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11 Psychological Seduction Manipulation Techniques


Beware if These or Use at Your Own Risk

I have put together a list of 11 common psychological manipulations. Some of these are very dangerous and some not so much, but what is important is to notice patterns and trends in peoples behavior. Including when they act randomly kind or hostile to throw you off to their true motives. Be aware and use at your own risk. Your own Personal Dignity is on the line.

The Flatterer– Flattery is when one unnecessarily compliments someone. You do not want to flatter someone indiscriminately but if you flatter someone in a way that caters to their insecurities, they will be inexplicably drawn to you. For instance a man who is insecure about his masculinity would love to hear how he looks like a “tough guy”. You could also pretend you were a little upset about how he intimidates everyone. That type of flattery will fly below most people’s bullshit radar. They key when it comes to flattery is find out what they are insecure about and give them the reassurance that they need. One more example is of a girl who is insecure about her looks because of a weight issue. If one were to give her the pet name “Lil’ Mama”, and be able to pull it off she would be drawn to you.

The Trojan Horse– This is perhaps the most insidious in my opinion. It is also applied universally across all genders and culture. If you constantly give to someone they feel indebted to you. It is often used innocently in this scenario. “Let me buy you a drink”, well now you all of a sudden feel indebted to conversation. Sometimes it can become let me pay for your lifestyle and I own you. This is the kind of thing that you may be voluntary about being involved with in the beginning but it is much better to stay away.

The Silent Treatment– A person gives sudden and unexpected silent treatment, this will usually have the other half emotional and at the very least thrown off their “game.” Eventually the victim feels like they have done something wrong and tries to make up for it. When the victim tries to make up for it the perpetrator knows they have them wrapped around their finger.

The Mirror– One pretends to have the same values. They are interested in all the same things there victim is into like movies music or certain celebrities. The perpetrator tells fake secrets to build trust and loyalty. The game is to give them what they want to hear and need emotionally. Then take sexually.

The Demand– Before one has the time to think one makes the decision. For instance, “Great I’ll pick you up at 9.”

The Big Question– The perpetrator asks you for something huge KNOWING, that it will be turned down. Then you settle on what they had in mind the whole time, which would be a minor more compatible request. For instance someone asks if they can move in to your residence. You reply no. But feeling sympathetic after some conversation you tell them they may stay a couple weeks for whatever reason.

The Logical Fallacy– This one is used in the games of the young and dumb all too often. It means that if you do (or don’t do) something then it means something the subject deems undesirable. An example of this is the following. “If you love me you would marry me.” If the man or woman falls for this trap then they would marry to prove their love.

The Normal– One pretends that this is the normal thing to do. An example being “Statistics show that people who get married are……” You can fill in the rest.

Guilt & Shaming– The perpetrator makes the victim feel guilty for what he has done or is not going to do. If the perpetrators requests are turned down he or she will shame the victim with specifically gathered intelligence on what makes this specific person feel guilty. People know all to well how to push our buttons. Shaming one over and over about his or her past is manipulation and quite coldly I add very efficient.

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The Remote Control– Every time a topic that is undesirable comes up one would bring up something of genuine interest to the other half that they cannot resist talking about. “Honey I saw the most gorgeous house on Oakwood Lane, what do you think of someday moving in together?” That would momentarily get you to stop nagging him about his Facebook Status, right ladies?

The Board Game Request– When one asks for something. The response is, “That’s REALLY what you want?”. The ensuing conversation will make it look like the request was outlandish. By the time the conversation is done the two will have settled for something quite different, but thought of as equal.

There are other more serious psychological manipulation but for now I will just post just the Manipulation 101 basics.


dashingscorpio from Chicago on November 03, 2018:

Excellent article!

I would also add: "The Fantasy Treatment"

Imagine a woman coming home after work to find her man in the kitchen cooking with the smell of vodka pasta, garlic bread, and grilled asparagus floating in the air. As she approaches him he raises his hand to stop her and points her to the stairway. She walks over and sees rose petals leading towards the top. Upon reaching highest step the rose petals continue into the master bedroom where there are roses in an array of colors strategically placed around the room. She notices a glow coming from the master bathroom and when enters there is a bubble bath awaiting her and scented candles lined along the basin. After taking a leisurely bath she enters into the bedroom to find her man has setup a dinner in bed tray complete with a bottle wine.

After she completes the meal he begins to massage her feet and gradually gives her whole body a rub down....etc.

It's the kind of night where she can't wait to tell her girlfriends the following day how incredible and romantic her man is.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on April 10, 2018:

Very interesting and so true. I have seen many of these tactics used. Thanks for sharing.

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