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100 Genders?

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BBC teaching kids 100 genders exist

BBC teaching kids 100 genders exist

100 Genders?

On the one hand, we have the firm believers in tradition. When they want to have sex, they go to the municipality, get married and do it properly. Perhaps that is the reason they only have sex once a year.

On the other hand, you have the more adventurous ‘Genderqueer’ types, who want a bit more variety and regularity in that department and wish to investigate their potential as trail blazing lovers who leave broken hearts in their glorious wake.

Surrounded by their moral inferiors on TV panels, these Men and Women of Destiny, these ‘Genderqueers’ or ‘They’ as they call themselves, deign to acknowledge their moral inferiors with a nod of condescension and with excruciatingly profound explanations about the naturalness of their binary inclinations. They demand unquestioning acceptance of their views to the point of provocation.

We innocent and naïve peasant orphans are being told that the complexities of sex are just beyond our simple provincial minds. So, we are asked to accept the true version of the experts, such as the lesbians, the wrestlers dressed in pink and the gentlemen with the rainbow died hair (dressed in what looks like painfully tight pants), who are paraded on TV to better explain the new version of the birds and the bees to us.

Their views of the matter, though demanding unquestionable obedience to their point of view, have a certain admirable spaciousness which leaves one in owe of their huge brains. However, wear and tear appear to take their toll on such ‘They’ and they often look as if they feed too often and enjoy doing so. And they express themselves in a manner that even the kindest critic could not claim is kind, tolerant or forgiving.

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It is rare that a dissenting voice will be included in these TV panel discussions. The interviewer usually watches over the pack with a paternal eye of diligent affection, keeping the tone of the conversation from regressing into what is referred to as personalities. Though we, the viewers, might wish all those present might soon infest some other gathering, our only option is to switch channels.

It is often inevitable that such provocation would result in Traditional Man yielding to his primitive impulses, but we men of steel never yield to our basic instincts. Even though armed as we are with the highest of motives, the temptation to be verbally critical is hard to resist, so we turn to the written word, to avoid physical altercations. Thankfully, the spiritual agony caused by this state of affairs can render one mercifully dumb; otherwise the rich vocabulary of our neighbourhood can make army sergeants blush.

Adam and Eve. A man and a woman for the perpetuation of the human race. But even if you happen to be religiously inclined to believe this proposition, then the concept of inbreeding must essentially raise its ugly head, because inbreeding leads to deformities of the mind and body. And so, if such was the case, the result is a DNA glitch with ‘Genderqueer’ types lecturing us on the insanity of only two genders.

Contrary to appearance, we overworked peons, wearing the white flower of a blameless life, conceal in our breasts a sympathetic heart, always at the disposal of the oppressed. We therefore acknowledge that the traditionalists comprising the 90% of the general population, fired the first shot at the supposed 10% comprising of the ‘Genderqueer’ types. They were, indeed, treated abominably in the past. However, that does not justify the current situation, where the political voting power of that 10% has hypnotised our politicians into reversing the tables and for that 10% to now inflict their beliefs on the rest of us and on our children in their desire to increase their numbers, thereby justifying their own proclivities.

The switch from victim to aggressive perpetrator, I fear, will be irreversible.


De Greek (author) from UK on January 24, 2021:

Yes, A B Williams. I am a terrible human :D

A B Williams from Central Florida, USA on January 24, 2021:

Good Gollie Miss Mollie

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