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5 Reasons to Have an All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

I am a newlywed, a mom to two, and a teacher. I lead a busy life. I like to make as much time for family as I can.


Time to Plan

My fiance proposed to me in November. We wanted to get married outdoors. Here in Texas, outdoors can be very hot in summer months. We wanted nice spring weather so we wanted a date in March or April.

This would give us only four to five months to plan and execute a beautiful wedding. We both work full-time and have an active family life. Planning a wedding was severely intimidating to me.

Just the past year I had helped to plan my daughter's wedding. The intense planning, without the all-inclusive aspect, was daunting and stressful. I did not want to go back to planning every minute detail of my own wedding.

I began researching all-inclusive wedding venues near us. I found several that offered everything from the cake, to the photographer, to the dinner at the reception. I found some that offered a few things, but not the cake or photographer. I wanted everything included if at all possible.

We ended up finding the perfect place! We only had to figure out the flowers and our attire! It was just what we had been looking for.


Top 5 Reasons to Choose All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

1. Photographer Included

This is a huge benefit. We did not have to try to find a photographer that was available for our special day. The venue did that. The venue had several professional photographers that they used. They also had portfolios of their work. This allowed us to see proof of his capabilities.

The venue took care of the booking, scheduling and communication with the photographer. We were very pleased with one less thing that we had to worry about for our wedding day planning.

Many of the places that I found that provided the venue and meal did not provide a professional photographer. When I found one that did, I was ecstatic.

2. Wedding Coordinator Provided

I never would have been able to coordinate all the happenings of the wedding day. I would have had to rely on a friend or pay someone extra to coordinate. Paying a coordinator was not something I would have felt I deserved. I would have been more likely to just deal with it on my own or talk a friend into helping.

The fact that a wedding coordinator was provided was such a heavy load lifted. This allowed me and my fiance to be able to mentally relax on the day of the wedding. We knew that all the details and directions were being done by someone who had much more experience.

The mental load that coordinating would have been would have stressed me too much on the day of the wedding. Knowing that it was taken care of, and done well, allowed me to focus on the memorable moments of the day.

3. Cake Provided

I had really wondered how the cake would be part of an all-inclusive package. It was. The venue had a contract with a local bakery that did amazing cakes. We were given an allowance for a certain amount. We had only to go taste test and pick out what we wanted. We did end up adding some additional money to include a grooms cake.

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All was done through the venue. We had only to say which venue our wedding would be and the rest was handled for us. We did not have to worry about delivery being organized or times available for drop off. The headache of the details was out of our hands.

The cake ended up being perfect and tasted beyond amazing.

4. Dinner is Served

For dinner options we were given a list of 6 restaurants we could choose from. We simply chose one. We went and did a taste testing and selected the options we wanted. We had only to tell them the venue and the rest was completed for us.

I did not have to worry about how the food would be served or on what. The dinnerware and food was all handled seamlessly.

5. Clean Up and Get Away

The clean up after my daughter's wedding was exhausting. Since we had only rented the venue, we had to leave it the way we found it. We stayed late getting everything packed up and brought home. The cleaning, too, was a mess. Getting the trash gathered and decorations down were not pleasant.

At the all-inclusive venue we chose, the clean up and take down was done for us. We did not have to rely on family to handle that chore. We were able to get away to our honeymoon. Our family was able to go home and simply remember a relaxing, beautiful wedding. The chore of cleaning up taken care of by the venue.

This provided us a guilt free get away without having to worry if our family got everything taken care of so that we would get our deposit back. Our parents are elderly and they could not have helped anyway. The chore would have fallen to our children, who now, have little ones of their own to look after.

This was the best way to deal with the mess after the ceremony.


Nothing But Good To Say About All-Inclusive Wedding Venues

I can not even imagine how stressed we would have been planning and schedule all the details of our wedding. This took such a huge load off. We were able to look forward to the day, not worry about what needed to be done.

I will say, though, for our venue, we did have to handle the flowers. For those, I simply bought them pre-made on Amazon.

I did buy some signs for reception tables on Amazon as well. It turned out I would not have had to do that. The venue already had all the cute signs that we needed.

All in all, I would not change a thing. The headache of planning was taken care of and we were able to focus on us and our special day!

The wedding was beautiful. The scenery was gorgeous. We received many compliments on the wedding. It was all we could have hoped for and more.

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