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15 Things That A Man Will Do When He Is In Love


Puts You Closer

A man who truly loves you will show value to you.If you notice any of these things, it means he loves you so much and you should never

When a man is in love with you he will do the following:

  • Frequently call you.
  • Buy you gifts
  • .Care for you.
  • Introduce you to his relatives.
  • He is romantic towards you.
  • He listens to you.
  • Spends time discussing important issues with you.
  • Fights for his love for you.
  • Thinks about you all the time.
  • Gets engaged to you.
  • Faithful to you.
  • Pays for your expenses.
  • He takes your achievements as his own.
  • He is afraid of losing you.
  • He sees you attractive.

1) Frequently calls you.

A man in love will keep a constant communication with his woman. Communication is the key to a strong and stress free relationship. Look how often your man calls or texts you. Checking out on you when you wake up, what you have eaten during the day or even how your day was is a sure concern for you and it shows he is in love with you.

2) Buys you gifts.

No man needs to wait until it's your birthday, Valentine’s day, or Christmas season to buy you a gift. Little surprises such as a nice dress, a box of chocolates, dinner and lunch dates,watching a movie or going out on a small picnic or on a planned vacation. They don't have to buy expensive gifts to impress you as his lady but, gifts make you feel loved.


Attention and Affection

3) Care for you

When a man truly loves a woman, he will never take advantage of her nor watch someone who is trying to take advantage of his woman. Men who love their women protect them with everything that they have or need. Giving a lady security is a sure sign that a man loves.The man will protect, care and give more peace to the love of his life.

4) Introduce you to his relatives

A man who loves you will never hide it from his family members and friends. He will introduce you to his parents ,siblings and or even close relatives. When a man is not willing to introduce you to them, then it may mean that : he is not ready to commit to you or he is ashamed of you or his family members. But again, the man should not be forced by a woman to introduce her to the family and friends . Let him do so and not through pressure on him.


Romance and Care

5) He is Romantic towards you.

If he loves you, he will not see you as “just a friend “ Know how he reacts whenever you are together. Does he proudly demonstrate his love towards you?affectionionate kisses, tender loving and romance, making .

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6) He listens to you

If a man Truly loves you, he will surely pay more attention to listening to you and all you talk to him about since your voice will be like a melody to his ears.

7) spend time discussing important issues with you

Discussions are a good sign that he wants to do some important things with you. It also means that he wants to find an immediate balance between you and him.Otherwise, if he doesn't love you he would not spend any minute with you.

8) Fights for his love for you.

If a man really loves you he will go to any lengths to protect you and the love that you share together. He will make relentless efforts not to lose you.


Engagement and Commitment

9) Thinks about you all the time.

When he talks about you more often. This comes in when he frequently calls you and hangs around you. Be careful not to confuse affection with obsession. Constantly checking on you can be a sign of genuine love. It should be a true love built on trust.

10) Gets engaged to you

When a man is in love, he will propose to you leading to marriage.No sane man will date a lady for many years without proposal.Waiting for over five years before he proposes is a sure red sign that he is not interested in you. When a man is in love, he proposes to you and finally gets married.

11) Faithful to you

A man who is in love with you will never cheat on you with other women.You will be his main source of happiness and nobody will ever take that place.Protecting your emotions and psychological well being should be his top priority.He knows that any simple mistake can end up into a breakup.

12) pays for your expenses.

Going on a dinner date? Who should pay the bill? Is it you or him? A responsible man will never allow his woman pay most of the bill. He will cater for everything especially when you go out together. Only cheap in when you feel that it is necessary. When he takes into account the expenses that you need instead of you, there is no doubt that he loves you. This shows that he loves, respects and trusts you.

13) He takes your achievements as his own.

When a man loves you, he takes care of you. He will never compete with you.On the contrary, he will encourage you with your dreams and goals.

14) He is afraid of losing you.

Men fear when you are vulnerable. They detest feeling that they can easily be robbed of the person they love in their lives.

15) He sees you attractive

No matter when you just get up, haven't brushed your teeth or has an uncombed hair, have your period and have some drastic changes, he will still find you attractive.For some reasons he will mot notice these changes and if he does,there won't be a motive for him to stop seeing you beautiful.

A man who truly loves you will show value to you.If you notice any of these things, it means he loves you so much and you should never let him go.

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