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10 Bridal Shower Game Ideas.

Purse Game Checklist


The Purse Game...

  1. Pass out a checklist like the one above to all of the guest. Ask them to grab their purses and get ready.
  2. The players will then dig through their purse searching for all of the items on the list.
  3. When all players are ready you will take turns telling everyone how many items they located in their purse and what the items are.
  4. The person who finds the most items on the checklist wins a prize.

Bridal Questionnaire


How Well Do You Know The Bride?

  1. Pass out the bridal questionarre and pens to all of the guests.
  2. Give them a designated amount of time.
  3. When the time is up the hostess will read off the correct answers so the players can count their points. Each question with the right answer is worth one point.
  4. The player with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Wedding Mad Lib


Wedding Mad Lib

This particular game is a great ice breaker to get your guest to loosen up and start having fun.

  1. Create or download a mad lib template.
  2. Pass these out to you guest and have them fill in their blanks.
  3. When the guest are done filling them out have them give the papers to the bride.
  4. When all of the papers are turned the bride will go through and read the mad lib out loud. Which will give you a good laugh.

Scramble Template


Wedding Word Scramble

  1. Pass out the scramble templates to all of your guest with a pen.
  2. Give all of the players a certain amount of time to decode as many mixed up words as possible.
  3. When everyone is done you will tally your correct answers.
  4. The person who has decoded the most words will win and get a prize.

Toilet Paper Dresses


Toilet Paper Dress Contest

  1. Break up the part into groups of two or three people.
  2. Provide each team with a large package of toilet paper of at least five rolls per team.
  3. Give them a short amount of time, during that time they have to make the best toilet paper wedding dress they can.
  4. When times runs out each teams model will show their dress to the bride.
  5. The team that created the best tp dress will win.

Bingo Card

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Bridal Bingo

  1. Give all players one or two bingo card and some sort of bingo marker.
  2. The hostess will start calling off phrases or words having to do with a wedding instead of numbers.
  3. Set a certain amount of Bingo's you plan to stop at.
  4. Every bingo is a win.

He Said She Said Template


He Said She Said

  1. Collect quotes from the bride and groom. This can be things they say often for easier questions and things they say less often for harder questions.
  2. Give the guests the paper with quotes on it and a pen. Select a specific amount of time for your guests to fill out the quote worksheet. If you thing they both said one of the quotes then circle both of the answers.
  3. The hostess will read off the correct answers for the guest to grade their work and tally up their correct answers.
  4. The player that gets the most right wins.

Bride And Groom Pins


Clothespin Or Safety Pin Game

  1. Before the party select on or two "buzz" words.
  2. When the guests arrive give them a clothespin or safety pin and tell them not to say the buzz word.
  3. As more guest arrive an talk whenever they say the buzz word the person who caught them saying it gets to take their pin.
  4. This game can go on the duration of the party.
  5. Guests are trying to collects as many pins as possible before the party is over.
  6. The person who ends up with the largest amount of pins will win a prize.

Guess That Price Example


Guess That Price

  1. Give all guests a worksheet with commonly found household items like laundry detergent, a coffee pot, and other items.
  2. When all players have completed their price estimations the hostess will read of the correct answers.
  3. The guest will then add up the total difference between the correct sale price and the estimation.
  4. The smallest dollar amount difference wins a prize

Two Truths And A Lie

This is another great ice breaking game for all of the guest to get a chance to know each other.

  1. When all expected guest have arrived have everyone go around and tell everyone three things about themselves.
  2. Two of those things are true and one of them is going to be false.
  3. It is everyone's job to figure out which of the three statements is a lie.


Dexi from New England on July 31, 2015:

Some great ideas, thanks! My daughter's shower is coming up. The games always keep people entertained.

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