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5 Reasons Why Youth Needs to Find Soulmates



5 Reasons Why Youth Needs to Find Soulmates

In an ever changing world, a lot of things are happening and a lot of choices are made by youth on a daily basis, some of which are good while some of which are bad. These youths fall within the age range of 18 to 35. This article will give in detail 5 reasons why youth needs to find soulmates.

Reasons Why Youth Should Find Soulmates

Soulmates act as coolers in the tough situation which is inevitable to everyone's life, by helping you through the hard time through words of inspiration as they understand us much better probably than our friends.

1.Inner/ Physical happiness

In life, it is a dream of everyone to be happy. Being happy does not necessarily mean the person should have enough money, which could bring him/her inner happiness as sometimes a person could have everything but lacks the inner peace, so having a soulmate sometimes helps to bring this inner peace as she/he helps in comforting at the moment of hard time. She/he also plays an important part when a person is really stressed up; a situation which could see one resorting to taking up his/her life.

2. Physical and spiritual support

Being in love with the person whom you really love sometimes helps him/her to be able to support you physically which could include financial support, which could help you solve a few problems in the moment of crisis whose solution is money for them to be addressed. At the moment of hard time, a soulmate can understand you deeply about your personal problems or issues which you are going through and could be wishing to render any financial support which she/he could be able. A soulmate also helps in spiritual support as some soulmates help their true lovers to be transformed by encouraging them to be praying continuously or helping them stop some awkward or risky behaviours which brings them far from God. With a soulmate, a drunkard can easily be transformed by his/her lover to non drunkard. Similarly, a prostitute could easily be transformed by his boyfriend as she understands and listen to him much better than any other close friend whose advises she can easily ignore.

3. Educational support

Some soulmates help encouraging their true lovers to be hard workers when it comes to education. In school, a boyfriend could help his girlfriend solving a few mathematics problems which he is good at, to her girlfriend who finds it hard in mathematics. A similar situation could apply if it's the girlfriend who is knowledgeable and wiser than her boyfriend. A boyfriend, could also ably provide other physical assistance which would help her girlfriend, have an easy life at her school, and this could be either through financial help or any kind of help one would need at school.

4. Continuity

The fourth reason as to why we need a soulmate is for continuity. In life, everyone wants to be recognized and plant a seed (bear a child) which would remain on earth after he or she is gone. For every man, for his surname to continue existing on earth, he needs to find a soulmate whom he can tie a knot and bear children. It is through this where his seeds could continue to exist even if he dies. A similar condition applies to girlfriends or women. When one is searching for a true soulmate, it is known that a good in and out a person he or she finds, the higher the chances that they would stay together forever.

5. Recognition

Another reason as to why we all need to find a soulmate is that, in every society, we all need to be recognized through various achievements we do in our daily lives. On top of being a successful person through wealth accumulation and others, there is a stage where a person is recognized as a true man when he or she finds a soulmate. In African countries, when one get older up to 45 or 50 without finding a soulmate whom he or she could tie a knot with, there are a lot of speculations which people talk about, which among others involve suggesting that the person is barred or a witchcraft. It is when one ably gets a soulmate, that he/she gets recognized that at least he/she is sexually active not barred and at the same time breaking the witchcraft myths.

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In conclusion, this article has uncovered 5 reasons as to why we all need to find a soulmate in our lives. Among others, the article has pointed out that getting recognition and physical support, are some of the reasons which need to be looked at when one does not want to find his/her cooler whom he or she could tie a knot with on earth.

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