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10 Clear Signs That A Woman Likes You

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For some, getting a girlfriend comes easy. For others, not so much. Do those guys who get girlfriends easily have some esoteric ability towards women? There are many things that we don’t understand about women like how they act, the way they think, etc. Sometimes, girls are really hard to read. Mixed signals often confuse the guys leaving them clueless about what’s supposed to happen. It is difficult to assume that a girl likes you too because maybe she is just being nice and friendly. At this point, it is important to be observant and sensitive to these signals.

If these infallible signals are directed at you, well what are you waiting for? Go to the next level and close the deal. Ask her to be your girlfriend and you surely won’t go wrong.

1. A girl likes you if she touches you a lot

Girls are sensual beings. They love to touch as much as guys do. When a girl touches your arms a lot, this is a signal that she likes you too. She does want to touch your face but it will seem awkward especially if you’re not in a relationship with her. So the arm is the only safe place where she can touch you without being guilty.


2. She likes what you like:

When a girl likes you too, she starts to see things in your perspective. She will watch a movie you like even if she originally doesn’t like the genre. She starts to listen to music which she doesn’t normally listen to. She eats the street foods you like even if she hates it before. You’ll be surprised that she even knows a lot of things about your favorite basketball team now when she doesn’t even bother to watch the game back before she laid her eyes on you.

Suddenly, going to the gym everyday becomes a routine for her...

Suddenly, going to the gym everyday becomes a routine for her...

3. She sends you mails and replies to your messages right away:

When a girl likes you too, she will respond right away to your messages. She will even send you random mails just to keep you posted. If there’s an occasion, expect her to create a handmade card or a handwritten letter that she doesn’t usually do for any random guys. Be flattered and ask her out because she clearly likes you too, you know.


4. A girl likes you too if she doesn’t talk about other guys with you:

If a girl likes you too, she will never bother to think or entertain other guys besides you. She won’t mention any guy’s name because she cannot let you misunderstand and assume that the guy is her boyfriend. If in case she does mention a name, she will tell you right away that he’s just a friend or a dog’s name.


5. She smiles and laughs a lot when you’re around:

Girls tend to be transparent around people they are comfortable with. With a guy they like, they feel happy and they smile a lot even when there’s nothing funny. She also has a tendency to laugh at the things you randomly say even when you don’t intend to make her laugh.


6. She lets you meet her friends:

If a girl likes you she’ll definitely ask you to meet her friends. You have to notice that all her friends have already heard about you. That’s not surprising because girls like to talk about their guys when they are together. If she talks a lot about you, you better ask her to be your girlfriend because that clearly indicates that she likes you too.


7. She is thoughtful:

If a girl suddenly cooks for you or if she suddenly gives you something she did herself that means you are special to her. If she lets you hear her sing the newly composed song, or watch her play a guitar, she has really fallen in love with you too. Girls will only try to impress a guy they really like.


8. She wants to be with you:

There are times when a girl will just ask for some favors from you to go somewhere with her like watching some games or just going to a party with friends or going to a recital. She cannot directly ask you on a date because it’s not a girly thing to do but her gestures are actually clear signals that she wants you to ask her out. She definitely wants to be with you so do her a favor and ask her out, will you?

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9. She takes random pictures with you:

Girls always want to be with the guy they like. So even in pictures they see to it that they have pictures together as a memento.


10. She likes to do random things with you:

When you finally ask her to go somewhere with you, even if it’s an extreme sport, she will gladly say yes. No matter what the consequences are. After all, it is always fun doing things when you’re around.

© 2017 Jennifer Gonzales


Dabby Lyric on January 08, 2018:

Hello Jennifer,

I really enjoyed reading your hub!

I had a hard time growing up because I was so shy! I lacked the confidence and self-worth to approach or even speak to guys. As you can imagine, it made life extremely hard for the first 20 years of my life. However, I eventually met the right man to bright the real me out.

The dating scene isn't easy but your tips are helpful.

Jennifer Gonzales (author) from The Hague, Netherlands on June 09, 2017:

Very good insight dashingscorpio. You are right, as adults we should be able to read and understand someone's body language especially if it is directed to us. However, take note that not everyone is born in a very open culture. Some people are very clueless and have no idea how to read a woman at all merely because they are not readily exposed to the opposite sex. This article is also not only for adults but for youngsters as well..:)

dashingscorpio from Chicago on June 09, 2017:

I agree that these are all good "signs" that she likes a guy.

However as "adults" no one should have to look for "signs" or have to attempt to "figure out" what the other person wants.

Hopefully by the time we become adults we've master the art of communication. It's not as though we're in the 8th grade and need a friend to go find out if she/he likes us anymore.

Granted there might be some people who are completely naïve but I suspect most people (know) when someone likes them and if they're not interested they {pretend not to notice}.

If the other person isn't ever direct about their desire or intention gradually they fall into the "friend zone" secretly hoping that one day this person will realize they are "the one".

The best advice is to be direct about one's intentions/desires.

A fast rejection saves everyone time and possible emotional investment. The last thing anyone wants is a "fake friend" with a hidden agenda. Guys, if you like a girl ask her out on a date.

Rejection just means NEXT!

Thankfully there are over (7 Billion) people on the planet.

One man's opinion! :)

KabirAryan on June 07, 2017:

She likes you, not to get confused with 'she wants to be in relation'.

She might be, like to be a friend.

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