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3 Reasons Why You Enjoy Being Single

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You Do Not Want to Have Children

You have no plans, nor do you wish to have children.

If having children is a big no-no for you, then being in a committed long-term relationship can become very difficult and unsatisfying for you because there are chances your other half will want to have children at some point during life.

You may find a partner with whom you agree to not having kids, but be aware that your partner's preferences can change during the relationship. The last thing you want is to be with someone you deeply love and drift apart because your partner suddenly wants to take another path in life.

The solution here is to either be completely honest and tell your partner what you want from life – hoping your dearest will align and resonate with that so that your relationship can function without too many unwanted compromises, or stay single.

You Gain Energy From Being Single

You love to be independent and only rely on yourself. You see it as complete, true freedom and can even cope with feeling lonely from time to time.

That is something a lot of people do struggle with in life, but for you, being single gives you energy.

But why do so many people consciously (or subconsciously) decide to have a relationship? Because even science has proved that we are social creatures. We want to belong somewhere. We want to socialize to find new friends, love, et cetera. Or do we? There is a new wave of individualism coming. Of course, the covid pandemic has made its marks – but even before, many people have found that social norms are somewhat outdated.

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Thanks to the internet, the possibility to live your life "physically alone" yet having a social life online has been a huge game-changer. Nowadays, you don't need to miss out on the fun if you do not like going to crowded parties, dinners, et cetera. It's great, especially if you're an introvert and masses of people drain your energy.

Online We Go

There are social media. There are like-minded groups you can join on, for instance, Discord, and there are new communication possibilities on the gaming scene. While these do not yet replace the classical ways of socializing, they do at least give us a choice, and that's enough in itself. I guess you see where I am going with this.

Because besides all this mentioned above, online dating and online relationships have seen quite a boom in recent years. People nowadays meet online and live online as well. And while I found this weird in the beginning when hearing about it, I get the point now. It can be good, if not a great solution, especially if you're in a position where you feel unclear about whether you want a relationship or not. Testing it out online is a less risky business and can feel rewarding – potentially leading to a real-life relationship.

You Want to Focus on Your Career

Your career is important to you, and you feel that you do not have the energy or time to pursue or manage a relationship.

That's completely fine. Many of us prefer to follow our life path instead of building a family or relationship. Many of us have other things calling our attention.

Again, life itself has evolved. Nowadays, some people started to be more aware of themself and their needs and wishes. Instead of making sure to please others all the time, we are listening more inwards and seeking fulfillment in life.

You Want to Pursue Freedom

Your freedom is the most important thing for you to acquire in life.

If you align with this sentence, having a relationship can make you feel extremely limited in life as you most likely will need to compromise with your partner. Compromising may not be a terrible thing – but in the end, do we want or need to do that? Maybe you have concluded that if you want to be free and independent as much as possible in life, then being single can be the ticket you so much need.

To all of you readers, I want to say something important. I am not against relationships, quite the opposite. There are few things as beautiful and rewarding as a great loving relationship. But let's face it – how many of those do we see around us? How many people are happy in their relationship, not feeling limited? I know some, but they are far from common in our society. Therefore, if you enjoy being single, be single – do not feel bad. Just listen to what your heart wants.

© 2022 Jan Stepan

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