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There Is No World to Give

Helping with healing, just having an ear and patience. Her world has to be resurrected from her anger and pain.

Just Want You To Love Again

The weight of the world;
On the shoulders of an adolescent girl,
Carried to an age that is ripe.
The pain, of knowing something ain't right.
Maturing, and seeing the lie, that was accepted,
Wanting, yearning, to speak out loud,
cause the silence is killing her slowly,
but deeply from the inside out.
Parasitic, in nature, a child who's resemblance is that, of the liar,
who tried to pay with gifts,
now he's attempting to take, what is the greatest gift,
under normal circumstances,

But, this is the worst place to be seeing, the face of the violator.

In the face of innocence, deeper than a bystander, more like the product of a terrible event,
shaping her future on a foundation of sand.
Destined to crumble,
the DNA removes all doubt, the fatal turn, left only darkness, but
light always shines through.
The tears, hurtful and painful, being passed down through
Appreciation is hard when the gift is a production of a trespass that was never atoned for.
Threats of misery, made what used to be home, into an intolerable place for
the smiling face that was once displayed,
The innocent child that has no reason to despise the soul from which she was created.
The mom, holding onto a parasitic secret each year,
no substance, removes any tears.
They flow on that birthday year after year.

They ask for the world, but that world was taken, so there is no world to give.

The healing hasn't been felt, but the healing process has begun.
There is a road that must be traveled, more tears will unravel, refusing to be withheld.
The true victory will be the day, no shame to scream and yell, the truth, her truth,
so that her soul can finally heal.
She questions her actions. "Am I doing the right thing?"
She is told, " the truth will set you free "
She barely believes, cause the pain is so great,
her shame is thick, blinding her view.
Now that she is facing her truth...
To be continued....

Time taken from a young mom. They say it best for the kids but I see it as valuable time be taken away that will be lost forever.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2015 Abdul Hood

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