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10 Signs your relationship is holding you back from growth and peace


Of course, you can’t put yourself in front of a choice-a career or a relationship. Ideally, for a fulfilling life, you need to be able to combine several goals at once, without denying yourself something important. Also, love and work are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, in a healthy and harmonious relationship, partners help each other grow and develop, achieve success in a career or hobby. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky.

Often the closest people from whom you expect support prevent you from realizing your potential. In such a situation, it is important to recognize the destructive behavior of a loved one as soon as possible, in order not to fall under his negative influence. We've rounded up a few signs that relationships are negatively impacting your growth and development.

1. Your dreams are ridiculed

Hearing a partner make fun of something valuable is painful. Every person in the depths of their soul expects that they will be supported and that their partner will believe in their dreams at least as much as they themselves believe.

In a harmonious relationship, two people are not afraid to tell each other what they want to achieve. First of all, because they know that no matter how high one of them decides to swing, the second one will provide the necessary help, at least moral. If you are told that you will not succeed and you should not even try, then such relationships will prevent you from being realized.

2. You are not supported

Support is important in any relationship, both physical and moral. No matter how strong you are, you should always know that your loved one will not leave you alone in a difficult situation and will not let you doubt your strength. If you do not feel support, then you lose confidence. You try not to take risks in life, because you’re afraid of letting the partner down, not to fulfil the promises made to them. This greatly constrains you and limits your freedom of action.


3. You are pressured to make important decisions

Of course, all decisions in a couple are made jointly. You discuss the problem, express your opinion, argue it and come to a common conclusion. But there are situations in which you have to make a decision yourself. In most cases, this is due to the fact that the result of your actions affects mainly you and your progress, and to a lesser extent, your overall future.

When making such decisions, it is extremely important to exclude pressure from outside. When a partner tries to manipulate you, blackmail you, or in any other way forces you to make a choice in favor of their option, that’s what interferes with your growth and development.


4. Your endeavors are heavily criticized

You can get fired up with a new hobby, learning something you've always wanted to learn, or building a career in a new job. The main thing is not to kill motivation at the very beginning. Criticism from a loved one copes with this perfectly. When you hear harsh statements from your partner about what you just started doing, it greatly demotivates and destroys your self-confidence.

Moreover, the danger lies in the fact that you cannot achieve any significant results immediately, and this is used as evidence of the senselessness of your actions. It is likely that you will believe in your own failure and lack of talent.


5.They give you unsolicited advice and get offended if you don't use it

You can be given a huge amount of unsolicited advice that will only interfere with growth and development. Worst of all, if the girl will be offended by you for refusing to use them. You will face a difficult choice - to maintain a good relationship, avoiding a quarrel, or to give up and do everything as your loved one advises you. By itself, this alignment already sounds unattractive, no matter what decision you end up making. 9 things you need to build a relationship more than attractiveness

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6. Your interests are ignored

There are many ways to show that they do not want to reckon with your aspirations. Ignoring what you say or do, is one of the most common. A girl or a guy can ignore your stories about what energizes and inspires you, ignore your requests, change the topic of conversation and in every possible way show that they don’t care.

Sooner or later, you will get tired of hoping for some kind of emotional response or waiting for a reaction. In some cases, you may even feel ashamed of what you tried to do, give up all attempts and close yourself off from your partner.


7. You're better off hiding your aspirations

A sign that a relationship is preventing you from realizing your potential, is your unwillingness to share your aspirations and hobbies with your loved one. You can discuss future plans with friends, family or colleagues or you can silently achieve your goals or avoid questions about what brings you pleasure. All this, because of the fear of judgment. You know how your girlfriend or boyfriend will react to your stories, and therefore, you don’t want to share anything personal with them.


8. You are scolded for spending too much time at work

In order to build a career, one way or another, you have to work hard. In addition, it is also important to maintain good relations with colleagues and superiors, develop professionally through trainings to ensure your professionalism.

You can often visit corporate parties, business meetings, celebrations, go to master classes or stay late at the office. It is important that your loved one understands how important this is for you and, if possible, supports your zeal.

If, instead of support, you receive only negativity-swearing, insults, blackmail or jealousy, you will not last long in such a stressful relationship.


9. Your accomplishments understate

You try, grow, achieve the first significant success in what you do, and your partner downplays your merits. Whatever you share with pride and pleasure turns out to be devalued. And now you yourself doubt that you are doing enough to achieve your goals. Your self-esteem can suffer greatly from the constant underestimation of achievements.

10. Your interests are put on the back-burner

It is extremely disappointing when the interests of your loved one are put in the first place and implemented immediately, while your interests are relegated to the background. In harmonious relationships, the goals and interests of two people are not compared with each other and are not divided into important and less important. In them, both partners respect what is important to each other. They both prioritize each other’s opinions.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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