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6 Essential Details You Should Consider to Plan a Perfect Wedding!

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Tips for Perfect Wedding Aesthetics

A wedding is not just limited to a ceremony where the bride and groom exchange rings. It has become a festive affair where a tiny detail can create a huge difference. For instance, matching groomsmen ties can easily distinguish the bride’s side and the groom’s side. These details synchronized together can make your wedding day even more special.

If you are a perfectionist or want to make your wedding day remarkable for your guests and yourself, then we have certain tips on essential details which you should consider while planning your wedding. These details will add a touch of perfection to your wedding!

So, here are 6 essential Details you should consider while planning your wedding:

  1. Themes: everyone has a fantasy about their weddings and setting a wedding theme can make your dream come true. You can choose themes like a fairy tale wedding, garden wedding, beach wedding, or any other theme which is close to your heart.
  2. Color- Code: colors create an aesthetic ambiance; you can add the same color to the decoration and to the outfits to synchronize with the ambiance.
  3. Clothing Apparels/ Accessories: the outfit is always the center of attraction for both bride and the groom. Therefore, even a tiny detail in the outfit should not be ignored. These little details create a huge difference in the overall outfit. Here are a few details, which need your care just like your wedding dress:

For Women:

i) Headpiece: a crown or a feather with jewels, or flowers in the braid add elegance to the hair, so carefully choose your headgear.

ii) Shoes: high heels or sneakers, define your personality therefore, you can choose your shoes considering their comfort or their style.

iii) Necklace: jewels or flowers, or just a pendant can add more beauty to your outfit.

iv) Veil: long or short, you can decide the length of the veil according to the complete appearance of the outfit, or on the basis of the venue

For Men:

Brides are always in the limelight but if you want to outshine on your big day too, we have tips for you men, out there too! The following accessories will not just enhance your outfit but will fetch you everyone’s compliments.

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i) Ties: wedding ties for men add texture and depth to the outfit. You can select your wedding tie according to the color, pattern, and style. You can match the color of the tie to your bride’s dress, or choose a pattern according to the theme of the wedding.

ii) Pocket Square: Matching pocket squares with ties completes the look of any outfit.

iii) Suspenders: these add a classic and aesthetic touch to the outfit. You and your groomsmen can wear these suspenders with bow ties or neckties to add a dapper look to the outfits.

iv) Cufflinks: these tiny accessories can create a big difference to your outfit. In fact, the cufflinks are available in a variety of designs apart from jewel studs. Therefore, you can add your favorite character to your outfit.

v) Socks: the most underrated accessory that can add a style statement to your wedding outfit. For, instance if your wedding is on July 4th, you can choose stars and stripes socks to mark the double celebration.

5. Decoration: “monofloral” has been a trending arrangement in the last two years, as flowers add a romantic touch to the ambience. You can choose the colors of flowers according to the theme or the color code of the wedding. You can also add cutouts from your pre-wedding photoshoot to give a personalized touch to the venue.

6. Music: music is one thing which is close to everyone’s heart and I am sure there must be a wedding song in your head since your childhood. Both of you can create a mixtape of your favorite songs and make your day more special with all the nostalgia.

7. Return Gifts: last but not the least, returns gifts are an essential element of any wedding as they mark a thankful gesture towards the guests. And also, they can make your wedding talk of the town as well. You can add a personalized touch to return gifts by using your wedding hashtags on the labels of the packaging of gifts. Scented candles, customized hampers, and plants are some of the unique and personalized return gifts.

Thus, taking care of the above-mentioned details, you can make wedding preparations without much worry. These elements will add a touch of perfection to your wedding.

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