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10 Things All Men Need to Know about Women

Sabrina loves to write about love, life, and everything in-between in a candid yet humorous approach.


1. We're emotional creatures. That's right I said it. Most women are much more emotional than men. We also cry more. Some women are better at hiding it than others, but deep inside we care a lot. That's why it's hard for women to be just friends with benefits, because we end up developing feelings and we can't separate the physical from the emotional. And really, who can besides someone really heartless and cold? That's why it's been said that women fall in love with their ears while men with their eyes, meaning what we hear from men is what makes us fall in love, while men fall in love with what they see. Men who understand that women are more emotional generally have better quality relationships that are also more successful. They get that they can't treat a woman like "one of the guys" and get away with it because it's just not going to work. Women love different than men and they care way more than they show.

2. Not all women want to get married and have kids. I think that's a big misconception about women in general, that we all want to have a big, fancy, wedding and have a bunch of kids right away, or at all. Not every little girl dreamed about her wedding day and imagined how it would be like. Some never thought about it at all until they were older and realized what love really was. And not every women hears the loud ticking of her biological clock either. More women are focusing on their education and careers than having babies and becoming a stay-at-home mom. That might have been the dream in the 1950's, but it's certainly not today. Lots of women never have kids at all. So it's a good idea for men to understand that not all women want this or need this anymore. Times, values, and dreams have changed.


3. Women want to talk. Yes, sometimes we just have to talk about it for no other reason than to talk about it. We need men to listen and that's all. We don't need a logical answer to our problem or even any answer at all. We simply want you to listen and it'll make us feel better. This is an issue that can cause some friction in a relationship because men don't like to talk for the sake of talking with no end game in mind. If they have a problem, they think with the logical side of their brain and try to think of a solution. Women on the other hand, are more emotional, and tend to talk about things more than they like to just talk about solving them. It just helps, okay? So if your lady just needs you to listen, lend her an ear for a bit and you'll be glad you did.

4. We like compliments. Remember that whole bit about women falling in love with their ears? Well, we do! We love hearing that you like what we're wearing or that we're looking especially beautiful tonight. Even small things like noticing we got our nails done or changed our hair matters. It means you noticed and that you care and that matters a lot to us. Compliments about a nice dinner we cooked or a project we did around the house also count! Of course this goes both ways, but if you compliment your lady more, you'll notice that she tends to reciprocate in more ways than one.


5. We're not all helpless, delicate creatures. We'll manage if you don't open the car door for us, or help carry the grocery bags. In fact, we've probably been doing it all by ourselves our whole lives but that's not the point. The point is that we can do it ourselves, but if you're a true gentlemen we shouldn't have to. I don't mean making it the goal of your life to follow us around and open all our doors, I mean occasionally, if a door should appear when we're out together, you should open it. Nowadays it's come to the point when we're not even expecting you to do "gentlemen" gestures so when it does happen it's so rare it's like a unicorn sighting. Trust me, we'll appreciate it and definitely make it worth your while.

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6. Manners matter. I'm totally behind people being themselves when dating or in a relationship, but all rules of decency shouldn't automatically go out the window either. There should be a distinct difference between how you act with your guy friends and us. Like maybe having contests about who can burp the loudest isn't the best idea. I mean if it happens on accident and some air happens to escape on either end that's okay, it may even be funny at times, but when it happens on a regular basis it becomes rude and kind of disrespectful. Know your audience..just saying.


7. You should remember stuff. We as women don't ask for much. We only need you to remember two dates out of the whole year and if you do it'll make us extremely happy. First, it's our birthdays. Seriously, I can't tell you how many times men forget women's birthdays. It's not that hard. There's even a reminder on Facebook about it. Or you can get really fancy and put it in your iPhone calendar so it'll remind you. It's not a hard concept. Two, our anniversary, whether it's when we started dating or got married, it's a big date and should be remembered. It may seem like something so trivial and small, but in reality it matters a lot to us. By remembering those two dates, you're expressing that we matter to you and our relationship means something to you too.


8. There's no such thing as calling or texting too much. Let me clarify this: if we show interest in you and want to date you, then it's not possible to call or text us too much. We want you to call, text, and keep in touch with us as much as possible. It doesn't have to be hour long super conversations, but a "hey beautiful" text in the morning does wonders for a girl's day. We just want to know that we're on your mind and you're thinking about us that's all. It's a small thing that doesn't require much effort but it really means a lot to us.

9. We want you to tell us how you feel. We're not mind readers or psychics (well most of us), so we usually don't know exactly what's on your mind. You have to tell us stuff, both good and bad so we can make it better. In the beginning of a relationship, we mostly keep the bad stuff off the table but as a relationship progresses, we should be able to talk about stuff, no matter how difficult it may be. We're not perfect, and neither are you so it's inevitable we're not going to agree about everything and it's important to discuss stuff so it doesn't add up and just explode into a huge fight one day. That can totally be avoided by taking it one day at a time and tackling issues as they arise. You should also tell us about how you feel about us and the relationship. Tell us what bothers you. Tell us what makes you happy. Tell us how to make it better and we'll work on it together. Regardless what it is, just telling us is a step in the right direction.


10. Don't play with our hearts. Women put up with a lot more than we get credit for. You see women in relationships who have been cheated on, abused, and neglected and they're still there trying to make it work. But a good women can only put up with that kind of mistreatment for so long. One day it all just becomes too much and you lose her for good. There comes a point when no amount of flowers, gifts, or compliments matter anymore. When a woman has had enough, she's done and then you're left with all the words you should have said and no one to say them to.

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