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12 Sure Fire Signs of a Leo Man in Love

I've been through too many failed relationships and finally found the one. I enjoy writing about relationships and spiritual connection.


Of the 12 zodiac signs, Leo horoscope is the fifth, beginning its cycle during midsummer during the Leo season (23rd July-22nd August). A Leo man in love is obvious, he is full of passion and when you are his love target, you are all he sees.

1. A Leo man confesses his love to you every single day

A Leo man is a king and lion of his own jungle. He will always remind you that he loves you without getting tired and not minding how you take it. This is his strength and his weakness. If the love is unrequited, he can be to the point of obsession which can get creepy. Leo's partner is showered with love and affection so be prepared to not get tired of being shown affection! When in a relationship with a woman of a different zodiac sign, he will still make an effort to show how much he loves her. His adaptability is so superb and he will, in some sense, change for her. With inborn dignity and loyalty, he trusts his partner and allows his partner to express herself freely. A Leo man is an ideal man for any woman who wants to experience

He has inborn dignity and loyalty. He lets his partner freely say what she wants. The Leo man is the ideal man for any woman who wants to indulge in love.


2. A Leo man will introduce you to his parents

Ever heard of someone dating for 10 years and both of them made no effort to introduce each other's parents or family? This will not happen for a Leo man who is seriously in love with you. Family is important to a Leo. Introducing you to his parents or in the midst of doing it is a sure sign that the man loves you unconditionally. A Leo horoscope will not take long before suggesting that to you. If you are reluctant, he will convince you till you cannot say no. Your relationship will not take long before he lets you talk to his siblings. Later on, he will let his parents know that he is in love and bring you to meet them. Being taken to the parents is a sign that the man will be devoted to you and has decided that nothing will come between you. Never mistake it for being imprisoned in love. The traits of a Leo man will never allow him to mess up with you once you know his family.

3. A Leo man will also introduce you to his friends

Leo horoscope has compatible traits mostly with Libra, Gemini, Aries, and Sagittarius. This does not mean that he cannot bond with other horoscopes like Virgo and Scorpio. A Leo man has numerous friends because of his jolly, dignity, and reliability characteristic. No matter the number of friends a Leo man has, introducing you to some of them is a sure sign that he loves you indisputably. He will make sure that he tells all his buddies that he got the most awesome partner on earth. Having the sun as the ruling planet, he will always shine upon you. Walking around with a Leo man is just so obvious to others. The whole world will know that the two of you are love birds and nothing can separate both of you.


4. He is proud of you and get jealous easily

The Leo compatibility traits are one of the three horoscopes with the fire element. Like fire, a Leo man burns brightly for you and at the same time, against you. Don't mess with a Leo as they can get overprotective and easily jealous. The fact that he is jealous when another man hits upon you is a sure sign that they truly love you. This does not show that they are self-centered, it rather shows that they adore you so much that even a slight chance of losing you is not an option.

5. He loves to say good morning and good night to you

A Leo man who truly loves you is eager to know how you are doing. The first thing he does when he wakes up is to find out how was your night and how is your morning. For partners who treasure such action, it can cheer you up the entire day. Sometimes, this action can be taken wrongly as being possessive. Wherever someone is so concerned about the little things in your life, this is a sure sign that he is in love with you. Make the love blossom and let him know how grateful you are for having him. Once a Leo man finds someone who completes him, he keeps the person close.


6. He puts you first in all situation

When a Leo man falls in love, he does it wholly and leaves no stone untouched when he wants to express it. He will put you first in whatever situation he is in and makes sure he does what he can to please you. A man who can give up what he treasures for your sake shows a sure sign of love for you. Unlike other horoscopes, the lion can be selfless. He will treat you better than anyone else and funnily, do not mind if such is not reciprocated.

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7. He shares with you his meal

It is unmistakable that a Leo man loves you when he lets you have the last chip of his delicious meal. A lion at heart, a Leo man typically protects his yummy food and has all of it by himself. However, when a Leo man truly loves you, he will share his saliva dripping burger with you. He puts you before his food and your happiness from taking a bite of his food will make him full.


8. He shows concern when you are unwell

Sickness is inevitable. Not everyone will want to be around you when you are unwell. A man who loves you will boycott his most important activity just to spend time with you to get you well. During menstrual cramps, he will massage your back and stomach and even ginger tea to make you feel better. He will run to the pharmacy to get you some painkillers and pick up tampoons when you run out of a pack. A Leo horoscope in love is of such character. He will have a personal doctor or butler to serve you when you are unwell.

9. He gets you surprise and gifts

Sometimes man can't get it even with the most obvious hints. This doesn't apply to Leo men. Leo men have a knack for surprises and getting the right gift. They always prepare creative dates for you and present you with gifts that you secretly wish for. A Leo man in love does his best to understand you even on a subtle level. When you are around, his attention will not be on the latest sports news but 100% on you, which is how he can often get his surprise gift on point.


10. He keeps well any gift you have given him

How does it feel when you find your gift card in the dustbin after a week of presenting it? It shows that you are not loved. Keeping the first letter you presented to him to the current gift card as a treasure is one of the signs that a Leo man does love you. A Leo man is so devoted when he loves you. He will keep even the tiniest note you wrote in your worst handwriting so that he keeps revisiting it any time he misses you. He doesn’t like anyone to play games with his heart or with the love of his life. He gets impressed when anything romantic is done to him. Even the tiniest of the things will lift his spirit.

11. He wants to know your sexual excitement

When a Leo man wants to know the peak of your sexual pleasure and this is a sure sign that he loves you dearly. Talk to him and be open to exploring intimacy with him. Tell him what you enjoy and which is your favorite position. Remember to call his name when you climax and he will be on top of his world.


12. He asks for your opinion when he is making decisions

A Leo man asks for your opinion before making the final decisions. A man who truly loves you is inclusive and cares about how his decisions may affect you Before introducing you to his family he will seek your consent before making any arrangement. Before going on a business trip, he will consult you and know whether you would like to accompany him. If not, he will ask what to pack and what not to. On returning, they will seek to know what you want them to bring for you.


Leo males are intensely romantic, When appreciated, he will go all the way for his partner. Some zodiacs or partners may find Leos too obsessive but look at it in a different perspective, a Leo obsessiveness is because he is in love with you. Treasure a Leo man, he will definitely spice up your romance and be fiercely loyal to the relationship.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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