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Reasons Why You're Lucky to Be Dating a Jersey Girl


Of course us Jersey Girls have our flaws! Who doesn't? But there are also so many beautiful things about us that people don't take into consideration. There are some things about a Jersey Girl that could make you smile, laugh and even cry! If you've dated, are dating, or thinking about dating a Jersey's a few things about her you can totally see and maybe some things you don't know. Not yet at least!

The Sweetest Thing Ever...

Until you cross her the wrong way. This does not make her a bad person...just tough. Rest assured in your absence she can probably hold her own to defend herself. Even if she goes down, she sure as hell went down trying! She is sweet as pie, but has very low tolerance for ignorance, stupidity, or rudeness. She is certainly not going to allow anyone to disrespect her or you for that matter. That's the great thing about us! Not only will we defend ourselves, but God help the person that crosses our man the wrong way!

Jersey GirlsOther Girls

Beach Lover

Shore Whore

Diner Snob

Just...a snob

Beautiful and Free Spirited


Free Room Comps in Atlantic City...

This is especially true if she lives on the Jersey Shore. 9 times out of 10 everyone living that close to AC gets a free room every once in a while. Free room comps are a result of racking up there points on membership rewards cards in the casino's. In turn the hotel gives free or discounted room rates to the member so they will stay overnight and spend more time spending money in their casino. But none the less she still has that free or discounted room right above a casino on the boardwalk with a full view of the ocean. And she would be glad to take you for the night or weekend...but only if you're nice!


She Navigates a Circle With Style!

Have you ever met a girl that can navigate an off ramp so smoothly while going well over the cautioned speed limit? Better yet, a girl who drives stick and can weave in and out of traffic like a pro race car driver in the SNOW while wearing heals?! Matter of fact, her car just might have more horsepower than yours. Ok, I admit. Maybe we have a bit of road rage, sometimes uncontrollable. And hey, we may even drive a little faster than we should or follow too closely. But I, for one, believe we handle ourselves pretty darn well on the road with our excellent reaction time! Don't get too nervous when she's behind the wheel. Consider yourself lucky my dude! She's pretty hardcore...yup...fancy.

She is Proud, Loyal, and Confidant!

A Jersey Girl will always be proud of where she comes from. Whether North Jersey or South Jersey...yes, there is a difference. She will defend herself and loved ones and always stick to her guns. But beyond her loyalty there is something even better. She prides herself in her appearance no matter how she decided to dress that day. Even if she rolled out of bed in her Victoria's Secret "Pink" sweatpants and her "Italia" jacket with flip flops to go to the store, she still knows and is thoroughly confidant she looks gorgeous. She does what she can to keep herself up. She worked so hard all winter for that bronze skin! And back to the loyalty part...if you're feelings are even a tiny bit important to her, she is willing to skip her tanning session to have lunch with you!

She Might Be a Bit Loud...

But only because she is determined to be heard. Sometimes she may not even realize she's being loud until you say something. This is just because when we get so darn passionate about something, our voices tend to kick it up a notch or two so we are heard.


If She Has An Opinion You'll Know About It

Not because she's rude or obnoxious like you may think. But she will always and forever speak her mind. She's not scared of what everyone might think of her or her opinions. As far as she is concerned everyone has one and is free to voice it as they please. This comes pretty handy in relationships. She won't be afraid to let you know how she is feeling. Even if she expresses her feelings/opinions loudly(see #11).

She Loves Food

She also probably knows the best diners in the entire state of New Jersey. She'll teach you what disco fries are. She'll bring you to the boardwalk for funnel cake and fried everything. She knows how to tell what food trucks NOT to eat from but will also show you a whole new world called "Fat Sandwiches". She interested in trying anything once. If she doesn't like it, at least she can say it was an experience! She will also cook for you, do it well, and enjoy doing it. The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach.


She's Probably Italian

And aren't we just so damn cute? From our physical features to the personality aspect. You see, Italian women are raised to be tough. We have the softness to show our sweet side and so much love towards people important to us while maintaining the ability to throw a hell of a left hook. She will drive you crazy but you can't help but to love her! It may also be good to know that if you're dating an Italian girl from Jersey, you will never EVER go hungry.

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Admit It...That Accent is Pretty Cute...

We are not from "Joisey", OK? That is definitely not how we sound. However, if you mashed up Kim Kardashian and Tony Soprano you might be pretty close. It's not "coffee", it's "cawfee". Don't mistake a Jersey accent for a New York accent! They don't pronounce their R's! We say "wawter" they say "wawtah".


She Is Diverse

And she adapts well. New Jersey consists of mountains, cities, farms, and ocean. She is comfortable being in a nicer neighborhood then somehow turning a corner and ending up driving past "bodega's" and graffiti or "wall art" if you will. She is flexible and able to adapt to her current surroundings. She has a free spirit as wide open as the greenery in the Pine Barrens while also being an on the go girl always having something to do. She can sit back and relax or hustle and bustle. She knows how to have a great time whether skiing, surfing, riding horses, or bar hopping and Grease Trucks on College Ave. If you're from Jersey you know what I'm talking about. So no matter where you decide you want to live, she will follow you to the end of the earth if she loves you. Sure she'll miss good ol Jersey, but to her she knows she will be able to adapt and is willing to do that to be with you. But only if you're nice! :::wink:::

"Cause Nothing Matters..." this whole wide world when you're in love with a Jersey Girl." - Bruce Springsteen. She may be difficult, she may be stubborn, she may not be able to pump gas, and she may have been in more fights than you. But what's for sure is she is one tough cookie. She is sweet, she is passionate, she is loyal, she will do anything for you, and and will look good while doing it.

QUIZ - Can you handle a Jersey Girl?

For each question, choose the best answer for you.

  1. How are you in large groups/crowds?
    • Makes me uncomfortable..
    • The loud one! Get this party started!
    • Pretty Comfortable.
    • Social butterfly!
  2. Are you opposed to letting her drive your Manual Trans G37?
    • Sure...but she'll have to go slow!
    • Not a chance!
    • I'd be pooping the whole time, but of course!
    • Uhh CHEA! That's so hot!
  3. Have you ever walked around a mall for 3 or more hours?
    • Yes
    • No
  4. What type are you?
    • I'm pretty quiet, but I have my moments.
    • Life is my playground!
    • Laid back but sociable.
    • I hate people, crowds, showing my feelings and making appearances...
  5. How willing are you to try new things?
    • All for it!
    • I usually stick to what I know...
    • I'd do anything for a beautiful Jersey Girl!


Use the scoring guide below to add up your total points based on your answers.

  1. How are you in large groups/crowds?
    • Makes me uncomfortable..: +0 points
    • The loud one! Get this party started!: +5 points
    • Pretty Comfortable.: +3 points
    • Social butterfly!: +4 points
  2. Are you opposed to letting her drive your Manual Trans G37?
    • Sure...but she'll have to go slow!: +2 points
    • Not a chance!: -1 point
    • I'd be pooping the whole time, but of course!: +4 points
    • Uhh CHEA! That's so hot!: +5 points
  3. Have you ever walked around a mall for 3 or more hours?
    • Yes: +5 points
    • No: +3 points
  4. What type are you?
    • I'm pretty quiet, but I have my moments.: +2 points
    • Life is my playground!: +5 points
    • Laid back but sociable.: +4 points
    • I hate people, crowds, showing my feelings and making appearances...: -1 point
  5. How willing are you to try new things?
    • All for it!: +5 points
    • I usually stick to what I know...: +0 points
    • I'd do anything for a beautiful Jersey Girl!: +3 points

Interpreting Your Score

A score between 1 and 8 means: Maybe you should consider public speaking classes or possibly learning to let loose. You're so stiff! There's no way you're keeping up with this Jersey Girl!

A score between 9 and 15 means: may think you can handle her, but you have some things to work on.

A score between 16 and 20 means: You will try, but she will wear you down sir! In any event I'm sure she appreciates your attempt!

A score between 21 and 22 means: You might be a little more laid back than her, but it may bring pretty good balance to the relationship, I think!

A score between 23 and 25 means: Two pea's in a pod. A match made in heaven. You, sir, are her knight in shining armor!

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