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10 Really Obvious Signs a Guy Likes You

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The world is filled with broken-hearted women. Perhaps you are one of the victims of a man who plays the field. Don't want to make the same mistakes? Are you looking for obvious signs a guy likes you, to be sure he is not just hanging around because he wants to use you?

Here is your fail-safe checklist of ten really obvious signs a guy likes you. No room for error and no way a man can pretend. If you can tick the entire checklist, you are in luck!


1) He Wants to Stay With You

A man who wants to stay with you is not the same as a man who just wants to sleep with you. We're talking here about a man who genuinely wants to stay by your side.

Among the most obvious signs a guy likes you:

  • he comes to visit
  • he stays for lunch
  • he stays for dinner
  • he'd stay all night if you'd let him.

He stays by your side in a comfortable kind of way. Not a creepy way that makes you wish he'd hurry up and leave.

Your home looks good with him in it, and he looks like he's happy there.

2) He Wants to Go Everywhere With You

The second of my obvious signs a guy likes you is easy to spot. When you're going out, he wants to go too.

It can surprise a man to discover he enjoys tagging along with a special woman. It is one of the first clues a guy actually has when he's falling hard. For most of his life he's avoided shopping malls and trips to the post office, but suddenly:

  • he's grabbing his car keys
  • checking his wallet is in his pocket
  • smiling at you, and
  • already holding open the door.

If he turns off the television without you even asking, you'll know for sure he's serious!


3) He'll Watch Romantic Movies With You

Even the most macho man will agree to watch a romantic movie if the right girl asks him. Builders, professional footballers, wrestlers and all kinds of guys who like to be viewed as rough and tough will melt as the music swells and the on-screen couple find happiness together.

Beware the man who talks all the way through a romance you watch at home, and ditch the guy who won't walk into a cinema to share a special movie of your choosing. His heart isn't in the right place.

Of course he will always have a passion for chase scenes and action movies if that's his preference, so don't expect that to change. But try him out with an occasional romantic comedy and see if he passes the test.

4) He Helps You With a Really Tough Task

You want signs a guy really likes you? See how quick he is to help you when faced with a really tough task.

  • If he's an office worker, does he grab a paintbrush to help paint your room?
  • If he's a bricklayer, will he help you prepare your accounts at tax time?
  • Will he help you pack up and carry boxes to a removalist's truck?
  • And help you unpack them at your new address?
  • Does he stick around patiently while you babysit your sister's kids?
  • Where is he when you go to weed your granny's garden?

We're all good at some things, and floundering when it comes to others. The easy option is always to stay in our own comfort zone.

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When a guy steps up to participate in a task he would generally avoid, that's an obvious sign he really likes you. If you want him to continue meeting these kind of challenges, make sure he knows how much you appreciate his efforts.


5) He Talks With You About The Future

Don't get too excited or demanding. This is another of the really obvious signs a guy likes you a lot, but be realistic in your expectations. You're dreaming if you think he's likely to start looking for a house with a picket fence within weeks of meeting you, or planning your future family together.

You're looking for comments he makes out loud that make reference to the future. For instance:

  • Pointing out a particular car he'd like to own (it could be a Porsche or a pick-up truck).
  • Talking about places he'd like to visit.
  • Saying 'I like that type of house'.
  • Asking 'I wonder how much that costs' (whatever that is).
  • Commenting on how he feels about grey nomads in caravans or RVs.
  • Confessing he's always thought it would be great to live in a houseboat.
  • Giving you an insight into his long-term career goals.

These kinds of clues can tell you a lot more than you (and he) might realize. Read on if you'd like to understand why.


The Significance of Discussing the Future

What's so special about these comments that make them obvious signs he likes you a lot? Well, let's be honest. Most men don't like to share their future dreams with just anyone. They keep them tucked away. So these are obvious signs:

  • He trusts you
  • He wants you to know him better
  • He’s not afraid to share his thoughts with you
  • He can imagine (consciously or subconsciously) you in his future
  • He likes you, a lot!

If you are smart, you'll develop these comments into conversations that help him learn more about you - and give you both an idea of just how compatible you might be long-term. For instance, you might love to settle down in a rammed earth house with solar panels and a vegetable garden, but perhaps he dreams of living fulltime on an ocean-going yacht.

Lucky couples are the ones who find themselves curled up together, discovering they hold shared dreams and imagining how they might create a future together!

6) He Doesn't Just 'Disappear'

Where does a man go when he just disappears? His wife or girlfriend would like to think he's caught up at work, unable to call to say how late he'll be. Hopefully he's with a demanding boss or client.

As much as all women would like to think a spouse is devoted, reliable and faithful, the sad reality is very different. When a guy isn't where he says he'll be, he might be:

  • gambling
  • drinking
  • hanging out with male friends
  • spending time and/or money on something you wouldn't approve of
  • away fishing or somewhere else, avoiding you
  • with another woman.

Even if a man isn't getting into trouble, he must surely be aware his partner will be worried. If he doesn't pay her the courtesy of reassuring her that he is safe and explaining why he's not around, warning bells should be ringing.

So add to this to your list of the ten obvious signs a guy likes you. If he doesn't just disappear without explanation, that's a very good sign.

When a guy takes the time and makes the effort to keep in contact with you, particularly if you are expecting to see or speak with him at a particular time, he doesn't just like you; he obviously respects you.

7) He Doesn't Make Feeble Excuses

Every now and then a guy can be forgiven for saying something lame that doesn't quite make sense. But beware of a man who lies or seems to lack the ability to tell the whole truth.

A man who doesn't make feeble excuses to you should be valued highly. That's one of the most obvious and clear signs your guy likes you and respects you enough to be honest.


8) He Enjoys Your Company ~ Always!

It doesn't matter how boring a task is or how challenging an event might be, he enjoys your company. He'll cradle you as you read, watch you as you perform, listen as you speak, carry as you shop ... and enjoy every moment.

Of course he might become impatient if forced to stand in a shopping queue after a long, hard day. But he won't be anywhere as near stressed and impatient as he'd be if you weren't by his side.

He always enjoys your company, and it shows. Everyone who knows him can see it. It is obvious to them he really likes you.

9) He's Polite To Your Friends and Family

Speaking politely to your friends and family are signs a guy likes you, right from the earliest stage of your relationship. Why? Because he obviously wants to:

  • fit in
  • be accepted
  • feel welcome
  • be invited to events
  • have your friends and family speak about him in a positive manner.

If he goes to the trouble of trying to impress your family and friends, he obviously likes you.

If a Guy is Rude to a Girl's Friends and Family

Here's a reminder about the significance of a man being polite and respectful to your friends and family.

Let's look at what it means for a woman whose partner is rude or dismissive about (or towards) her loved ones, and why you should avoid that kind of guy. He is trying to:

  • Isolate her from people who care about her.
  • Cause conflict and dissatisfaction within existing relationships.
  • Make her choose between him and them.
  • Remove their influence.
  • Become her only source of comfort (and emotional feedback).
  • Control her.

A guy who finds fault with your friends and family is up to no good.

10) He Just Can't Say Goodbye

The last and perhaps most obvious of our ten signs a guy likes you is this one. How it shows will depend on where you are in your relationship. He just can't say 'goodbye'.

Here's some examples:

  • He doesn't want to hang up the telephone
  • Even when interstate or overseas, he stays on the phone with you longer than you'd expect
  • He rings you more than once because he has something else to say
  • It is late and you know he has to get up in the morning, but he doesn't want to walk out your door and go home
  • He has driven you home (or you drove him home) but he just keeps holding you in the car
  • You might have long periods of silence, but it is comfortable and warm silence
  • He literally never says 'goodbye'
  • He might not even say the less formal 'bye' either
  • Instead he says 'see you' or 'take care' or some other expression that indicates he'll be back again very soon.

Of course we all know where that ultimately leads. Most men who care for a woman and discover they just can't walk away from her end up saying 'Love you!' as they hang up the phone. Could anything be more obvious that he likes you?


So Does He Like You?

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Daniel Long (author) from All Over on March 09, 2018:

Yes, Queen, he probably does like you. And he definitely doesn't like your friend!

Queen7788 on March 08, 2018:

the guy I like got really defensive last year when one of my so called "friends" wrote me a mean letter. He read it and got up in their face and yelled at them, then he came over and hugged me for a long time... Does he like me?

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