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Who Wants to Marry a Plushy? 5 Really Weird Marriages You Wouldn't Believe Occurred

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From time to time we keep hearing about people who have really weird affections to animals, trees, or TVs, while some even claim they had an affair with Bigfoot. But human beings do not stop surprising society, going even further than just a liking, or having an even weirder affection.

1. The woman who married Edward Cullen

In 2014, 25 year-old Lauren Adkins from Las Vegas, United States married a life-size Edward Cullen cardboard cutout. She claims she was obsessed with Twilight, the book series Edward Cullen is a character in, and at one point she bought a cutout to enjoy her favorite character at home so he would always be around her. She says that she started to spend so much time with her new purchase that her friends started to ask her why wouldn’t she marry him if she was so obsessed. Of course to them it was nothing more than a joke, but the young lady decided that they have a point and had her wedding with the cardboard vampire in Vegas. Many people may think she is unhappy and regretting her life choices but she says she is very pleased with her new husband and that their time together is more passionate than some other couples’ relationships. She also says that the fake Edward is much better than all the other boyfriends she has had before, and even has a pretty wedding ring which she wears and shows off proudly.

2. Woman who married Jesus

Many people have heard that the nuns are often being called “the brides of Christ,” although some churches and priests do not mind to turn this saying into truth, organizing the official wedding ceremonies for the Catholic nuns. While some Vatican officials approve these things and the others don’t, there are not only nuns who tend to show their love to Christ this way. A 38 year-old teacher named Jessica Hayes from Indiana married Jesus Christ during an official wedding ceremony in the summer of 2014. She gave a vow of celibacy and said the wedding act was her spiritual calling and that it will help her to know and understand God deeper. She was very picky about choosing her wedding dress and seems to be pretty happy after her outstanding marriage.

3. Man who married twins

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Some people just can’t choose between two beautiful women. Although a 24 year-old Wichai Tao from Thailand went a little too far with that, marrying a pair of twins in the same ceremony. He said that he just couldn’t choose between them, being in love with both at once, so he decided to simply propose to them both. To his joy the sisters were very happy with the idea and agreed to the proposition immediately. It is said that their families are happy with the marriage and do not have any objections against this unusual union. Though this case if pretty unique, there are more examples of such marriages in other counties of the world.

4. Man who married a videogame character

Videogames can be pretty fun, and for some people they turn into obsession, but one man in Japan did something that defies all the other types of videogame addictions altogether. His nickname is SAL9000 and in 2009 he married a videogame character named Nene Anegasaki, one from his favorite Nintendo game called “Love Plus.” The ceremony was translated through the internet with many people as witnesses to the whole thing. Some of them judge, some are happy for the couple, while witnessing this unusual and unexpected act of love. The groom gently touched the screen where the picture of his new wife is being shown and says that they are like any other couple, and no more than other husbands and wives. He says the wedding was very important to him and he hopes the people will understand his feelings.

5. Man who married a My Little Pony character

There is strange internet phenomenon called Bronies—men who love the show My Little Pony, some of them so far into their obsession that they base their whole lives around it. Even though the show may be really good and the messages in it are very nice for children, and even some adults enjoy it during the evenings, some people go really way too far with it. An adult man, his nickname is Jin1515, decided to marry one of the show’s main characters, the alicorn (a mix between a unicorn and pegasus) princess named Twilight Sparkle. The ceremony was livestreamed through his webcam. He says it was going under the authority of the Universal Life Church and he is very serious about it. He claims he lives a very happy and complete life with Twilight Sparkle and that she actually talks to him. He even owns a Deviantart page where he posts pictures of his life with Twilight and writes journal entries about how they spend time together.


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