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5 Ways How One Can Know a Right Soulmate

How to Find a True Soulmate

How to Find a True Soulmate

5 Ways How One Can Know a Right Soulmate

Nowadays each and everyday we hear sad stories which relate to persons committing suicides because of relationship related issues which are very common in youths compared to aged ones who are fairly mature in thinking. Recently, in different countries we have seen an increase in a number of organizations which offer free counseling services related to stress and anxieties which partly are caused by dating or marriage related issues. All this to at least lower the number of suicidal tendencies of some individuals who resort on ending their lives when their soulmates have been caught red-handed or in another form of cheating.

A part from consulting counseling service centers, knowing right partner plays an important role as it reduces the likelihood of being in a situation whereby your heart could easily get broken by your loved ones whom you have been loving unconditionally. This article will uncover 5 key points which could wake you up when it comes to dating or any form of relationship which probably ends in marriage.

5 ways of Knowing a True Soulmate

The following are useful tips deemed best which could help you waken your love journey which could help you save your life from heartbreak related issues.

1. Pretend you have nothing

You might be wondering as to how could pretending that you have nothing help a person secure a right soulmate, the key point here is that some individuals are interested not in you, because of the things which you have and this could be money or other talents which they want to benefit from you. This could even be your personal intelligence. The problem with this kind of love is that when you fall in love with someone because you have something, should it be money or your personal talents or wisdom is that when your money or wisdom ends or become obsolete you are then rendered useless and your person whom you claim to be your true soulmate could easily dump you. And this could put your life at risks as you will be struggling to have everything work for you while at the same time getting dumped.

Pretending that you have nothing than your clothes which should also not be shown as expensive helps you to lose fake girlfriends or boyfriends who were interested in you because you had something which they deemed valuable and this helps to put you in a safe side when it comes to future break ups.

2. Show your true behaviours at an early stage

During the early days majority of individuals tends to hide their true characters which makes someone to increase his/her percentage level of loving him or her. It is surprising that this often leads to fake relationships or having the good beginning and sorrowful endings. It is very important for each and every person to disclose his or her true behaviours during early days which helps to reduce future relationship stress.

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An example here could be a man who is very satisfied upon completion of 2 plates of rice or almost half a bread during breakfast, but is pretending to be a small amount of food eater. No one on earth could hide his or her true behaviours or characters forever, there comes a time whereby you could start revealing your true behaviours which makes you feel good, and it is at this time where your lover could not withstand the new behaviour which you have been hiding.

Another example could be a girlfriend who likes so much playing with boys or a girl who gossips a lot and feels normal or a boy who could not let an hour pass without talking to a girl, all these needs to be disclosed at an early stage, and this could help you have a true partner since when she or he will agree with it, it means she will most likely be okay with it too in the near future since it's your true colours.

3. Take a risk to test your boyfriend or girlfriend

When it comes to risks, even in business, we expect two things which is a win or a lose. Similarly, taking a risk to test your boyfriend or girlfriend could also result in two things, either positive side which could confidently increase your level of loving someone. You might be wondering as how you could test your girlfriend or boyfriend. On this we have already emphasized that it's a win-lose game, as it could end in tears.

An example here could be that a relationship whereby a man could sleep with his girlfriend unprotected, a lady pretending to be pregnant while she does not and letting a man know with an aim of knowing how the man could act or respond. If the man is fake one could refuse even by swearing that he is not responsible for it, thus when you know that this particular person could not help you in the time of actual pregnancy.

Another level of risk which could be a win-lose game could be pretending you are HIV positive while deep down you, you know that it's a fake one just to appreciate how your soulmate would react to it. Similarly, this could also end in tears as it is a 50-50 way of knowing a right partner you could tie a knot with.

Another 50-50 level of risk which a few some could take is coaching their best friend to try to show some level of green rights to their loved ones, this too could result in you losing your loved one too and this is why it is considered a risk.


Just as we used to study other things or courses, sometimes it's worth to spare your time studying your loved ones just to appreciate his or her percentage level of love to you. You could for example, check the percentage of attention he/she is giving you when all of you are online on social media as some relationships are so funny to the extent that your loved ones could be seeing you online and being so busy with someone else throwing away your worth. Some individuals could even ignore you online and be busy with your close friends which put your relationship at risk in future.

5. True prayer

The last way which helps a person to know the right partner is through true praying or fasting. This helps you to be connected to God who may unveil your true soulmate. For you to be able to communicate with God, it needs you to be true to yourself and seek his assistants or interventions. You might be wondering as to what do we really mean when we say true to yourself, the key point here is that, you cannot be cheating on your partner and at the same time fasting and praying to God that you want him to show you a true soulmate. The first step for you to be close to God is free yourself through repenting and rebuilding your relationship with him through prayers and fasting.

In conclusion, this article has uncovered 5 ways which, when taken seriously could help you able to know your true soulmate whom you could easily tie a knot with. Some of the ways are risky as could result in you losing your already secured soulmate while others are fairly safe.

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