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Romantic Games for Couples to Build Intimacy

Illustration by Kudryashka

Illustration by Kudryashka

Whether it is 5 months or 50 years of being together, lovers need to have fun with each other. Being silly, chasing each other, laughing, friendly teasing are all part of the blend of playing that can build intimacy.

"How much fun are you having?"

This is a question that Robert & Jeanette Lauer ask couples in their book entitled The Play Solution. Getting rid of the boredom by putting back fun and excitement in the relationship is the way to get back that erotic fire and deep companionship.

When the play factor is missing, then too much seriousness, tension and boredom sets in. Couples can loosen up a bit by doing a range of different activities. Playing games with each other is one way to break the ice, foster deeper communication which leads to increased understanding of each other and even better sex!

To Know You Better is just as the name suggests, and is a fun and non-intrusive way to get a conversation flowing between two people. Get random questions that make you think, laugh and constantly keep the both of you flowing in communication. The nature of the questions is good for a couple who are just starting out.

UNGame Couples Card Game is a great way to encourage a couple to communicate, especially if there are challenges in doing that. It's non-competitive in nature and is similar to To Know You Better, but probably a tinge deeper.

Table Topics Conversation Cards - Couple's Edition is another great way to break the ice, but this set of cards has questions that are quite deep. For this reason, this card set (of 135) is more suited for couples who have been together for a while and have a reasonable level of comfort with each other. Table Topics Conversation Cards have a whole range of other cool editions.

Two to Tango Board Game is a very practically-oriented intimacy-building game for couples. With a wish box that you share, there are two slots each having a set of wish cards. Write things that you want to do together, and get suggestions from the pre-printed ideas.

Just4Play is similar in mode to the traditional "strip me" card game with quite a bit more. This interactive DVD game has challenges, questions, competitions and bets. Keep track of each other's score, oh and clothes too! Just4Play is highly rated, and encourages good romantic fun.

Sex Deck: Playful Positions to Spice Up Your Love Life (Cards) which has the booklet. This is a highly popular and rated game as well. Randomly pull a card from a stack of over 50, and you will find a wild and sexy position for you and your lover to do. The game doesn't ever end, because you can leave a card as a surprise and build expectancy at any time.

Build the Bond!

Think about how board games bring families closer. Similarly, a game can be potent in building the bond between partners.

With these games listed, you can go through, and even check the reviews of each. Some games may be better suited for couples who have just began their relationship journey, while others are better for couples who have been together for a while.

Whatever the case may be, once a game can keep you talking, laughing and "playing", then it's certainly a good game to play.


Hailey on June 10, 2013:

Awesome advice, I thin all couples need to try role playing to explore new feeling. You're welcome to read more on the subject in my hub.

Susan on December 05, 2012:

I created an intimacy game for couples and manufacture it in my garage. It's called "Intimate Journey for Couples" with 40 acts you take turns drawing and indulging. Comes with massage oil and invitations as well as a bonus of 30 Sexy and Flirty Date Cards. Check it out at www.playfulmarriage.com. Thanks!

Bobby on February 10, 2011:

I've come across a few adult related board games lately and there are some pretty good ones available.

alya on September 12, 2010:

i want to see this game lol.

Paradise7 from Upstate New York on April 18, 2010:

I didn't know all these things were available. I'm divorced...I wonder if it would have helped.

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