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5 Ways to Know for Sure He Likes You

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I enjoy giving advice to others on how to know if someone has a crush on them.

You like him. You like him a lot, so much, in fact, that you'd love it if your relationship moved to a new, more intimate level.

But—and this is a big one—you don't know for sure if he feels the same way. And boy, will you feel like an idiot if you suggest the two of you start dating exclusively, only to find out he thinks of you as just a friend.


So how do you know, without risking terminal embarrassment by asking, whether or not he likes you as much as you like him? Here are five ways to know for sure.

  1. He initiates communication. Whether it's via the phone, e-mail, or texting, if he contacts you as much or more than you get in touch with him, I've got good news for you. He likes you! Guys, in general, are not super-communicators. My husband Alex, for instance, would rather clean the bathroom with his tongue than talk on the telephone—unless he really likes the person he's talking to. I should have known that he was interested in being more than just friends before we started dating. 90 percent of the time, he would call me.
  2. He just happens to show up where you are. There's a huge difference between a guy who manages to coincidentally show up at a party or other event you've been invited to and a stalker. But if he almost always just happens to be nearby when you get out of class, or he's a co-worker you just happen to keep running into in the hall or the cafeteria, don't believe his protests of innocence. He is more than a little interested in you!
  3. You catch him looking at you—a lot. If you're out on a date with someone, and you catch him looking at you or watching you when he thinks you won't notice, he is hooked. Guys who watch their date more than they watch the movie—especially if it's not a chick flick—are deeply in like, if not in love. His expression is important, too. Up until the day he died, my father-in-law looked at my mother-in-law as if he still couldn't quite believe she'd chosen him—and they were together for over 50 years.
  4. He makes reasons to touch you. And I don't mean sexually. I mean casually-but-often. He puts his hand on your back to help guide you into the movie theater. He brushes a strand of hair out of your face. His foot just happens to touch yours under the table at a restaurant. He tells you that you have dirt on your nose when you know you don't. He rests his hand on your shoulder for no reason at all. Oh, boy. Does he ever like you!
  5. His friends know all about you. If a guy introduces you to his friends, and they know all about you, what does this tell you? Especially if the friends are being friendly and polite? Well, it'd tell me that he's been talking about you to them—a lot. It's a guy rule: men don't usually talk about specific women with their friends unless a) they've been recently, badly dumped or b) they're very, very interested. Since you obviously haven't dumped him, he must like you!

Men, even when they like someone, are often reluctant to make the first move and say so. So, if you like him, and you found yourself saying "Yeah, he does that" to at least four of the above signs, I say go for it! Ask him out. Tell him you're very interested. If he's doing everything I listed above, he is a real sweetie. Grab him!


Isabella on February 01, 2020:

I like this boy he is so cute he plays with me all the the so i dont noh if he likes me.

Alanna Connelly on September 17, 2019:

I like a guy but have no one to talk to and he's older than me (im a freshman in high school). I've already embarrassed myself in front of him before because he has talked to me before once because he asked me to a party but I said no for some reason (probably cause I only get like 3 hours of sleep) he rides my bus and we are the only ones at that bus stop so ya not really anyone else to talk to. But we have never talked except that one time and I was on the bus after school and I was sitting with my only friend at school who happens to treat me like shit so I have no one to really talk to. But anyway as soon as she left he sat there and asked me what street I lived on but, I still don't really know what street I live on because I have lived here for a year (I know I should know where I live by now) and I was like uhhhhhhhhhhh… But after that, he asked me to a party and I just sat there for like 10 seconds staring at my lap cause my face was as red as a cherry. Anyways I was taking so long so I just blurted no… And I immediately regretted it and he ran back to his seat. As soon as I got home I was yelling at myself ;-; My only friend that I was talking about told me he has a girlfriend so I don't really know about that. But also a few days ago I saw him with a girl with red hair that is sooooo pretty (he lives on another street so it was weird) and all they did was walk down the street then walk to his street cause at the end of my street ends. So I don't know about that either. The whole bus thing happened yesterday and I saw him looking at me at school today so thats why I'm really asking you all of this. I guess my question is do you think that I have a chance with him or another chance I guess? And if so I need to know because ive been in hard spots like this before but had no one to talk to. (And remember he is older than me like 1 or 2 years older)

JJ on September 12, 2019:

So I’m in 7th grade, this kid Keegan, says he hates me but is always talking to me and looking sometimes, he asked me to a football game he said I may or may not tell u why I hate you, I asked if he could tell me then cuz idk if I was even allowed to go, he said nope, then smiled, so I want really early bc I had swim at 6:15 and he wasn’t there my other friends were tho so idk I kinda need help does he like me or no (prob a no but idk)

Laine on September 08, 2019:

I I've seen all of these signs, mostly the staring and touching though. Tomorrow at school, my crush is going to ask someone to wear his football jersey for homecoming, all his friends asked someone last friday at the highschool football game. I really know that he likes me, but I'm not sure if he knows I like him, so he might not pick me, but, fingers crossed! I'm in 7th grade by the way.

i dont wanna on September 06, 2019:

My crush looks at me alot idk what to say its hard for me to spit out "i like you" its hard

Beth on September 03, 2019:

My ex boyfriend/friend and his sister lied to me about him being sick and doing chemo and coughing up blood and he might be dying why would they lie about that I know it’s a lie I can never go to the drs with them can never show me any type of paperwork from the hospital or drs office and the picture of blood he sent me was fake because once you zoom into the picture it says “dream time” but really faded kinda hard to see if u don’t zoom into the picture and the picture he sent me when he was at the hospital I found on his Facebook that he posted 2 years ago why would they lie about something like this

Jordyn on August 21, 2019:

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I am a freshman at hazelwood west high school. Ive had my eye on this dude since the first day of school i mostly see him everyother day because i have gym and lunch with him i talk to his big brother but not in that type of way and me and him mess around with eachother alot. Today he asked my play brother to get my number for him and my play brother yelled out loud i'm not getting her number for you and he said I dont even have her number my self (which he don't he only has my snapchat ) but then the boy turned to me and said let me get yo number shorty. I blushed and told him my phone was not activated yet, so I only have my icloud(i have an Iphone).Then he asked for my Instagram so I gave it to him then he kept talking to me trying to start a conversation or something and brought up how I followed him back on instagram and only liked one photo of his. I can't really tell if he likes me or not but I like him and been waiting for him. Homecoming is coming up and I want him to be my date so can you help me?