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5 Ways to Attract Women on Facebook


Why go to an online dating service like and pay an arm and a leg when you can meet women on Facebook for free? Facebook is a great place to meet women and there is no inherent pressure to find a match. The serendipity of finding and meeting women through Facebook is far more romantic anyway.

There are some tried and true techniques to go about attracting women on Facebook and if done right, many women who will swarm to you. All you need to do is present yourself in the right way.

It is really not that hard. If you are looking to hang out, date or even get married it all begins on Facebook with only a few simple steps.

1. Take a photo that shows you in the best possible light

Your photo is your introduction, and you have only one chance to make a first impression. Posting your best photo is a must.

How to take the best photo possible:

  • Smile

Make sure you are smiling in your photo. A smile says you are friendly and allows the woman to imagine having a good time with you. Studies show that women are attracted to a man that is smiling. When a woman sees a photo of you smiling they will imagine that you are smiling at them. Most of all, a smile lights up the face and makes you look joyful. This is attractive!

Use late day lighting to give you the best profile shot

Use late day lighting to give you the best profile shot

  • Take photo outdoors before sunset

As any professional photographer will tell you, lighting can make or break a picture. Indoor lighting is a hit or miss proposition and flash photography will often flatten the image leaving you looking like Flat Stanley…uh oh! The best lighting is before sunset on a sunny day. Plan to take selfie or have a friend take the shot. The lighting at sunset is soft and flatters the skin, this is similar to candlelight.

Choose your shirt carefully

Choose your shirt carefully

  • Choose a Flattering Shirt

Before you go to take you sunset photo, choose a shirt that flatters you. Pay attention to the color, try a few shirts and see which looks best. Also pay attention to the style, whether it is a button down shirt or a t-shirt, consider all of your options. The effort in this step will pay off with an ideal photo.

  • Take many Pictures

Taking many pictures is another tip you can adopt from professional photographers, shooting many photos gives you better odds of getting a great one. After taking a number of shots, you can choose the best one.

Present your interests through photos

Present your interests through photos

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  • Include your Hobbies

You can also use a profile photo that includes your favorite hobby as long as your face still takes center stage. This is a plus because it will make you look unique.

  • Use a Photos that Includes Friends

Some experts suggest that having a photo that is taken of you with a woman and then cropped so that you can see only some of the other woman is attractive to a prospective woman because it shows pre-selection.

Human beings make quick visual judgments. You don’t have to be the sexiest man of the year to take a great shot and give that woman out there just what she is looking for. Of all the suggestions listed above, the smile is the most important. A smile tells the prospective woman that you are happy; you don’t take yourself too seriously and smile naturally lights up the face, this is attractive!

More Photo Tips:

  • Remember to crop the photo to include your head and shoulders.
  • Use any editing tools that your camera offers to adjust the brightness so that your skin looks natural.
Highlighting something unique about you will attract more women

Highlighting something unique about you will attract more women

2. Have unique and interesting photos in your albums

Studies show that women are most likely to choose a prospective mate who is unique in some way. Something unique will make you memorable and can work as a conversation icebreaker. Keeping this in mind be sure to have photos in your albums that reflects what you are passionate about. If your hobby is camping, make sure that is clear. If you enjoy traveling make sure that you have photos that show your excursions. Do you like hiking? Have a shot of you out on the trail. Having interests show that you are living a good life and Ms. Right wants to live a good life too.

Posting works of art, such as this Klimt painting,  will draw women to your  page

Posting works of art, such as this Klimt painting, will draw women to your page

3. Post topics that are interesting to woman.

Here is a list of women friendly topics that will work to attract women to your Facebook page:

  • Music
  • Nature
  • Animals
  • Travel
  • Current Events
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Food and Dinning
  • Cooking
  • Art

These topics are typically of interest to both woman and men because of this they make you appealing and they also work as conversation starters. I know of one man who attracts a lot of women on Facebook by posting pictures of great artwork, the women flock to his page because they love the selections and they love to comment about the artwork that he has chosen.

By contrast, he also posts news articles related to current events, these posts attract both men and women and lead to some heavy and heated discussions. These news article postings aren’t quite as good at getting the ladies to be attracted in quite the same way.

There are also some topics will tend to turn women off.

Posting photos or information about hunting will work to turn many women off

Posting photos or information about hunting will work to turn many women off

4. Topics to Avoid or Minimize

There are a number of topics that work as turn offs to most woman these include:

  • Sports
  • Hunting
  • Video Games

This doesn’t mean that women disapprove of these interests, but rather they don’t work to present you in the best light. In terms of sports, the prospective woman might stereotype you as someone who is a sports nut who only wants to talk about sports and is only interested in doing sports related activities. Most women are not interested in getting involved with a sports nut.

5. Fill out Your Profile

As a woman, I have landed on so many ghost pages of men on Facebook. The man would post an attractive photo and send me a message. I was curious to see who they were and found next to nothing filled out on their page. I came to find out later that they were scammers; I am not sure what they were looking for. Getting messages from an attractive man is flattering, but then going and finding an empty page is a turn off.

To avoid this scenario, fill out your basic information like where you live, where you were born. Then go on and add some movie and music interests. If you don’t take the time to do this then you are cutting yourself short.


6. Join Facebook Groups

By joining Facebook groups you will attract women in two ways. First, these groups will show up as interests on your profile page and second you will be accessing other women via the group. This is a great way to meet women that is seemingly effortless. I have met many men and women through these Facebook Groups. Not all groups are very active so keep looking until you find one that is. By meeting women through interest based groups you have bypassed a lot of people that are dissimilar to you.

There you have it, with the right photo, profile, consideration of topics and groups; you too can have droves of women flocking to your Facebook page with you on the receiving end. Women know exactly what they are looking for and all you have to do is provide it.

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