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10 Ways to Make Your Date More Enjoyable

Muhammad Rafiq is a freelance writer, blogger, and translator with a master's degree in English literature from the University of Malakand.


The dating game can be a difficult one. You want to find someone you have a lot in common with, with the added bonus of being cute and fun to talk to. The key lies in being yourself. If you're honest about who you are, then it will be easier for others to connect with your personality. While dating is about having fun, there are things you can do to make sure that the person you are spending time with really wants to be there.

After all, no one likes wasting their time on dates that feel like a chore or talking to a person they know they can't possibly connect with. Read on if you want some ideas on how to make sure that your next date is enjoyable for everyone involved.

  1. Choose A Spot With Great Food And Some Privacy
  2. Pay Attention To Your Date's Needs
  3. Make A Great First Impression
  4. Have An Engaging Conversation
  5. Be Positive and Upbeat
  6. Do Not Brag About Yourself
  7. Make Sure You Have The Right Attitude
  8. Don't Be Overly Talkative Or Too Quiet
  9. Let Them Do the Talking
  10. Don't Complain About Your Past Relationships

1. Choose a Spot With Great Food and Some Privacy

When you are going out on a date with someone, it is always good to pick a place that has great food, and is also somewhat private. This will allow both of you to get to know each other without anyone staring at you. Here are some ideas for places that can be great for a date.

Finding a restaurant to go on a date can be difficult. There are many factors that come into play when choosing the perfect place to go out to eat. It needs to be somewhat private so that your date does not feel uncomfortable or embarrassed around anybody else in the room.

It also has to have great food so that you both can enjoy your meal while getting to know one another. Good food is important because it will help the overall mood of the night become more positive and upbeat, which is what every couple wants when they go out on a first date.

If you cannot find an ideal spot, consider cooking at home or ordering in instead of going out to eat. Another alternative would be taking your date somewhere like your house, where you can cook together or order takeout if you want as well.

Choosing an ideal location is not only important because it needs to be private, but also because it needs to have great food as well.

2. Pay Attention to Your Date's Needs

When you're on a date, you should be focused on your date's needs. If your date is having fun, chances are they'll be more interested in you.

To have an enjoyable time with someone, you have to remember that everyone is different and everyone has their own interests. If you show some interest in your date's interests, then they're more likely to enjoy the date with you.

If you want to take your date somewhere they will enjoy and also make them think of you as someone who is thoughtful, then consider doing these things:

Listen To Their Interests: For example, if your date likes to go to museums, but there's not one nearby that you know about, why not try to find out about the ones that are near? You can even ask if they would like to visit one sometime. And if there isn't any museum nearby, then try another activity that involves culture and knowledge such as visiting a historical site or enjoying a concert.

Be spontaneous: When it comes to dates being spontaneous is always fun and exciting because it makes the person feel special and it also shows that you care about what they want to do. It doesn't matter if it's expensive or free as long as it's something that both of you can enjoy doing together.

3. Make a Great First Impression

First impressions are the most important ones. That is not just true for dating; it is also true for your career. In fact, a lot of people think that meeting someone for the first time is easier than having your boss meet you for the first time. You can make or break your date at any moment with how you act and what you say.

Tailor your date to who you are dating. If a woman, be sure to have some flowers or a small gift ready. Meeting them at a favorite place of theirs is also a good idea. It doesn't have to be fancy either; if you know of a great place nearby that has chill music and a fun atmosphere, then bring them there. Make sure to always have some things ready in case you end up running late. If you're going on a blind date, then check out their social media pages and see if there is anything interesting about them that could help make conversation easier.

It's also important to remember your manners during this time. Be sure to pick up the tab whenever possible, and always show gratitude when receiving gifts or compliments. Put those manners aside if they try to do something inappropriate like put their hands on you before the date is over though!

4. Have an Engaging Conversation

The best way to make your date enjoyable is to have an engaging conversation. The more you can get your date to open and be honest with you, the more you will get to know them.

Trying too hard to impress your date can turn them off. It's better if you are just yourself, and if they like that person, then it will be easier for them to like you.

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It is important that you don't bring up any negative topics or discuss anything that could be considered controversial or embarrassing. These types of topics can cause a fight, or they could make your date uncomfortable and change their mind about wanting to see you again.

When on a date with someone, make sure that you pay attention and put forth some effort in trying to get to know this person better. If you're not sure what type of things might interest them, ask them beforehand what things they enjoy doing. This way, when the time comes on the actual date, you can attempt to do something that would interest them as much as possible, so they might have a good time with it as well.

5. Be Positive and Upbeat

When you go on a date, the person you're with will want to have a good time. Everyone wants to enjoy their time with a potential partner. If you want to make your date enjoyable, be as positive as possible.

Trying to find the best way to do this is a great way to start. Try not to complain about anything for the entire night. The point is to have a good time, not make a bunch of negative comments about how things are going. It's easy to complain about everything, but somehow it's harder for people to just go with the flow.

While you're on your date, try to spend most of your time talking about positive things or neutral things that don't really matter. This way you won't talk too much about yourself and make your date feel like they're on an interrogation trying to get information out of you.

One way you can be positive and upbeat on your date is by giving compliments more than criticism. Compliments take much less effort than criticism because you don't have to think up some way of saying the same thing in a different way each time.

6. Do Not Brag About Yourself

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new relationship and start boasting about yourself. But bragging is all about you, and it'll show. Instead of talking about your impressive résumé, for example, focus on what you have in common with her. If she loves scuba diving, just say, "Me too! I love being underwater." If she asks you what your favorite beach is, avoid an arrogant answer like "I love any beach that I'm on with you." Instead, tell her one of your favorite beaches and then ask her if she has been there.

In other words, be open to letting the other person talk about himself or herself. The goal is to get to know each other and have fun doing it.

The same principle applies to the rest of your time together. If you're seeing a group of friends who are excited to see you — go with it! Don't look at them like they're crazy for liking you because that's not the point. The point is that they do like you and your company, so why not enjoy it?

7. Make Sure You Have the Right Attitude

You might be the nicest person in the world, but if you're not fun to be around, it's likely that your date will be a bit of a drag. Having the right attitude is key.

Trying to make someone like you by being yourself can sometimes lead to disaster. If you're going out with someone that you've never really clicked with before, it's usually best to leave your normal personality behind and try something new. For example:

Be spontaneous: Don't always go to the same restaurant or go up the same route when you take them home.

Show your funny side: You might have a reputation as the serious type, but showing your funny side is sure to win brownie points on a first date.

Don't show off: It doesn't matter if you're an amazing dancer or are an avid skier, don't spend all night showing off. Instead, try having fun with them and doing some of the things that they enjoy doing.

Be confident: If you're shy and nervous about this date, then it will probably turn out badly as a result. Try to act more confidently than usual and it's likely that your date will feel a lot more comfortable around you too.

8. Don't Be Overly Talkative Or Too Quiet

To make your date enjoyable, don't be over-talkative or too quiet. It is true that you need to be a good listener, too, but as a rule of thumb, you need to strike the right balance between talking and listening. You need to have an equal contribution in the conversation as well.

Too much talking will bore your date. If you are talking more than they are, they will lose interest and will not enjoy your company or the date itself. Too much talking also makes it a one-sided conversation and it can ruin the mood of the date. Similarly, if you are too quiet and hardly talk at all, that can also be very boring for your date and they might lose interest in you as well or get bored of the date.

So if you want to make your date enjoyable, strike a balance where both of you take equal turns and contribute equally to the conversation. Also, try to steer away from controversial topics like politics or religion so that there is no chance of offending each other during your conversation.

9. Let Them Do the Talking

There's a reason why the first date is called a "date" instead of an interview. It's not about getting to know someone as much as it is about them getting to know you. If you want your date to enjoy themselves, be sure to give them an opportunity to do so by letting them do most of the talking.

The last thing you want to do is letting your date do most of the talking, it will be easier for him or her to get excited about you and what you have to say.

When on a first date, don't ask too many questions or bombard your date with facts about yourself. You'll likely come across as narcissistic, which isn't exactly attractive. The point of the date is for you both to get comfortable enough around one another so that you can start to share more personal details about yourselves later on in the relationship.

When talking with someone new, remember that dating is supposed to be fun. Don't make it seem like an interview or job interview; just relax and have fun with it! The majority of people aren't scared on dates since they are enthusiastic to meet new people and possibly find love.

10. Don't Complain About Your Past Relationships

On a first date, you should never complain about your ex. Complaining can make it sound like you aren't over them and are still attached to the bad feelings that the relationship ended with. If you really want to vent about your ex, save it for a close friend.

Also, don't ever say anything negative about yourself on a first date. This includes things like "I'm so shy," "I'm not good at this," or "I don't know how to flirt." You're there to impress your date and show him or her that they won't regret going out with you. If you come across as someone who is insecure or self-deprecating, your date will be turned off.

Instead, keep the conversation light and fun. You don't have to pretend to be someone you're not, but instead of talking about what's wrong with you, talk about what's right with you. Here are some examples:

"I love going shopping in the mall."

"I can eat just about anything."

"I have a lot of friends."

"I'm great at keeping secrets."

"My family drives me crazy sometimes."

The most important thing is to have fun! Enjoy your time with your significant other by engaging in activities, rather than simply going through the motions. Try to enjoy each other’s company and be adventurous! You’ll learn a lot more about each other and have a better time overall. If you enjoy yourselves enough, you might even get lucky and spend the night together.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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