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Girls Just Want to Have Fun. 10 Activities that Women Adore and Ladies Love!

Ten Things Girls Just Can't Get Enough Of

So here are the stuff that women are passionate about. Activities that girls really enjoy. You notice a common theme to the list. Hopefully it reveals something of the essence of being female.

My apologies if this list is stereotypical and I accept that some girls, including you, dear reader, may prefer rock climbing, drag racing or even boxing!

Along the way I’ll explain why these activities feature on my list. Guys reading this may find this article helpful in gaining insights into how we women think and what we enjoy. Without further ado:

One: Hanging Out with the Girls

Women are gregarious and highly social. Women don’t only enjoy shopping with other girls but adore doing all kinds of stuff together. They like to meet as a group and share. Hence slumber parties and even Tuperware parties. Yes, women will even get together to buy ugly plastic boxes!

Girls even love swopping clothes and are quite happy to strip to their underwear together in order to do it. Women chat together for hours and are interested in all aspects of their friend’s lives.

Imagine, if your boy friend found any of his mates wanted to swap clothes, he would almost certainly remove them from promptly from Facebook and seek new friends!

What Activities do Women Adore?

What Activities do Women Adore?

Two: Shopping

Yes women love to shop in a way that men just don’t get.

These days, guys do the bulk of their shopping on line and, if they need to visit the high street or mall, will walk into a store, grab what they want and go home again.

Women, on the other hand, love to browse; ideally with girl friends. Women will typically visit several stores at a time and like to try on lots of clothes and get the opinions of their peers. You won’t find many straight men who shop like this.

Now consider female buying patterns. Women typically shop for clothes, cosmetics or toiletries rather than car parts, tools or computer games.

Girlie shopping is more about being sexually attractive and feeling good. More on this later.

Men generally dread shopping with women. But their ultimate fear is that moment when we emerge from the changing room cubical in something we think is gorgeous, do a quick shy, twirl and ask with a hopeful smile, “So what do YOU think?”

Yes, Women Love to Shop!

Yes, Women Love to Shop!

Who needs a man when Chocolate is available!?

Who needs a man when Chocolate is available!?

Three: Chocolate

There is a commonly held belief that women are passionate about chocolate. It is also said that women who love chocolate have more satisfying sex lives than women who deny themselves. This link with man-free sexual desire is emphasised in chocolate advertising.

In the UK there is a long running TV advert for Cadburys Flake that features dreamy girls sucking sensuously on slender, flaky cylindrical chocolate bars. Incidentally, I adore chocolate and love men so perhaps its true!

The celebrated Italian seducer Casanova (1725-1798) is reputed to have eaten chocolate before bedding his conquests because of chocolate's reputation as an aphrodisiac.

Four: Gossip

Women are not just interested in other girls. They are also fascinated by people in general. This is why you’ll often find women holding down jobs that are people orientated; for example, human resources, public relations, teaching or medicine.

Men, on the other hand will often choose careers that deal with material things such as technology, construction, engineering or mining.

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Women are interested in everything about everybody. Hence women like to gossip and are deeply frustrated by men who seem oblivious to even what is going on in the lives of their own male friends, their partners or family.

Some Women like to decorate their cars and create a girlie space.

Some Women like to decorate their cars and create a girlie space.

Five: Cars

For some men, their car is little more than a phallic symbol and they are more interested in how quickly it goes from 0 to 100mph than in its appearance.

On the other hand, for girls the car represents personal freedom and for some a space that they can make their own. This may result in it being decorated with girlie stickers, cuddly toys and anything else that feminises it and creates a girl-friendly space.

When girls choose a car, it is often the colour that matters rather than performance. Women tend to like small cars that are easy to park but they also like cars that are high off the ground so they can see better. Finally they like a big boot or trunk so they can fit all the shopping in!

Girls are not really interested in what goes under the hood or where the spare tyre or jack lives. This can be a disadvantage when smoke or steam appears from the engine compartment or a tyre goes flat. Liberated girls just get out, put on overalls (stored in the back with the tools) and fix it.

To our shame, most of us just stand by the car looking helpless and wait for a man to appear.

The Cougar - hunting for men young enough to be their sons?

The Cougar - hunting for men young enough to be their sons?

How Women are Wired

Before we continue with the rest of the list, let me pause to explain that sexuality is a common thread that joins together the other elements in the list. You need to understand that girls need to feel good about themselves. Self-esteem is of prime importance to a woman.

In order to understand why this is, you need to accept that men and women are wired up differently as far as sexual attraction is concerned.

For women, unlike men, sex is not primarily about conquest. You’ll often find single men who seem fixated on having sex and then moving on. They treat intimate relationships like a 100m sprint. Some of you girls reading this are nodding at this point. Before foreplay has even begun, from your perspective, you’ll sometimes find your man has finished and is taking a nap!

For ladies, sex is more a state of mind than a single event. Think of it as more a continuous walk or a marathon. Girls like to feel desirable and sexy even when there are no men or women around. Men hunt for women while women are more passive and make themselves selectively desirable for potential partners.

However, the biological conventions of courtship that are common to most wildlife have been subverted by contemporary humans and the drive for equality. Many women have therefore overthrown their biological programming and have developed some of the habits and characteristics of men.

We see this in the Cougar mentality in older women, entrapping guys young enough to be their sons. Then there are the girls nights out where females hunt in packs and indulge in binge drinking.

However, In spite of these modern trends, most females still follow their original biological program. Female sexuality plays a big part in the rest of the list.

Shoes - objects of desire!

Shoes - objects of desire!


Six: Men Watching

Women may seldom pursue men like hunters but men watching is a sport that most straight women love. This passive observation of the male will also involve an element of evaluation and selection.

This may be followed up by flirting gestures such as hair touching, head tossing and other seductive body language. Woman also love matchmaking and finding partners for both gay and straight friends.

Seven: Shoes

Women adore them. Some women have whole wardrobes full of shoes. Favourite shoes are often quite extreme. High heels are the biggest turn on. The higher and thinner the heels the better.

Brightly coloured shoes such as scarlet or yellow are also adored as are shoes made from animal skin such as snake or crocodile. Women also adore boots. The sexier and higher they are the better.

The most desired shoes are therefore not about practicality or comfort but are more about feeling and looking sexually alluring. These shoes are designed to be noticed. In the case of high heels they raise the head further from the ground, making the wearer taller (more noticeable) and more graceful.

Even the sight of a pair of sexy shoes in a shop window is enough to send some girls into a highly aroused state and caressing sexy shoes just increases the heat!

Lingerie is Empowering!

Lingerie is Empowering!

Eight: Pampering

Girls love being pampered. From Jacuzzis, power showers or a lingering, fragrant, relaxing bath, women love the sensuous feeling of water on their skin. Massage is another passion, ideally with a relaxing ambiance including fragrant oils and scented candles.

Pampering is an extension of girls preparing themselves. Girls love to get ready. But as most men know, this can take a long time!

Nine: Lingerie

A girl’s love of Lingerie is revealing in more ways that one!

Modern woman’s passion for lingerie is a further extension of feeling good about oneself and preparing. Lingerie is seldom practical. It isn't really designed to keep you warm or comfortable. It is designed to make us look and feel fabulous, sensual and desirable.

Women love lingerie. It’s the grown up version of little girls dressing up. Lingerie transforms us from ordinary, everyday, catapillers into gorgeous, erotic butterflies.

Even if that fabulous bra set with the suspender belt and stockings is hidden under a smart business suit, we know we are wearing it and its presence empowers us.

In lingerie there is that sense of a beautiful secret and the possibility of revealing it to the world, or more usually to one special person, at some future appointed time.

Ten: Love Making

Lingerie takes me neatly to love making. I can hear some of you expressing surprise that such an activity features in my top ten!

The ultimate fulfillment of wearing lingerie, as with so many other female pleasures, is to entice our male admirer, be it husband or lover, to make love to us.

This is not for the act itself but because of the intimacy it generates. To be held, to be wanted, to be cherished is our ultimate desire. For we girls, love making is often more about a state of mind than a physical act.


So there you have it. Gina’s 10 things that girls adore and activities we love. So what about you? What are you passionate about? If you disagree or want to add your own girlie passions to the mix then please feel free to comment below!


Nicole K on October 19, 2019:

Fun article! I love shopping but barely have any shoes. I have a lot of dresses, though. And sweaters and scarves. I enjoyed this hub and thought it was a fun read :)

Tyrone Smalls from Edi, Isl. on July 08, 2016:

Beautiful, lovely, and funny...can I cook you breakfast in bed

Michaela from USA on December 17, 2015:

This is SO stereotypical that it makes me cringe - are you really lumping all women into this imposed category where we are socialized to enjoy certain things regardless of our actual personalities?

I am 100% biologically a woman and I HATE shopping, gossip, and effing shoes. What a waste of time, seriously.

floating mind from Chicago, Illinois on February 17, 2013:

Wow! Things I just did not think about when it come to girls. Can I point out a few things that I have comments about ... 1) I do not have any guy friends that shop on the Internet. We do buy some (hard to find) things on the Internet, but we get together to go to the mall. Yes, we buy exactly what we want. Then we girl watch. 2) You are on the money with Chocolate; but that's just me. And 3) We like pampering you ladies. And yes, sometimes we do think you take to long. But hey, ... you are girls after all. Nice hub.

Looking forward to reading more from you.

mts1098 on April 21, 2012:

Never more a true statement that girls want to have fun. This is a good and accurate list from my findings...thanks and cheers

Gina Coole (author) from London on December 30, 2011:

Perspycacious - You're absolutely right. My list is more activities but the ultimate goals for most women will be one or both of the things you mention. For many women, finding the faithful, loving provider is the holy grail!

Thanks for stopping by.

Demas W Jasper from Today's America and The World Beyond on December 29, 2011:

Children and a faithful, loving (which includes considerate)strong, respectable provider might be in that list somewhere, mightn't it? As a male, I defer to your expertise.

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