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10 Ways on How to Make Your Wife/Girlfriend Feel Sexy Everyday


Most men find it difficult to make a woman feel sexy. Getting intimate with her is a good way of making her feel desired but there are many ways on how to make her feel special and a queen to you. Whether, you are in a new relationship or you have been together for years it doesn’t have to be a complicated mystery on how to make a woman feel sexy and confident about herself. This strengthens her bond between the both of you.

At times it gets boring when you keep saying that she is sexy, remember that actions speak louder than words. Work on staff that will make her feel good being with you as her lover.

Here is a list on how a man can make his woman feel sexy:

1.Touch her every chance that you get.

It doesn’t matter where you are either you are walking or in the house making physical contact is very important. Remember that she is your lover and not your sister or relative. Touching her often is a sign that you want always to be closer to her and this will make her feel sexy. This is will strongly strengthen your bond and make it hard for another man to get in between you.

2.Wrap your arms around her from behind and kiss her neck.

This is one of the best feelings that a man can give to a woman. Actually, this happens good while she is busy in the kitchen either cooking or doing any other kind of work. This is a nice and sweet affectionate way of showing how much you love and want to be with her. This is better than just saying it with your mouth.

3.Give her nice compliments when she isn’t expecting any.

At times find out something new about her or when she has done something good to you give her hot compliments to make her feel special. Letting her know that she gets more beautiful everyday when you see her it will boost her confidence and make her feel more attractive.

4.Send her flirty messages at times.

Another way of making a woman feel sexy is being in her mind all day long. Sending her flirty messages will show that you are still thinking about her. If you are away from home, you can send sweet voice notes or texts to her. This will help her feel sexy and desirable.

Also being a good listener proves to her that you are more interested in her rather than just the looks. Whenever you are talking take your time to listener to whatever she has to say and this will show how much you respect her. Demonstrating respect in a relationship can make a woman truly feel sexy.

5.Surprise her with gifts often.

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The best way to do this is to surprise her at work place. But a special gift to present it to her in front of his/her work mates and this will make her feel like a queen. She will be so proud to have you as her love. At times you can buy her a sexy bra or panties and this will an enough sign of already what you are talking about.

You can also buy lunch from an online restaurant and get it shipped to her, it will make her feel so much appreciated and loved.

Plan for a simple vacation or a movie in a place where you haven’t visited before. Remember not to break your bank account, a simple vacation is enough. The most important thing is to make sure that some couple goals and work towards achieving them.

7.Notice her efforts.

Anything small she does for you or herself compliment her. If she buys a new dress or gets a new hairstyle let her know that you are paying attention. Don’t start asking her questions where she got the money from because this will make her feel insecure.

8.Brag about her in pubic.

If your partner brags about you in public makes one feel special. Especially when she is around with friends you can brag about her being the most beautiful and perfect girl you have ever met. Let her feel as the queen of the world.

9.Be faithful to her.

Trust is very important in any relationship. A woman feels sexy when her man brags how good she in bed. Being faithful in a relationship brings happiness that last forever. Remember that she is sexy for you and not anybody else or herself, tell her any time that you feel like.

10.Kiss her a lot.

We all know that kissing comes together with sexual attraction. There more you kiss you girlfriend/wife she feels that you desire her. Don’t let any another guy do it for you, so then avail yourself any time she needs you.

Making your girlfriend/wife feel sexy isn’t as easy as most people think. Simple words that come of your mouth might be easily forgotten by her. You will have to do all the things mentioned in the article and many more to make her feel deep down that she is sexy and believe it.


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