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3 Fun Meaningful Activities for Engaged Couples


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Some engaged Couples are sometimes so wrapped up the wedding planning and courtship that at times real life after the wedding and honeymoon is not stressed. Here are some activities couples can do as they venture in their new life together.


I have heard many times that when married couples come home after the honeymoon, some husbands usually expects the wives to cook up something for breakfast, and to their surprise, they are disappointed because the wife either skips breakfast or think the husband should prepare his own.


Undersanding and communicating each other's expectations before getting married can lessen shocks, surprises, future conflicts and disagreements. It helps each partner to understand one another. When these expectations are not communicated each partner will assume the other partner roles.

Here are some questions for each partner to ask themselves and their partner. Each partner can either write out, type out or copy these questions on a sheet of paper, put in your answers separately and then exchange papers. When each partner's answers are revealed, then you both come together and discuss things openly if you need to. Here are the Questions on Expectations:

What are your expectations of married life to be like? What do you expect to remain the same after the honeymoon is over? What do you expect to change or be different after the honeymoon?

What do you expect your partner’s role in the marriage should be? as a husband/wife, parent? What do you expect your partner to do for breakfast and other meals? What foods do you expect your partner to prepare? What do you expect from your partner in regards to chores?

What do you expect your partner to do when he/she comes home from work? How do you expect things to be when you get home from work? calm? dinner prepared? food in the oven?

What do you expect on weekends? What activities do you expect to do together? What activities do you expect to do alone? What do you expect to do with your free time?

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What do you expect your partner to do when you are sick? What do you expect your partner to do for birthdays, anniversaries, thanksgiving, Christmas, valentines, etc.

What are your expectations regarding sex? Your expectations regarding children? When do you expect to start your family?

These are just a few questions. I am sure you can think of more.


I heard this on the radio show, "Focus on the family" in a interview with Gary Chapman book, "Things I wished I'd known before We Got Married."

He stated, to have each partner write down on a separate sheet of paper all their roles and chores, from washing the dishes, cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard work, walking the dog, paying the bills, writing out the check or paying the bills online, dusting, vaccuming, home repairs and many other things/chores you will be doing, write down as well. When the list is compiled, and then each partiner will highlight or place a check a mark by what he/she will do and exchange the lists and come to certain agreement. This helps in clarifying each other's roles so there is no confusion.


Each partner must write down 10-12 rules of the marriage and then exchange it, and see if this will work in the marriage relationship or further discussion is needed. Some of your rules can be including me in major decisions, before making the decision yourself, never throw things or break things when in conflict, never vent your anger for one another in front of friends and relatives, never verbally or emotionally abuse another, give husband space when stressed or overwhelmed, give at least one compliment a day and so forth. Based on your relationship, how well you know your partner, you can design rules that work best for you all.

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