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The Top 5 Myths About Women

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What is a Myth?

The word myth has several different meanings that are traditionally used. A myth may mean a legendary story, usually about a fictitious person or an event, that is passed down from generation to generation through storytelling. In other words, a myth is an invented story, idea, or concept with a fictitious or imaginary person(s). Myths have been told for many past years and about many different topics like gods and kings. Myths are spread by word of mouth spread through people who have been told the same information, which is then passed along to other people. Many myths will probably still be around for many future centuries to come, like myths that are about werewolves and vampires.

Myths are often "debunked" through research and or investigating the truth about certain mythical creatures or statements. The myths are falsified by the facts, which is true knowledge. Once a myth is classified as false, it can still remain a myth. There are myths about everything, including women.

Examples of Myths

There are certain types of myths for people to believe in. They all originated throughout the world over a long period of time. Many myths are very old in age. A myth can be recognized as one of the following synonyms- folk tale, legend, fable, saga. Some of the main types of myths examples are:

  • Medusa.
  • Unicorns
  • A Siren.

Myths About Women

There are many myths about women, probably started by men who have been scorned and the same men who invented the term "nagging". Those types of men tend to become bitter about situations that went sour with a woman they loved and wanted to be with, so they spread the word about how bad women are, which is just one side to the whole story. These myths may also be started for many other different reasons, and maybe even some times started by other women's actions.

These myths about women are not a true conclusion because women feel, act, and think differently than men do. That does not make them wrong or less equal in any way. Differences between men and women often start myths about the opposite sex because that is how we communicate, through speaking and by word of mouth.

Have You Heard A Myth Like This?

The Top 5 Myths About Women

I always hear men and other women talking about women they know. Many things said about women are not factual. They are usually just hear-say or gossip. Sometimes the myths talked about to give all kinds of women a bad reputation. I wanted to clarify some facts about women so that everyone can have a better understanding of women. Not everything that is said is true, and the list below will demonstrate that fact.

1. Women are Only Beautiful With Makeup.

This is the biggest myth because a woman is beautiful without makeup and wearing it does not make any woman beautiful. Makeup is only for the outside appearance and to cover certain flaws. Beauty is imperfection and also comes from within, it can not be bought or applied generously. Women are beautiful in all ways and forms, with and without makeup. Makeup seems to cover up or lie about true beauty, which brings me to myth number two.


2. All Women Should Be a Certain Size.

This is a myth to start with because no one person has a picture perfect image. Women are various shapes, sizes, weight, and height. This myth basically states that all women should be a certain size, like traditionally when women were small and petite. This myth has been around for many years and women during these modern times are getting over it. Even during historical times, not all women were small and petite. Many women would squeeze themselves into a corset to make themselves a smaller size with a much smaller waist. This has never been true and women are becoming more openly accepted for their differences.


3. Women Are Naggy.

"Nagging" is a form of repetitive interpersonal communication that is mythically emphasized about women in particular. This myth is completely false and the word was probably made by a man. To be exact this is how men interpret a woman asking him for something or to do something, then he forgets constantly, so women remind him again repeatedly because he forgets repeatedly. This is a different communication between men and women. Women do not nag, they just need something from their man. The sooner it's accomplished, the sooner life can move on.


4. Women Dislike Other Women.

This is a myth because women always compare themselves to other women in admiration. Women like other women in such ways that they will compliment each other, and always acquire fashion ideas from each other. Women check out other women more than men do, for comparison and for approval.

5. Women are Crazy!

This myth is the most popular and overstated myth there is about women. Many men and even other women believe this to be true. This is completely fictional and false. Women are not crazy, they are just adapting to their environment and to their surroundings. For example, if a woman finds out that her man is cheating then she is going to adapt to that situation by how she feels necessary. It's almost like a fight or flight reflex that all humans have when faced with serious and emergency situations. This can also be a way for a woman to protect herself and the things that are important to her, such as acting defensive when other people are around her children.


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