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5 Tips for Being Alone on Valentine's Day

Make the most of being alone on Valentine's Day.

Make the most of being alone on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Is Not Just for Lovers

Valentine's Day is the special day when you show your love by exchanging cards, candy, or other gifts to demonstrate you care for someone. If you are alone on Valentine's Day, here are five tips you can follow to make it a day you can remember with a smile.

1. Know That You Are Not Alone

Acknowledge that you are not the only one who does not have a romantic significant other or partner on Valentine's Day. There are many others, including those who celebrate Valentine's Day under the disguise of true love, a love which unfortunately is no longer felt between them. Sadly, there are a lot of couples who are still faking it even though they both know the spark has gone out of their relationship.

However, there are those who are in true relationships as well. You may not be with someone romantically on Valentine's Day, but know that there are many others who are sharing this day alone with you. The fact that you are not alone may make you feel better about not being in a relationship on Valentine's Day.

2. Watch Movies—Either Romances or Romantic Comedies

Do not mope around on Valentine's Day, maybe cleaning up your home, or running errands to take your mind off of being alone on Valentine's Day. Pick a time to curl up warmly on the couch, with your favorite bottle of wine, tea, or other beverage and get ready to immerse yourself in watching movies.

Make sure you look at movies that involve romantic relationships -- either serious or of a comedic nature. There may be movies you've watched in the past or even new movies you have not watched yet. Pick Valentine's Day to enjoy binge-watching movies until you're ready to retire for bed or to do something else to your liking. Rest assured that before you know it, Valentine's Day will be over and out of your mind.

3. Invite Girlfriends Over and Have a Party

Who says Valentine's Day is only for couples? Make Valentine's Day fun by inviting your friends over to have a girls' night out at your place. Make sure your friends are single though, because the married ones may feel obligated to be with their significant other on Valentine's Day. Now is the time to become the "Martha Stewart" of Valentine's Day parties. Maybe you have a scrap book project that you and your friends can work on, or some other project that you have in the works. The idea is not to invite your friends over and you all complain about not being in a relationship on Valentine's Day. Instead, keep busy doing exciting activities on Valentine's Day and make it a day to remember.

A caveat here is do not do anything you will regret like over-indulging in alcohol or pigging out on pizza and ice cream on Valentine's Day. You want to have a good time on Valentine's Day -- not one that you will regret.

4. Make Valentine's Day About You and Your Kids

Depending on the age of your children, make Valentine's Day about them. If you are a single Mom, you probably already have your hands full, possibly raising your children alone. Instead of making Valentine's Day about you, plan a day of fun activities that will involve them. If Valentine's Day is on a weekday or a school night, you might have to limit your time with the kids at home. However, if Valentine's Day is on a weekend, take them out to maybe an arcade or a movie and remind them you can be fun to be around -- especially on Valentines Day.

On the other hand, you do not have to go out to enjoy Valentine's Day with your kids. When they come home from school, listen to what happened on their Valentine's Day. Did they exchange Valentine's Day cards at school, do they have a secret admirer or even a crush at school, etc. The idea is to enjoy Valentine's Day with your children regardless of whether or not you are in a relationship.

5. Pamper Yourself on Valentine's Day

Have you heard the saying, you must love yourself before you love someone else? There are many ways to make yourself happy and put a smile on your face, but on Valentine's Day do something extra special for yourself. You are not being selfish if you take this one day to visit a spa to pamper yourself. If it's been some time since you've had a new hairdo, why not visit your favorite salon and tell your hairdresser to give you a completely different hairstyle. If you have been thinking about having a manicure or pedicure and been putting it off -- Valentine's Day is the optimal time to get this done. Or maybe you have a coupon for a free week of exercise at the local gym. Valentine's Day is a good day to take care of yourself and exercise to keep healthy.


Courtlney Davis (author) on March 24, 2019:

Thank you for sharing your comments about Valentine's Day. I think as the years go by, Valentines Day is perceived differently, maybe not in the rosier light that it was previously.

I recall a time when I waited in anticipation of receiving my Valentines Day candy from whatever BF I had at the time. To me -- the bigger the box, the more he cared for me. Go figure. Now, if I'm in the mood for Valentine's candy, I wait for after VD and get a pretty decorated box of candy for myself that is sale priced. lol

I enjoyed the VD experiences I had in the past and still look forward to Valentines Day for those who may be so fortunate to have his or her someone special. However, for those who may be alone on Valentine's day, my article suggests ways to still celebrate this special day -- even if it is not with someone.

Regarding your take on double standards, men vs. women, etc., I think it's interesting and may be one I will write about in the future. This battle goes on, seemingly without an end in sight.

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Again, I appreciate your comments.

Cackus on February 28, 2019:

Valentine's day represents some if the reasons I chose to be single.

In fact at no point of the year am I happier to be single.

Back when I turned 30 I made the decision to join many of my friends in swearing off women permanently.

The demands, the double standards, the ever changing rules, the expenses, the hypergamy and most of all the attitude that I have to prove I'm worthy because I'm male.

And then there is the subconscious hate women have been taught, hate of everything male. It's mostly hidden, it lurks in the subconscious, but decades if media bashing, false statistics, female dominated schools and single moms badmouthing men in front of her children (both male and female)

They all show in Stark relief during VD.

Courtlney Davis (author) on February 07, 2018:

Thanks for your comment dashinigscorpio. Personally, I think it's sad if Valentine's Day is only being celebrated by certain people, while others may see it as just another day so to speak. I agree that couples who are in new relationships celebrate Valentine's Day. Their feelings for each other may be just developing so any opportunity to show how they feel about each other, i.e. Valentine's Day is welcome. I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my hub. -- Courtlney

dashingscorpio from Chicago on February 07, 2018:

This year it falls on a Wednesday. (A school/work day)

It shouldn't be too challenging to go to work, come home, hit the gym, have dinner, and watch some TV like most any other work/school night. Most people will be at work the next day.

The only reason why some people feel down is they're too busy watching what other people are doing. Observing them receiving flowers, balloons, candy...etc

It puts them back into childhood where one gets jealous or envious of others. After a certain age that all fades away!

Truth be told only "new couples" and the very young make a big deal out of Valentines Day. Couples who have been together 5, 10, 20, or more years aren't going to "break the bank" to show their appreciation to their significant other.

My bet is if a person went out to a nightclub Wednesday night they'd find lots of single people partying as usual.

Most couples in long-term relationships simply exchange cards, have dinner at home, and maybe have some dessert.

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