as a sign of a woman's overall respect for the relationship. As mentioned above, respect is very important so that is why it is on the top of the list. There are always certain circumstances when a woman must choose to trust her man or have her own way. This is when a woman must swallow her own pride and trust her man, aside from feelings. Complete trust makes for a healthy relationship, open communication, and also great memories.


4. No Nagging.

Men hate nagging and it is the quickest way to turn him away and turn him off. This can ruin the good energy and good moments. Nagging can consist of any the following:

  • Consistent reminding.
  • Complaining.
  • Objecting with a whiny tone.

5. Home Cooking.

As the old saying goes "The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach" and it is incredibly true, even to this day in modern times. Men enjoy eating food, but they love it when it's home cooked and when it is their favorite dish being served. This is especially true when a man comes home from work only to smell a hearty dinner cooking. Some home-cooked dish ideas to impress a man are:

  • Steak, any cut.
  • Marinated lamb chops
  • Classic cheeseburgers.
  • Spaghetti and home-made meatballs.

6. Spontaneous Make Out Sessions.

As we all know, men love sex but it is a deeper connection that men want most from women. Men want to feel connected to the woman they love on a different level than everyone else. Making out is much different than kissing. Kissing is usually little pecks like a mother gives to her children. Making out involves more than that, like opening the mouth and gently using the tongue. Some tips for spontaneously making out are:

  • Find a unique location.
  • Time it just right when little to no people are around.
  • Keep eyes closed so it is just the two of you in that moment.

7. To Have a Good Time.

Men are simple and to the point. They live their lives that way each and every day, Men do not like nagging, complaining, gossiping, drama, or whining. They want to have a good time, laugh, joke, and just be themselves. Men want most from women is for them to join in on the drinks, food, and jokes. Men are really good friends for women to have because they don't like drama. A good time for a typical real man will usually include one or most of these things:

  • Beer, sometimes imported.
  • Sports, of any kind.
  • Food, like wings and pizza.

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Lauren Richards from Nigeria on May 02, 2020:

Nothing can be further from the truth. These 7 points are recipes for a successful relationship from men's angle

Cristale Adams (author) on March 02, 2018:

Thank you for reading and commenting!

LouisCifer on September 15, 2016:

Too complicated.

In general, women are smaller, slower, weaker and a massive liability and annoyance for men most of the time. Men will tolerate immense suffering and self-denial just to reduce the annoyance, with no affect on the other debilitations of women.

Men effectively want three things from women.

The rest men can provide amply for themselves.

1. Sex - frequent, quality, random.

2. Feminine companionship (emphasis on "feminine")

3. Family (heirs)

That's pretty much it.

Women expect men to sacrifice themselves. Men are "supposed to" get married, be a provider and protector to women. Men are to serve women.

But most women today are utterly incapable of understanding all that men sacrifice in his monogamy to her and in order to provide for her reality. Further, women are completely disinterested in this, for it would reveal a moral call for reciprocity - that while sure, men should serve women, women must also serve men.

Deborah Reno from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD on August 04, 2016:

Interesting article. I'd agree that the most important thing to men is not sex, but respect. I try to do most of those things for my husband. I'm working on not nagging, but finding alternate solutions to things I need done.

Thanks for writing.


ubrish ali from Pakistan(Asia) on November 10, 2014:

I think affection grows love between girl and boy.

Cristale Adams (author) on March 25, 2014:

Thanks for reading and commenting on my hub.

Emmyboy from Nigeria on March 23, 2014:

Hi Cristale, I like how you expressed your opinion in this hub, most especially from a man's perspective.

I will like to add that sometimes, I feel like a different man altogether because I still need one more very important something from a woman to add to your list.

Can you guess what it might be? Oh yes I want a woman with brains! YesMan said it's food but me I say it's intelligence. So add it to your list, at least, for my sake, okay?

Thank you!

Meanwhile, I like that picture in this hub that has the word RESPECT! printed on it! I guess you know why, do you?

Cristale Adams (author) on January 25, 2014:

Thanks for reading my hub and thank you so much for your insightful comment.

lilylipgloss on January 16, 2014:

A nice article, and nice to read something that is not anti man for a change that's been written by a woman. I agree with much that was said, and like most woman (well those of us that don't really consider ourselves to be feminist's) I try my best to make my man happy with many the things mentioned here. Men are better at some things and woman better at some other things, I see no need to compete or feel need for one upmanship. I think its called being a team

Cristale Adams (author) on December 10, 2013:

Thank you for checking out this hub!

YesMan on December 01, 2013:

I think cooking is the one I find the most attractive. Girls, the way to a man's heart is through his tummy. Trust me on that, I'm a guy.

Cristale Adams (author) on January 24, 2013:

Being loved, for a man, is important! I knew it!

onlygrace on January 24, 2013:

I am agree with you, all the list you mention above is very fit to me. Especially when it is about getting respect from a woman. Somehow for a man, being respected means being loved.

john on August 29, 2012:

lol, what men want most from a women, WRITTEN BY A WOMEN ( no offence, but everytime i read what women write about men, its always angry stereotypical judging againts us, that men only want sex and food )

but i'm agree with 70% of the list..

though i'm agree with most of this, writing sex as no.1 what men want most from women is just not true ( no.1 maybe for single men who have goals getting laid , but for men who is in relationship, sex is not really that important to be no.1 priority, really, i write this as a male, as an alpha male who really love sex )

but respect , appreciation, and affection, i will place them as no.1,2,3... ( and i will add love ( yes we men want to be loved for god sake!!!!!!!!) and care)

a happy husband is not husband who get sex with his wife everynight ( with his wife faking orgasm most of the time, like all of women out there ), but husband who have a wife who support, respect, care, love, and appreciate them......

if you think this way of a men, as an emotional creature, not just sex craving pigs, i bet you will make your man happy..... i bet all of my money

Cristale Adams (author) on July 23, 2012:

Thanks for reading and the insight!

Neil Sperling from Port Dover Ontario Canada on July 23, 2012:

Pretty well summed up..... I do agree with Rebecca2904 .... acceptance, appreciation and respect..... Sex is not number 1 - even though there are moments that it is the only thing that matter... only moments LOL - You are bang on re: nagging... and also for your point "have some me time when I first get home" ..... :-)


Rebecca on July 20, 2012:

I agree with most of the things you've said to some degree, but I do kind of disagree with the 'men want sex all the time' being in the first place. I do agree that men love sex (and so do women!) but I think when a man is a committed relationship then what he will want most from his partner is companionship, support and for her (or him) to basically be his best friend. Obviously when a single man's on a night out then he's going to be wanting to have a good time with his friends and hopefully go home with some 'fit bird' at the end of the night, but when a man's in a relationship, the sex will just be the icing on the cake after eating a delicious meal (i.e. the companionship.)

Cristale Adams (author) on July 20, 2012:

I agree!

Chandryclaire on July 20, 2012:

Thank God men and women are different. Otherwise, it would be so boring. I do not understand why women are always trying to change a man to be more like them vice versa. We need to respect and appreciate our differences even if it is really annoying. I think that when we stop trying to change the person, that person relaxes and is much more pleasant to be around.

junkseller from Michigan on July 19, 2012:

I tend to consider myself odd for a man, but I suspect your list is pretty good for many. Personally, I would move affection up pretty far on the list. I have gone a LONG time without affection or number 1 on your list and can actually live without the one, but find what I really miss are the small affections. Kisses, hugs, holding hands, etc. I think the value of this tends to be underestimated. I always especially liked small affections in public. A little peck on the cheek, for instance, as a way of basically saying, "ya, this is my guy."

Cristale Adams (author) on July 19, 2012:

I made a disclaimer for that purpose. This is just a guess of what men want most from women, but each man is different, I know.

cleaner 3 on July 19, 2012:

you are very close in your assumptions. but a lot of theses are just typical stereotypes. great write though.

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