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3 Best Soft Packers on the Market Right Now

Ethan is a transgender male actively involved in his local LGBTQ+ community. He writes informative articles on his personal experiences.

Introduction and Disclaimer

Welcome back to my blog, lovelies! Today we are going to be talking about a very important transgender issue called packing. I am just going to drop a little disclaimer up here so you know that we will be talking about a not necessarily safe for work topic directed towards those who are 18 years old and up! If you don't want to read about this transgender issue, please feel free to read another article as I don't want to trigger anyone!


What is a Packer?

A packer is something you put in your underwear to look like you have a bulge in your pants. Packers come in many sizes, different materials, and colors to match different skin-tones.

There are some that can be held in place with special glue, such as packers from Emisil, who provide special prosthetics such as STPs and regular soft packers, there are also companies like Gendercat who also provide special adhesive strips to use on packers.

They are used to fight bottom dysphoria for many transgender people, as well as help people pass as male when they go to use the male bathroom. Bathrooms can be dangerous for transgender individuals, and thus I imagine this is why packers were first invented. Alas, no one knows because there is little to no history on why we started packing or when we started packing!

...There is little to no history on why we started packing or when we started packing!

So, How do we Pack?

As I can't speak for all transgender individuals, I can only give you an insight into how I pack. I started using a sock. Unfortunately, I have big feet and socks so it was quite awkward at first, especially around my family. A lot of people start with socks and then graduate from there! I now use Mr. Limpy Small as my packer because they are cheap and are a good starter packer. A lot of people use the Xtra Small, but I haven't tried them yet!

To pack, you can stick a sock down your underwear and mold it into the appropriate bulge that you are comfortable with, or you can pack left or right, which means you can adjust it to the side. Same with soft packers. You can wear them any way comfortable for you. Some of us use packing underwear that have specially designed pouches to keep your packer secure and in the right position, and some people use them in their regular underwear because packing underwear can be expensive. I try to pack either down or to my right side. I also use RodeoH packing boxers when I go into town or in public because they keep me from dropping my packer on the bathroom floor.

uppercaseCHASE1 from Youtube has a great series on packing and packers, he is good to check out if you need a more in depth explanation on the subject and he also goes in depth on what it's like to be trans-masculine!

The Packer List

So now I've explained all of this, I bet you want to get down to business. These are my favorite packers, listed from first to least favorite, with a little bit of information on each of them and where you can find them.

Mr. Limpy - Small

Mr. Limpy Small is my favorite packer thus far in my experimentation with packers. I love how it feels, which is especially squishy and real, it seems to hold your body heat which is really nice. I also like the bulge it creates too in my packer underwear. I've heard that this packer can get sticky, but I haven't had that problem because I wash mine every day with anti-bacterial hand-soap, and then pat it down with some cornstarch.


  • Cheapest packer at $12.00 on RodeoH and most other sites.
  • 5 inch length makes the right bulge for me, weighing at 245lbs and standing 5'6 tall.
  • Compatible with most packing underwear (except for Jockmail).
  • Easy to keep clean if you clean it every day in the way the instructions tell you to on either the site or the package insert if you get one.
  • Feels real through your boxers/pants.
  • Great for a first-time packer or those who are relatively new to the experience.
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  • It's a little tougher than silicone to keep clean unless you are like me and live in a group home where there is no dishwasher. Surprisingly this has fit into my lifestyle with the home-care routine but it may not be the same for everyone.
  • Sometimes can give you the look of having a party in your pants.
  • Doesn't last as long as silicone, even if you take care of it right.
  • It doesn't look as realistic as more expensive packers when examined.
  • Reportedly can cause breakouts in people sensitive to mineral oil when worn against the skin.

Mr. Limpy Line Reviewed by Deven Youandi

Basic Model - 3" Classic Packer by ReelMagik

I love this packer. The only reason I am putting it second is because it can make an awkward bulge if it's not worn right. They just came out with a newer model that is softer than the original, and it feels and looks very realistic other than being harder than the other packers I've reviewed. You also have to be careful with it. For some reason I've had to replace this packer twice, and no I am not using an O ring or harness. It is really nice to look at and to touch though, which puts this packer as my second favorite packer.


  • Soft Silicone, feels real in your underwear and pants.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Doesn't require powdering.
  • Very realistic looking.
  • One of the cheaper options at 39$


  • A little harder than my Mr. Limpy, and a little awkward to position to me.
  • Is pretty delicate and can tear easy.

Archer Silicone Soft Packer by NYTC

Archer Silicone Soft Packer by the New York Toy Collective is my second favorite. Archer is a circumcised soft packer that runs about 45-55$ each, depending on which site you go to buy from. They are very good, durable packers, but a little less realistic looking than the Mr. Limpy, so for those who want a more detailed packer, you should probably look for companies such as Reel Magik 3" Packer that runs at around 39$ on the Reel Magik site. Archer is easy to keep clean, however, and creates a realistic bulge.


  • Total length 5.25" with all parts in tact, from the back base to the tip of the prosthetic.
  • Easy to clean silicone.
  • Feels realistic through underwear.
  • Creates nice looking bulge.


  • To me, it just doesn't look very realistic. I am not a fan of the aesthetic of this prosthetic. However, it gets the job done when I need it to or my Mr. Limpy needs a rest.
  • Can occasionally give the look of a tent, it isn't quite as soft and squishy as my main packer.
  • Pretty expensive for a first packer, as it runs around 45-55$ depending where you buy it.


Which Packer Should I Choose?

In the end, packing is a personal subject and a personal preference. It's best to experiment a little with different soft packers to see which ones you like and which ones you don't. The three I mentioned above are just my personal preferences, your preferences may be much different! I hope this article was somewhat informative and helped you in some way!

© 2020 Ethan Tibbets

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