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Women Over 60 Who Enjoy Living Alone

Single women love living alone and doing their own agenda. Can you find true love after 60?

This Single Senior Loves Working in Her Garden


Embracing Joy

Many women sixty and over are embracing "Joy" while leading a delightful life living alone and loving it. What is this all about?

Many career women of today resent having a mapped-out life with antiquated rules from their mothers' and grandmothers' area. Modern women do not adhere to social rules that boast of etiquette from eons ago.

Not everyone wants marriage because participation in a social life for singles has no boundaries. And, then some women stay married a lifetime.

Therefore, when losing their husbands through divorce or death it is traumatic for them. Then, Strength is their best friend next to sisterhood.

If a friend of yours is now alone; include her in social events to get her out of the gloomy house. Gloom is for cave dwellers not women who are still young enough to start a new life in whatever direction she wants to explore.

Planning for Financial Security

Many 60-plus women are financially secure with great retirement plans that will support their agenda to travel and explore the world. Wisely, these women started their retirement plans at an early age. It is the savvy planner that reaps the rewards of living life, not just existing.

When retirement becomes a dream of reality, and all the planning pays off---then you are embracing joy. Happiness will be difficult to contain because your winning smile tells the world---I am a smart planner---as joy shines through.

Did these women choose their careers over being mothers? Many did, and some single women had or adopted children. Some women do not feel the need or urge for motherhood. If a woman's heart says no to motherhood, then it is their choice.

Savvy women today are well educated, ambitious and excelling in careers once dominated by men in the past. These brilliant women choose motherhood when and if they please. Society and its outdated nosy inclinations should stay out of these career women’s businesses.

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Women in Control of Their Future

A 60 plus woman plans are flexible and changes when she prefers. Living single is a choice and does not eliminate love or enjoying a loving relationship.

It is not written in the clouds to stick to a specific plan because everyone has their own vision for the future. Single seniors have plans to enjoy the rest of their lives.

A woman should never feel the need to seek a relationship for financial security. And, I know women who joined groups, dating services; church hopped, and visited every social event in their community looking for deep pockets. This is disturbing and dangerous because the searcher may easily become the searched.

The modern 60-plus woman alerts her friend when she sees this happening, because friends experience life daily with its roller-coaster of highs and lows. In other words, everyone handles grief, aloneness, and feelings of rejection differently.

Everyone needs a helping hand, support, and well-directed advice at some point in life. Give a hand and save a friend—make life a simple joy by caring.

Single Seniors on Vacation


Sixty Plus and Maybe New to the Singles Dating Scene

Sixty-Plus--Get Off the Couch and Start Living.

  • Kick the pale colors like creams, beige, taupe’s, light browns out of your closet.
  • Buy a rainbow of colors to liven up your attire for the new social you.
  • Add “Bling” to you outfits as well as modern, but comfortable shoes.
  • Older women like younger men---no gigolos please. (Mother always said: What is good for the goose is good for the gander. She was a savvy lady.)
  • Don’t Botox your face to the state of looking stuck in a wind tunnel.
  • Wear contacts not glasses. (Unless you live by the code like Mother: What you see is what you get.)
  • It never hurts to invest in a makeover from professionals to freshen up the new you with color, hair and make-up.
  • It is your time to strut down the runway of life.
  • This is your new beginning with hindsight safely tucked away in your memory to use when needed.
  • The most important tip to you is never accepting second best in a man. (That is like craving a chocolate donut and settling for a three-day old piece of bread—not satisfying.)
  • Eat healthy, get plenty of rest, and drink water with a twist of lemon. (No processed foods---that means no microwaveable meals.)
  • Wine is good---no hard liquor.
  • No Smoking---besides the health risk---who wants to kiss an ashtray and get smoking wrinkles?
  • Never date a man who is cheap and wants to split the bill. If you like someone who is on a strict budget then eat a hotdog with him, but he pays.
  • Let me share this with you---a man who is a tightwad with money is also cheap with his love. The well is dry, and he is looking for a way to irrigate his bank account.

Written in 9-2-2014

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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