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5 Steps to Finding Your Soul Partner

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As a self-help mentor, this article will help you on your path to discovering that your shopaholic habits do not ease stress but adds to it.


1 Define Who You Are

Take some time and contemplate the person you are now and where you want to be in five years. What is your personal style? Do you like tailored clothes, the preppy look or more of a bohemian style? Are you comfortable in large crowds, do you get energy from being around people or do you feel drained by their energy? Do you recharge by connecting with other people or do you recharge when you are able to go home and be alone with your thoughts? Don't be afraid to start a journal of your thoughts and impressions as you go about your daily routine. You must learn about yourself first before you can invite that special soul partner to share space with you that you can rely on for love and friendship.

2 Raise Your Vibration

The universe and all of its plants, animals, and humans all have an energetic frequency. We will attract people into our lives that are on our same frequency. For example, when a pilot communicates with the control tower while in flight, they must be on the same frequency or channel or they cannot hear each other and receive vital instructions. This is the same for us humans. Are you always feeling depressed, down in the dumps, thinking that nothing ever works out for you? If so, you must realize that the universe will respond to that low vibration and you will only receive more of that same low energy and negative outcomes.

Catch yourself when you are feeling negative or depressed. Is there a specific reason for it? Maybe you lost your job, lost a family member, maybe had a financial setback which are all good reasons to feel sad or depressed. The point is to recognize these situations and slowly work yourself out of them to take positive action. This will raise your vibration.

Do not be phony or unrealistic. The point is to be your own true self. Do not plaster a smile on your face if it is not genuine. People can spot these kinds of things and you will not attract a soul partner into your life unless you want a person who is as equally disingenuous as you are.

Your outward appearance is just as important as your inner self. What impression are you giving to the world? Pay attention to basics, such as, brushing your teeth, developing your own clothing style, get a manicure and pedicure, go to a hair stylist to help you develop a simple haircut or style that you can maintain yourself. Keep your body as clean on the outside as your soul is on the inside and it will result in a glow that you emit to people you meet in your daily life. If you do not care about yourself, no one else will care about you either.

Self-care is important to raise your vibration and letting people see your own true self.

Self-care is important to raise your vibration and letting people see your own true self.

3 Participate in Life

Do not isolate yourself or shut off your emotions from other people. Trust me, no soul partner will magically show up at your door if you are a recluse and refuse to participate in life. If you truly want to share your life with a soul partner, then you must retrain your thoughts, feelings and emotions and connect with other persons.

Sometimes in our workplace we may be lonely and force ourselves to socialize with co-workers during off-hours. This is fine if you just want social interaction and it can raise your vibration to be around other people. But perhaps these are not persons you want to invite into your life permanently.

Think about yourself first. As they say in the airline industry in an emergency, you must put on your own oxygen mask first before you can help those around you. It's okay to enjoy and appreciate your own solitude, however, if you're ready to share your life with someone else and want to build a lasting, worthwhile soul connection, then life as a single person can be frustrating.

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Think about the activities you like to do. Are you an avid reader? Then join a book club at a library, look on the Internet to see if there are local meetups at book stores. Are you an active person? Then join a gym, join a bicycle club, join a hiking club, and you will soon meet people that share your own love of the outdoors and being active.

Find a hobby you enjoy, such as, photography so you can meet people who share your same interests.

Find a hobby you enjoy, such as, photography so you can meet people who share your same interests.

4 Avoid Pitfalls

Never trust first impressions of anyone you meet. Even in a business relationship, everyone puts on a good front, they want your business or are following certain policies of the workplace and must act formal. So, it's important to remember this if you start connecting on a personal level with a co-worker.

Become friends first before becoming intimate. Passion will fade and you will be left wondering why you liked this person in the first place. Take it slow and see if you want to either move in together or just have a close bond where you are each other's soul connection and can trust each other in good and bad times.

See how the other person is around other people. If you go to a bar or nightclub, are they drinking alcohol? If so, how much? Can you live with a person who depends on alcohol or other addicting substances just to get through each day?

Be wary of a partner that constantly brings up money and their lack of it. You are no one's bank account. Protect your personal information, do not share bank account numbers, do not share credit cards, do not give anyone money just to make it to their next payday. Even if a person is constantly cash poor and can't buy a cup of coffee, it could mean this person may have deep emotional problems about the energy of currency.

Also, if a relationship is not working out and the other person breaks it off with you, then handle rejection gracefully. Be grateful you found out sooner rather than later that you are not a soul match. It's okay, keep moving forward and thinking about your goals and you will find that special soul partner that not only matches your frequency, but helps raise it to a higher level.

5 Seek Help

Do not be afraid or embarrassed to seek help from a licensed professional. Face your fears and do not hide them from yourself or others. If you suffer from substance abuse or addiction, seek help from a medical doctor. Join a group therapy session to help you vent your emotions and anxiety in a safe environment. Everyone there will be supportive and the counselor will provide real life helpful advice that you can implement immediately. Just talking about your struggles will get them out of your mind and into the universe so they can be released from your heart and soul. Never be afraid of doing your own soul searching because once you find out who you are on a deep soul level, then that special soul partner will be attracted to you which is your divine right in this space and time.

Talking with a therapist in a group setting will help ease any anxiety you have with developing lasting relationships.

Talking with a therapist in a group setting will help ease any anxiety you have with developing lasting relationships.

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