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30 Niche Wedding Business Ideas

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man holding woman standing beside window

man holding woman standing beside window


There are many niche businesses that cater to weddings. They are either full-time or part-time businesses. Startup depends on the business plan, equipment, legal and staff. Steps to start any business is the plan, funding, location, license, equipment and advertisement. Here are 30 niche wedding business ideas.

How to start wedding planner business

Startup Considerations

  • Business plan
  • Funding
  • Labor
  • Location
  • License
  • Equipment
  • Advertisement
  • Marketing

People Cutting Cake

people cutting cake

people cutting cake

30 Niche Wedding Business Ideas

1. Wedding caterer

One of the most important aspects of wedding is the food. A wedding caterer takes care of the meals based on the couple’s request. The caterer should have cooking implements, serving trays, cups and cutlery.

2. Wedding servers

Wedding servers are usually young men and women. Their job is to serve the food and drinks to the guests. A wedding server is paid per event and are part-time employed.

3. Wedding car hire

The guests, bride and groom are driven to the venue in style. To operate a special event car hire service you need to buy one or two beautiful cars. Some wedding car hire service providers have limousines or classic vehicles on offer. They may hire a driver or drive the vehicles themselves.

4. Wedding officiate

The wedding officiate is a certified person to take/read the vows. You need to obtain the appropriate license to officiate a wedding. The business is mostly part-time as a side gig.

5. Cake making

Cakes are an important part of any wedding ceremony. Cake making requires good knowledge of cakes, appropriate equipment and hard work. Cake makers have a huge client base for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

Photo of Man and Woman Staring at Each Other

photo of man and woman staring at each other

photo of man and woman staring at each other

6. Balloon decoration

Balloon decorations are part of some weddings. Offer you customers a huge selection balloons for the occasion.

7. Bridal Boutique

Bridal boutique offers a wide range of items for the wedding. To open a boutique you need to find a good location, unique items good prices.

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8. Make invitation cards

There are different kinds of invitation cards. Some are handmade while others are printed or screen printed. Handmade invitation cards are more expensive than printed cards.

9. Wedding suits

The suit business is capital intensive and challenging. Some suit makers focus only on wedding suits while others offer broad based clothing.

10. Wedding dressing

What is a wedding occasion without a flamboyant wedding dress? Wedding dresses are expensive and a good business venture. You can start small and offer both new and used wedding dresses.

Wedding Before Wedding Ring Love

wedding before wedding ring love

wedding before wedding ring love

11. Wedding Musician

Musician have a huge customer base like weddings, night clubs and anniversaries. The music industry is versatile with many ways to earn money.

12. Marriage Councilor

To become a marriage counselor you need a university degree in counselling. Some marriages need councilors to get them on the right path. Other non-professional councilors are found in religious bodies like church.

13. Wedding ring business

The wedding ring business is very lucrative. A shop can stock different types of rings from gold, silver. It is capital intensive and requires good location, security. To increase profit network with industry players for referrals.

14. Calligraphy

A calligrapher uses special writing tools to create beautiful written words. They are ideal for wedding invitations, program of events, wedding journals. Startup is low however it requires god writing skill and lots of patience.

15. Disc jockey

Every wedding ceremony needs a DJ. The disc jockey provides the music and aids the master of ceremony. To become one you need proper training or become an apprentice. Other qualities are good knowledge of trending music, proper equipment.

Priest Pastor Bible Christianity

priest pastor bible christianity

priest pastor bible christianity

16. Cocktails and drinks

Without an assortment of cocktails and drinks the wedding is incomplete. To serve alcoholic drinks you need a liquor license and refrigerated truck. Learn how to mix different cocktails, juices and soft drinks. Purchase your stock in bulk to reduce costs.

17. Small chops

Before serving the main dishes organizers at wedding usually serve small chops. Small chops are edibles like meat pie, buns, sandwiches, chicken, small cakes.

18. Rentals

Retails is an essential part of weddings. Some venues are simply empty halls that require furniture. The rental agency stocks chairs, tables for rent. Most have plastic chairs and tables including decorative items.

19. Wedding planner

The job of a wedding planner is to plan weddings. The job is tedious and require someone with lots of energy. The planner takes care of every aspect of the program from food to decorations and entertainment.

20. Master of ceremony

The job of a master of ceremony is to direct the affairs of the wedding. The master of ceremony must be humorous and a good public speaker. The person should liaison with the disc jockey and event planner for seamless presentation.

Wedding Photographer Photo

wedding photographer photo

wedding photographer photo

21. Security agent

Wedding are attended by selected guests so gatecrashers are not welcome. This is why private security outfit provides security for the guests. Their function is to secure the venue and restrict uninvited guest from accessing the venue.

22. Portable toilets

Some wedding venue have very few toilets or none. The wedding planners need to provide portable toilets for their guest. Portable toilet rentals is very lucrative and moderately challenging.

23. Start a wedding website

Wedding website have become very popular and profitable. The site can feature celebrity weddings or local events. Monetization is through direct advert placement, third party adverts, and product merchandizing.

24. Wedding magazine

Unlike a wedding website a magazine is more challenging. You need to typeset the magazine, print and distribute. The business is capital intensive and requires licensing and permit. You need seasoned writers, editor, photographer, location driver.

25. Wedding photographer

A wedding photographer cover the wedding event. The photographer needs a good camera, fast develop photograph printer to offer guest immediate photographs.

Wedding Makeup Artist

wedding makeup artist

wedding makeup artist

26. Makeup artist

In Nigeria makeup artists are making huge earnings. The business is practicable as a one man business with low overheads. You can start from home and offer your services through social media.

27. Event decorations

The event venue needs proper decoration and props. The job description involves decorating chairs, tables, walls and doors.

28. Matchmaking service

Long before “I Does” the matchmaker’s job is to help single individuals find love. Matchmakers work both online and offline. They generally charge for their services and organize matchmaking events.

29. Wedding videographer

A wedding videographer job is to capture the event. The videographer offers a cinematic presentation of all aspects of the occasion. To become one you need to learn the trade from a mentor or as an apprentice.

30 hair dresser

The bride and bridesmaids look good on the wedding day. This is because they have visited a hairdresser and makeup artist.

Niche wedding business ideas



Small chops providers

Alcoholic beverage providers


Full meals kitchen

soft drinks merchants

portrait photography

ice cream vendors

cocktail makers

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Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on September 12, 2020:

A great idea to follow on these niches. You share useful hubs and requires more readers. I learned from this hub as I often do from other hubs too.

femi (author) from Nigeria on June 13, 2020:

Thanks for the comment sharan

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on June 11, 2020:

An informative and well written article.

Weddings are lavish in India, and many rich people do engage wedding planners, or event managers nowadays. It’s a flourishing business.

Thanks for sharing.

JC Scull on May 15, 2020:

Very well done.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on May 13, 2020:

Thanks for bringing to our attention, all these money-making ideas centered around weddings. Very helpful!

Liz Westwood from UK on May 10, 2020:

I hadn't realised how many wedding related businesses there were until we happened to stay in a hotel at the same time as a wedding fair was on. Tempted in by the offer of free drinks and food, we were fascinated by the different stalls, especially as they were following a James Bond theme.

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