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21 Characteristics of Highly Desirable Women


Men desire a woman who can be any number of things to them at the appropriate time and most women wish to be desirable. Sometimes men need a shoulder to cry on, and sometimes men need a beautiful woman to make love to. Well, it is one thing for someone to wish to be desirable but it’s another thing to actually be desirable. Being all of these things will increase the desire men feel for you, and will help you catch and keep the man of your dreams. Desirable women seem to light up the room whenever they walk in and have men flocking to them asking for their attention. While it’s true that sometimes physical beauty plays a role in men’s desirability of women, more often than not it is far beyond skin-deep beauty. So what do these highly desirable women have in common? Of course, there are many other traits that can be deemed “desirable,” but these are some of the characteristics of highly desirable women:

They are confident

The confidence exuded by desirable women can easily win over hearts. Being highly desirable comes from much more than physical appearance and skin-deep beauty; when describing the most desirable characteristics in women, the number one trait is bound to be confidence. Combining attractiveness with confidence, they become unbeatable human beings who can conquer the world. They know that they are worthy of respect from the world around and she knows exactly her worth. The most desirable traits of a woman is the ability to tackle life head-on with confidence. Desirable women know that grace does not come with expensive fashion choices but from self-confidence.

They don’t chase men

Some women spend a lot of time calling, visiting, going to, checking up on and basically running after a man who might not necessarily show as much interest in them but highly desirable women know running after people is just a waste of time. They are just too busy creating a better life for themselves because they also know that it is a much better idea to improve themselves. That’s what makes them more desirable — that carefree, confident attitude. They understand that if a man’s feelings are genuine, he will chase them; they won’t have to chase him. This is what men do and it’s what they always do for the woman is desirable.

They don't rush into sex

Highly desirable women enjoy sex, but don’t rush into sex especially not with people they don't know well but prefer to wait for them to show their commitment because they see dating as an opportunity to evaluate different suitors, which necessitates a certain detachment and level-headedness. They understand that when introduced too soon, sex comes at a heavy price. By putting sex on the backburner, these women can also distinguish between men looking for a long-lasting relationship versus those just looking for a good time. Highly desirable women are in no rush to move quickly, and aren’t pressured by anyone's impatience. But when they are ready they are able to satisfy their men's sexual desires and have them reciprocate their gesture knowing it is vital to maintaining long-term happiness. They are not afraid to tell their men what to do or where to go and are not timid when it comes to their desires either.

They have Sensuality

Desirable women have both sensuality and warmth; they don’t have a problem attracting quality men. They are able stir up the passion in the bedroom with her flirtatious looks, smile and eyes, that makes men feel that they are desirable when it comes to being compassionate and caring.

They have self-control

You won’t find desirable women moping about every bad relationship or failure in their lives. Instead, they are always in control of their emotions. They don’t waste their time and energy in harboring useless emotions that won’t bring them progress. Desirable women are overwhelmingly agreeable and content, reserving their anger for when it’s truly necessary. They understand that happiness emanates from within, as opposed to an external source. They create stability by tending to their emotional needs from a variety of sources, thereby lessening the pressure on their partner - they spend time with girlfriends, take classes that fuel their passions, exercise regularly to burn off stress. Highly desirable women inherently understand that a balanced life equals a happier relationship.

They avoid gossip

Desirable women would rather use their time productively than for indulging in petty gossip; knowing that those you gossip with will gossip about you when you are not present. Desirable women know that gossiping and too much talking create a lot of problems, especially when who is being gossiped about finds out. Petty gossip and useless talking, and is for immature girls for desirable women.

They are not afraid to communicate their needs

Desirable women aren’t afraid to speak up, even if it ruffles a few feathers. Doormats don’t fuel desire. Desirable women are not difficult, but do expect a certain standard of treatment and aren’t afraid to demand for better treatment. By making their boundaries known, they attract partners who are deeply respectful and courteous.

They are not attention seekers

While they may seem to have a spotlight following them, they certainly didn’t ask for it. This type of woman exudes an energy that draws men to them, but they never waste their time seeking for compliments or begging to be noticed. They would much rather be known and talked about for their real and meaningful achievements than distract people with trivialities. They believe in earning attention in a more worthy way, not snatching it with constant updates of selfies or on the happenings in their lives in social media. They earn respect instead of asking for it.

They maintain a level of independence

It’s not that they hold back, desirable women understand that they have a life of their own that goes beyond the relationship. Highly desirable women do not cling to or suffocate their partners knowing that men strongly despise clingy women. They don’t lose their identity. They don’t cling to their boyfriends constantly, thereby losing sight of their goals and dreams for love. A woman who does this maybe she is a social recluse who doesn’t know how to form social connections, or is simply not liked by anyone else. People benefit from separate interests and time apart, so that they can fuel their individual aspirations and appreciate coming together again. Desirable women make smart decisions about how much time they are willing to devote to their relationships and to their goals by setting their priorities. They let their relationships add to their lives; not become their whole lives. Whereas many women mistakenly merge their lives with their partner’s in hopes of greater closeness, desirable women understand that independence actually fuels desire.

They believe in humor

There are few things more attractive in a person than a light-hearted spirit and an easy laugh. The priceless value of cheerfulness costs nothing. Cheerfulness is contagious. When highly desirable women entered a crowded room, the whole atmosphere seemed to change, and their reflected feelings seemed to be picked by the crowd. Instead of being easily offended or mired down in despair, they seek out the positives in tough situations.

They have hobbies and passions

Passion is incredibly desirable and highly desirable woman embodiment of it. Whether it is their career, hobbies, or a cause she believes in, she will do everything she can to explore and grow within her passions. Desirable women make massive efforts to become better at their hobbies and passions. These women don’t procrastinate, they find out what they love doing and do it with finesse. They use their time to take up hobbies and work on improving.

They are Honest

Honesty is one of the most important traits of highly desirable women. Being honest about their feelings, their insecurities, their wants, their likes and dislikes is crucial to establishing a deep relationship with their men. It's impossible to build a lasting, committed relationship with a woman cannot be trusted. Deceit and falsehood are obstacles to happiness.

They are intelligent

Attractive looks are what initially attract a man to a woman, but her intelligence keeps him coming back. She doesn’t have to be a doctorate degree holder, but a good grasp of common and practical sense is usually more than enough. Desirable women are fiercely intelligent in terms of their understanding of the world and its people. They have impeccable understanding of life that comes from experience, from a plethora of mistakes and a life full of lessons — something that really adds to their desirability.

They are matured

Maturity is a trait that only comes via experience. Whether their life has been smooth sailing or they come from a traumatic past, these women have found a way to use their past experiences to make them stronger in the present. It’s the reward they get for transcending certain obstacles that were in the way of their dreams and ambitions. Instead of dwelling on the past, they live in the here and now while taking on challenges with ease but an immature woman is someone who never tried, never suffered, and, as a result, never left her childhood behind. She’ll be like an unripe fruit, childish, confused and gullible.

Desirable women accept themselves

What makes some women highly desirable is that they don’t worry about their physical shortcomings. Some women complain about how not beautiful they are or how fat they are. Others complain about their ‘bad’ skin, their skinny legs and their thin lips. Lack of self-acceptance is sign of low self-esteem. Desirable women may not have perfect features or wear the latest styles, yet they have a beauty about them that radiates from an inner glow. They fix what they can and carry themselves with elegance and charm that only desirable women possess. They dress well and know how to exude confidence.

They are exceptional communicators

They have clarity of thought and it shows in the words they choose. They are logical with the right mix of rationality and emotion. Desirable women don’t overdo it by talking ceaselessly because they know how important it is to be a good communicator and they also know what it takes to be one. They will let you talk, make you feel wanted, hear you out, and show genuineness in their interactions. They are not only skilled at spirited conversation, they are also able to listen and resolve conflicts that arise in their relationships. They have the ability to have a deep, intelligent conversation which goes a long way in upping their desirability.

They are decisive

The most desirable women know that they don’t need anyone but themselves to decide their path in life. Once they decide what they want, they go for it. On the flip side, these women are capable of owning up to their mistakes and are willing to adapt in order to grow. If there’s something men despise as much as an overly dependent or clingy woman, it’s a woman who can’t make a decision when faced with challenging situations. In a world dominated by men, desirable women stand out. They are worried less about what others think; knowing it’ll be incredibly devastating to wake up mid-life and realize that their life choices do not reflect them, but were merely an effort to keep up with the expectations of friends, family and society.

They are easygoing

Highly desirable women are able to relax when around the man they have intimate relationship knowing it is crucial to establishing a blissful relationship. If a woman is uptight, stressed out, and rigid, it may confuse most men into thinking she is not interested in being around them or that they cannot satisfy her fully.

They are feminine in nature

Femininity means that the woman doesn’t act like a man; nowadays, women come with all sorts of personalities and some try to outcompete with the men themselves. Essentially, femininity means a woman should behave like a woman. Even the most physically attractive woman instantly losses appeal if she’s acting like a man. Not only is femininity admirable, it also provides a counterbalance to a man’s masculinity.

They are empathetic to others

Empathy is a very desirable character trait, and it comes naturally to this type of woman. While they maintain healthy boundaries, if you need a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear they will be the first to give their support.

They are faithful

Faithfulness is one of human useful traits. One of the sexiest things that a woman can possess is faithfulness to her man. That means that they have values instead of blindly following any new guy that comes along. Some women are perpetually free from any commitments, and are sleeping with anyone who catches their eyes but desirable women think logically instead of being held captive by their whimsical emotions. After all, if a woman can’t be faithful, then there’s no reason to invest anything like time and money in “easy come, easy go” type of woman.


Anthony Modungwo (author) from Benin on December 09, 2016:

Thanks MsDora for your encouragement. I quite appreciate it. Read more of my hubs at You will like the thought-provoking articles.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on December 09, 2016:

You raised some very practical points about the desirable woman. Great for those who may be wondering why they don't succeed in getting hitched. Your insights are valuable.

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