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Why Is My Husband Picking Fights with Me All of Sudden?


Why Is My Husband Picking Fights with Me All of Sudden? If you are asking yourself this question, it may be time to seriously analyze your relationship.

When a man engages in an extramarital affair, one surefire sign of cheating is the fact that he will begin to pick more and more meaningless fights with his partner.

But are they really meaningless?

There are many that will say there is plenty of meaning behind these actions and it is up to the wife to pick up on these warning signs.

Warning Signals of Cheating That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Criticizes You More – One of the reasons most cited by men as to why they cheated was emotional dissatisfaction in the marriage. Because of the emotional disconnection, the cheating husband will begin to criticize you more and more, and often without any valid reasons.

He is less emotionally connected to you so he is more likely to make hurtful comments and remarks without a second thought.

Starts More Fights – This is similar to the above. When the relationship gets to a stage that he is always starting what seem to be meaningless fights with you, it may be time to hit the panic button. This action will usually lead to him leaving the house more often even after he was the one that initiated the senseless arguments. This begins the snowball effect that can get out of control very quickly if not rectified.

The above two actions are usually signs that your husband are trying to share with you about his cheating ways without him even knowing it. Subconsciously he is saying, “Well it is not like you didn’t know things weren’t good.”

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Why Is My Husband Picking Fights with Me All of Sudden? This was a question that I saw in a forum today and wanted to elaborate on because I could answer from personal past experience.

This is a sad truth, but it is a reality. So ladies, you need to start paying attention and you should be a bit concerned if you are noticing that your husband is picking fights with you all of a sudden. This is not matter to take lightly.

Humans are very complicated, but there are still some trivial and subtle clues your husband is cheating that he won’t be able to hide even with his best effort.

If you know what to look out for, they will be easy to spot. Please take the time to join in on this discussion by leaving your comments below.

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kathy on May 23, 2017:

from the very beginning with the creep I am with now realize that I made a huge mistake getting involved with him. I wasted 33 years of my life with this man, he is always against me never is on my side, gets along better with other people he could careless if I live or die. all he cares about is sex, and having meals on time he also lived with his mother 35 years before this sham of a marriage began. I tell you all he has me here is to intimidate me. I will escape this insane man , do plan on leaving him.

Shari on February 10, 2012:

I believe that is the truth. They pick fights out of guilt and try to rectify why they are cheating . My husband fights with me over everything. It is sick...

dotty1 from In my world on April 22, 2011:

Interesting hub It has always puzzled me why people cannot just say "actually I'm done with this " first...will never get it :-s

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