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10 Signs to End a Relationship – It's Time to Let Go and Move On

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It is never easy to end a relationship, but clinging on to something just for the sake of it is not what life is all about. There are many situations, when letting someone go is probably the best thing that can happen in your life. It is the ultimate decision to end your suffering, end the uncertainty which prevails and move on with life.

The problem lies in deciding or understanding – when is the right time to end a relationship? Of course, you do not wish to rush and end your relationship in a jiffy. Take time to decide but remember that life is about moving on.


As you start feeling that things are not going your way, your relationship seems to be crumbling and all your efforts seem to fail, it’s a sign to give your relationship a second thought. ‘Holding on’ cannot give happiness – it is all about temporary hopes and more often an illusion.

Look For A Few Signs Which Scream – Its Time To Move on…You Had it Enough!

You have given enough to the relationship. Now no more..!


This is the first and one of the primary signs of a breaking relationship. We avoid a person when we no longer feel good spending time or speaking. If this is happening too often or maybe always, it means you need to think about your relationship status once again.

Breaking Trust Too Often

Trust is the most important aspect in any relationship. It is the foundation on which a relationship is based. Mistrust destroys trust and weakens a relationship. If we trust someone and the person continuously breaks our trust, it is definitely not our fault but theirs. Never blame yourself for trusting too much.

Feeling Of Missing Happiness ?

Spending time with our loved ones make us happy, content and satisfied. If you are not able to recollect the last time you were happy and content with the person, your relationship is definitely not working. Do not force yourself. It’s time to move on and start afresh.


Too Much Neediness?

Any good relationship is about depending on one another. If you notice too much dependence, it is a sign of neediness. Excessive neediness is often the root cause of several breakups. Excessive neediness claims time as well as energy which helps in maintaining a relationship.

Inconsistency Happening All The Time

Lack of consistency in any relationship is definitely not a healthy sign. Inconsistent behavior is a sign of negativity in any relationship, which can lead to termination of a relation. There is a degree of limitation in which a person can accept the flaws of a relationship, beyond which it is all about compromising.

Changing For Someone Else All The Time

Are you the person who is changing all the time? Are you doing things just to make someone happy or accommodate the needs of someone, all the time? If your partner does not show any inclination or is often dissatisfied with your ways, it can be quite frustrating in the long run. It is important to feel comfortable in any relationship. If you are continuously making changes in your life to keep the relationship going, it’s definitely time to think again.

No Time To Listen?

Communication is an important part of any relationship. Lack of communication brings in misunderstandings, which can be harmful for a relationship. If your partner or loved one has to time to listen to what you have to say, it might happen that the person doesn’t want to listen to you. How are you going to sort out things when someone doesn’t have time to think?

Lack Of Positivity

If you do not feel positive after talking or seeing someone you love, it is a sure sign of a missing spark in your relationship. If there is no positivity in a relationship, you might actually reach a point, where you would prefer to avoid a person, as you try to maintain your relationship. It might sound really crazy, but lack of positivity might actually hurt a relationship.



Do you often get a feeling of frustration and annoyance when you are with your loved one? This might happen because you are not comfortable in the relationship and things are not going as you wish. Too much stress builds frustration and it is never healthy for a relationship.

There might be innumerable signs which indicate a failed relationship. Every relationship is unique. You need to understand and recognize – it’s hard to move on but sometimes this is the best which can happen in your life.



dashingscorpio from Chicago on September 11, 2017:

If you're unhappy and feel as if you can't be yourself it's definitely time to move on. If you want different things what is the point in wasting more time? There is none!

The sad thing is too many people almost feel they need to be cheated on or abused in some way before they will give themselves (permission) to walk away.

It takes courage to abandon a (known reality) to pursue an (unknown future). Some folks hate "starting over" so much that they're willing to endure unhappiness.

I recently heard someone say: "Suffering is optional."

"Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."

- Oscar Wilde

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