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Married & Alone

What is alone?

Sometimes love thats ran it’s course, children, life take you to places that you don’t understand and you fear going. Alone! I’ve seen so many people go back to the same situation. Because they don’t want to be alone. Something they’re familiar with. A lot of people are afraid of change.

Why except something that’s unacceptable. Starting over is very scary. A lot of people get comfortable with being with someone and don’t want to be alone. But the true question is what is alone? Are you with someone and still have the feeling of being alone?

“ For My Child/Children”

Children can be the biggest joy. And sad to say sometimes the biggest mistake. Sometimes you have children with people that are not worthy of your time. And just feel trapped or compelled to stay with that person just because you have a child or children with a person. But sometimes that’s not best. Sometimes it’s better to coparent then allow your children see you in a dysfunctional relationship. A lot of women hold onto men and because of children. And some men just stay because they don’t wanna pay child support or as an old saying goes it’s cheaper to keep her. And a lot are honorable and want to be apart of there child’s life. And he or she just stay. just to watch your beautiful child/children happy, enjoying life growing up with both parents. And at the end of the day both parents go home laying in bed with their bodies turn in opposite directions to each other. Alone! But they are there and will continue to stay there and grow old together in regret, anger, sadness. That’s the worse feeling of being alone.

Not realizing your child/children are affected by that but you think you’re doing the right thing for their happiness. Then down the road your children questioning you and ask you why did you stay? And you don’t realize how bad it was for your child/children. Until your child/children explain to you how bad it was, in their eyes. But the whole time you were trying to give them an opportunity and having two parents and happiness. Sometimes it’s better to be alone especially with children. And learn to coparent, sometimes coparenting is better than having two parents in the same household.

Then your children get the happiness,the real happiness,the real laughter,the real smiles ,the real joy and a real sense of peace. Sometimes it’s worth your child/children mental sanity.Whether parents know it or not that their parents may separate or be alone. And not alone as without someone alone as without that one person. And again children are sometimes the reason you stay in places that you don’t want to be. But while you’re there you’re alone.


Sometime the fear of not having someone to come home too. Can cause you to stay in places that you don’t want to be. Just to have someone to call your own. I know so many people that work very hard travel and do a lot of different things. To cause dating and starting over make it hard to find someone. Just someone to come home too. And they take a mate just to have someone. And overtime they realize that that may have not been the person design for them. But when you’ve taken on that responsibility people tends to stay there because of the choice that they‘be made. Sometimes it’s best to be alone and take your time and find your true happiness. Then to accept what you can because you feel like you can’t, are you don’t have the time to build something new or to build something right.

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That’s just like something familiar something old and comfortable that you used to. Some people like familiar things. Some people will settle for something that they’re used to that they’re familiar with because they fear change. In actuality over time change can be good change could be great. But the fear of change can cause you to stay in something that isn’t quite right for you. Just like the stock market SUD a key word that I hear used in the market. Fear uncertainty and doubt. Some people say or change because I may think OK if I let this go that I know I already have and I try for this. What if it doesn’t work and then I’ve lost this in 1 mile turn left. Sometime she needs to step on her out on a bridge and jump. And before you know it that fear comes to an end because you realize you can swim. And then your swimming and swimming and your body‘s feeling great you’re enjoying life so sometimes you have to let that F Dash beer go and step out on faith. You never know what was your true destination and you could lose your true happiness over fear. U uncertainty that that causes you to be uncertain. Uncertain about your true feelings what you’re thinking what you think is right what you think you want. And you’re not certain that still is a part of fear. Sometimes you have to do it within yourself and find certainty within yourself in order to move on as I have a better and greater chance of a true happy life.

Doubt doubt and fear and uncertainty aren’t run in the same circle. doubting your self doubting the situation. Doubting the reality of the fact that if you walk away what will happen. Where were you go what would you do. Will you be completely alone but you’re already feeling alone so I doubt what you’re doing. Sometimes in life you need to stop going back to familiar places. And move forward and lose all the doubts and uncertainty and fear you have within yourself. And seek out something beautiful that will never cause you to have the feeling of being alone.

“Heartbeat to Happiness”

Sometimes you have too walk away. And it may cause a heart break. And then you wake up and realize how my if your happiness you’ve put on the line. it’s sad to feel loneliness. When you have a partner and you can’t be you. Feeling alone comes in so many ways. It’s time to be happy. “Life is too short to live in Misery!” And die in regret…..

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