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Reasons Why You Should Not Give Another Chance to Your Ex.

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Everyone has an ex somewhere who makes him or her feel so disappointed in being in a relationship once again. Like, when you just think about these people in your lives who once broke your heart, you just curse the day you met them.

Now, i did not come here to remind you of your ex relationship, I came here because I want to let you know the reasons why you should never accept your ex coming back to your life.

Well, may be they were so nice and you never wished to let them go, but situations forced you to. Now that there are possibilities of the two of you getting back together, here are the reasons why you should not allow for such a thing to take place.

1. They may take your kindness for granted.

Yeah, maybe by good motives you decide to forgive them for the mistake that made you two go different ways. It is very unfortunate that they might decide to take that forgiveness for granted.

The problem is that they are likely to think that you are a good person and whenever they wrong you, you will always be willing to forgive them and let them be. This therefore means that, chances of hurting you again are just too high.

Since being hurted for the second time, i would recommend that you should be careful about these people coming back into your life because you are likely to get disappointed with relationships once you accept to tolerate them.

In that case, never ever accept giving your ex another chance. Remember, the first time, they made you feel desperate, this time round they are coming to completely destroy you. So never accept them.

2. It makes you look desperate.

Well, looking desperate in the faces of people is the last thing you should ever expect in this life. Just do anything to avoid looking desperate in this life because people will embarrass you once they realize that you are so desperate.

In other words, they will take your value for granted and use you to satisfy their own needs. In that case, no matter how good they were to you at the time you were still dating, do not accept them when they come for the second chance from you.

This will make them see you as a desperate person and therefore take your presence in their lives for granted. To avoid this, just do as you have heard, do not accept them back.

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3. It makes you lose value.

You are a valuable person in that area even if you simply do not provide something for the family or the society. The fact is, the place you fill can never be filled by any other person.

This means, that you should always do things that only adds value to your life. Unfortunately, accepting an ex back will only make you look less valuable where people will start seeing it as you had nothing or nowhere to run and that is why yoy accepted them back.

It is good to ensure you value is seen in someone's life. Ask yourself that if they never saw your value in their lives when the time still allowed, what will make you look different to them? Absolutely nothing, because you are still the person they knew.

In that case, the fact that you are still the same person despite now having experience, those people will never see your value once you accept them back into your life. So do me a favor and avoid accepting anybody who once left.

4. It is a betrayal to your inner self.

When a breakup takes place between two people who loved one another at some point, they seem to curse spells on dating the same people again. And so, there is no doubt that you will also do that.

For that reason, it is clearly the truth that accepting them back will only betray your inner self. Remember the promised you gave yourself that you will never want anything to do with them again?

Now, what happened that you are now ready to give them another chance? It is good to just let them go as they had done it before. There is no need of feeling sorry or sympathy for them.

The fact is, they had left yoyr life for one reason that was best known to them, at that point. So, accepting them back will only make you betray your own self and you shall never trust your decisions again. Therefore, be careful.


As a conclusion to this article, you are required to always be careful of every decisions you are likely to make concerning your former relationship. How it ended is a done deal which should not be revisited.

I just hope this article has taught you something that you would like to practise in a near future. Just be free to ask any question when you feel it is right to do so. I will be glad to answer it in a quick way possible. Otherwise, thanks for reading.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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