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3 Is A Crowd But 4 Is Poly

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I’ll Do It

I didn’t always have 3 boyfriends.

My boyfriend, Ty mentioned in one of my previous articles titled Life With My Pansexual Boyfriend, has and always will be the love of my life and future husband. However, just a few months ago I learned my pansexual boyfriend also wanted to be Poly.

I’m not really the sharing type nor was I very comfortable with the thought of him loving another person the way he loved me.

But, I love my boyfriend and I know it would make him happy if he could share his love with another. So, my mind and heart were put to the test.

After a month of deep thinking and debating, I finally agreed to give it a chance. So, together we both agreed that we both had the like the person, because this would require both of us opening our hearts to another person.

What Do You Think?

You Have 3 Boyfriends?

This questions baffles some people when I talk about my relationship.

Yes, I do have 3 boyfriends.

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I was introduced to my boyfriend‘s friend Max. Max identifies as he/him and was in a relationship with Toby which also identified as he/him, but both are originally female. I felt an instant connection with both of them. They are both amazing and unique people.

I was actually the one that suggested Ty and I have a Poly relationship with them. After thinking about it, he agreed and revealed he made been in a Poly relationship with them before. He knew them well and would never force me into a relationship if I didn’t feel comfortable.

We agreed that our sexual partners would remain the same. (Ty with me and Max with Toby) However, we are all loving and supportive of each other and our relationship is one of openness.

I still getting used to having 3 boys to worry about but my heart is full knowing I am sharing and spending more love and positivity in my world.

Love Recognizes No Barriers~
Maya Angelou

© 2020 Laura Zellers


Alice Sullivan from Prague, Czech Republic on October 21, 2020:

Hi, I am also poly (although single at the moment) and I am glad that you are living your best life with your three boyfriends!!!

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