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10 Ways to See If They Are Right for You and Ready for a Relationship

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There are millions of people around the world and nearly all of them are completely different in all sorts of ways; but more importantly they are all different from you in stature, ideology, speech, smell, and anything else biological and mental. That hot chick or that guy you feel attracted to may not feel the same about you, but more importantly, they may not be right for you. Here are 10 background tips to see if she/he is right for you.

1. They Are Attractive to You

Science has solved the equation for subconscious beauty but that is not and should not be the end all be all for you. What one person finds attractive, another may not find attractive. She doesn’t have to be that “Grade A” bombshell that’s paraded about in today’s media. As long as she is attractive to you and you can overlook her flaws, you are good to go. There are more important things than “Grade A” attraction.

2. Similar Interests

While the opposite has become true on various occasions, usually if two people have similar interests they are willing to share with one another it allows for the relationship to strengthen through interaction. Bonus points if you can plan activities around both of your interests.

Like gaming? Play a multiplayer game. Like baseball? Go to a baseball game or watch your favorite teams together. Like eating? Go to a buffet or try a different restaurant ever week. Like cooking? Try a new recipe each week. This is one of the few things you cannot think linearly on and be successful. Try everything, explore each other.

3. They Are Mentally Comforting

Are you usually happy around them? Does their presence constantly put your mind at ease? If so, then there is a good chance you two would be happy together. I don’t mean comforting like “his/her pretty face/body makes you smile.” When I say comforting, I mean “I can talk about anything I want” or “I can entrust them with my feelings or activities.”

4. Their Parents Like You

A big factor in young relationships is the parents. As you get older and more independent their influence becomes smaller but they still have some impact in your relationship. It goes without saying, if the parents like you (And you pass their “Parental Intuition”) then you are pretty much set but if they don’t like you, chances are your relationship progress and outcome will be hindered.

5. You Like Their Parents

Here we have the other side of the argument… You actually like their parents/family. One of the biggest things that people forget is that a relationship is not just “Us” it’s everyone that’s connected to us, whether it is friends, family, pets, and acquaintances…etc.

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They will be there at your parties, when you need help, you will be invited to their things. There are always more people than just the two of you. If you happen to like their family/friends/pets/whatever, it will be a large step ahead for developing your relationship.

6. You Can Deal With Their Personality Quirks

The key phrase here is “Deal With.” Positive quirks may be viewed as positive or negative, and there is no one with all “Positive” quirks because there is always a way to view a quirk negatively. A headstrong personality is great for achieving, but is terrible when used incorrectly. A silent personality is generally a great listener and advice giver, but is usually hesitant about displaying or stating their feelings on subjects. Weigh their good and bad quirks and if you see that you can handle the bad, that’s a good sign for ya!

7. Mutual Understanding

This one goes hand in hand with #6… Remember, they have to deal with your Personality Quirks too. It is completely possible for both partners to curb their actions and feelings to downplay or avoid undesired quirks, but this does not work 100% of the time. There will be quirks that both of you will exhibit that will just come out and cannot always be curbed. As long as both of you understand each other and patiently work toward forgiving/not taking offense to them; everything will be ok.

8. Equal Give And Take

A Relationship doesn’t need to be equal but compromise, compromise, compromise! There are two people in a relationship, and thus there should be two equal voices to be heard in it. So what if you don’t like the movie she wants to see, she stayed and saw the sports game with you. So what if he wants to go to arcade, he went to the beach with you even though he doesn’t like outdoors activities. Both members of the relationship should be comfortable biting the bullet and doing something that the other wants to do.

9. Friendship Builds On Itself

This one right here is one of the most important things to consider in a relationship. A relationship should be a glorified friendship with a few extra options to consider. It’s not how good the two of you are in the sack, or how good of a team the two of you make, if the two of you can’t find a way to forgive/be in good terms with one another when all is said and done, then it will all be for naught.

10. They Have “It” Together

“It” is quite subjective. What is “It”? “It” is their life and everything about them. “It” is their stability, direction, focus, and the ability to be a benefit rather than an obstacle. “It” is their sanity, ambition, desire, and everything that makes up the backbone and groundedness of a person. “It” is the inner strength and completeness that a person exudes. If you or your partner hasn’t got “It”, then expect some major bumps and turbulence whenever hardship strikes.

Remember that not all aspects of a relationship is physical; despite being a vital component, it is the smallest part of the relationship in comparison to everything else. If you are missing a vital part of the relationship like physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, ect… Then your relationship can be described as similar to a lie to one’s self. You can believe it for a while before the truth eventually comes out.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below to leave them open for discussion! Thank you for your time and have a great day everyone!

Good luck!

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