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15 Be-Attitudes of a Relationship

I am currently a full-time student working on a Bachelor's Degree in Educational Studies. I am in my senior year.

  1. Be kind. Show kindness every day for that special someone. Talk to and treat that special someone just as you want and expect to be talked to and treated. Anything else is hate. Hate cannot co-exist with love.
  2. Be honest. In other words, keep no secrets between you and the one you love. Always keep the the line of communication open with that special someone. With dishonesty comes mistrust. When the trust is broken, the relationship will be doomed for failure.
  3. Be supportive. Show support in every way for that special someone. Even when you do not share the same hopes or dreams, it is important to be supportive of those hopes and dreams.
  4. Be loyal. When two people come together to be in a relationship, they should both have each others backs and always be in each others corner. It is them together against the world. No one should be able to come between them.
  5. Be faithful. True love brings the thought of not being able to be or even think of someone else. Complete faithfulness is an important aspect of the relationship. If you cannot be faithful, you should just move on away from the relationship.
  6. Be forgiving. Always forgive without holding a grudge. People make mistakes or say the wrong thing sometimes. No one is perfect. It is important to forgive, forget, and go on just as if the mistake was not said or done. Some things cannot be forgiven and forgotten, though. When you cannot forgive and forget, just go on without that special someone. Do not hang on to a relationship if it cannot be fixed by both forgiving and forgetting.
  7. Be appreciative. Never take that special someone for granted. Always be and show appreciation for everything s/he does for or says to you. A little bit of appreciation goes a long way.
  8. Be mindful of the little things. It is the little things that mean the most. They also tend to take little to no effort to do or say. Never take anything for granted, especially the little things. They really do mean so much. Keeping the little things in mind can make or break a person's day.
  9. Be considerate. Consider the other person's feelings. Always take into consideration how that special someone thinks or feels about anything. When this is not done, it can cause conflict in the relationship.
  10. Be thoughtful. Pay attention to how that special someone talks or acts. S/he could be upset about something or not feeling well. If so, try to comfort that special someone. Sometimes all it takes is just being there and not saying or doing anything at all.
  11. Be respectful. If that special someone likes or does not like something or someone and you do, show some respect and consideration. A little bit of respect for another person will go a long way.
  12. Be compassionate. Try making that special someone as comfortable as possible at any time. A big part of showing love for another is to be compassionate.
  13. Be giving. The key here is to give without expecting or wanting anything in return. It is a great way to prove love for another and a very unselfish act.
  14. Be open-minded. Do not shut that special someone out and cause the line of communication to be broken. Keeping an open mind is very important. Be flexible in the relationship.
  15. Be a "rock" in good times and bad times. Always have that special someone's back no matter what. It is very important to do this in bad times, but it is almost as important to do it in the good times as well.

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