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What Mermaids Really Are


My Seven Mermaid Videos On Youtube

What the general public know about mermaids, is what they might of seen in popular Walt Disney films like The Little Mermaid or Splash

More knowledgeable people may have been told that mermaid myths come from ignorant sailors of the past who have mistaken sea-cows for women with fish tails. Even though most mermaid sightings come from Europe where there are no sea-cows.

I have a better theory about the true nature of mermaids and have made seven video to explain it all

My theory is that mermaids are breath-holding divers like the Ama and Haenyo divers of Japan and Korea.

This theory also explain why we mostly have stories of mermaids and not mermen. Why witches and mermaids were the same people. Why ancient sailors feared the siren call, How mermaids magically grew legs when they came on land and grew fish tails when they went back into the sea. I also discuss the Aquatic Ape theory, and why it is the best explanation of how humans evolved from ape

I have made up this Hub so people can easy access all the videos on one web page. I have also link to my Mermaid blog.

The text of Mermaids Are Real: Part One

  • Mermaids Are Real: Part One
    The accepted theory for why we have mermaid legends and myths, is that sailors have mistaken sea cows for women with fish tails. Which suggests sailors must have been very stupid. This hub gives a more sensible explanation for mermaid stories and sig

Sea Cow And Mermaid

Picture which shows how different sea cows and mermaids look.

Picture which shows how different sea cows and mermaids look.

The Origins Of Mermaid Myths And legends

The explanation of Mermaid myths according to scientists and academics is that sailor in the past have mistaken sea-cows, (dugongs and manatees), for women with fish-tails.

This does seem to assume, that sailors in the past were very ignorant. Another problem with this theory is that sea-cows are tropical animals and doesn't account for mermaid sightings in cooler waters like European seas, where there are no sea-cows

I have come up with a more plausible theory that mermaids were simply female breath-holding divers like the Ama and Heanyo divers that still dive today in Japan and Korea. I also explain that probably divers like this, existed all over the world but were written out of history. So today, all we have is mermaid folk-lore from the common people, about these female breath-holding divers.

The text of the above video

  • Mermaids are Real: Part Two
    Why do we mostly have myths and sightings of mermaid and not mermen? The reason could be that, most working breath-holding divers are women.

Ama Diver

Japanese Ama diver

Japanese Ama diver

Why Mermaids And Not Mermen

There are many stories from the past about mermaids but very few of mermen. So what is the reason for this?

Perhaps this is because in Japan and Korea, there are far more female breath-holding divers than men

It turns out that a woman's body is more aquatic than a man's body and is better adapted to swim in cold water. Why this is so, is explained in the following video

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The text of the above video

  • Mermaids Are Real: Part Three
    There is a mermaid myth that mermaids magically grow legs when they come on land and grow a fishtail when they go back into the water. This hub gives a rational explanation for this.

Modern Mermaid


Mermaid tails

In ancient mermaid myths there are stories of mermaids that come on land and magically grow legs and walk around like a normal person. Then, when they return to the sea, they magically grow a fish tail

This sounds like a fairy story, but surprisingly there is a logical explanation for these unlikely tales, (no pun intended), in swimming aids like the mono-fin and flippers

The text of the above video

  • Mermaids Are Real: Part Four
    What are the origins of the siren myth? Where it is claimed that mermaids or sirens lure sailors to their doom. This is because they hear the sirens wonderful singing. So they wreak their ships by sailing onto the rocks where the mermaids are. Surpri

The siren call

Since the time of the ancient Greeks and up until the 19th century, there has been sailor's stories of the dreaded siren call

It was even claimed that seeing a mermaid or hear them sing meant that your ship will most certainly be wreaked. Yet again, there is a logical explanation for this improbable myth

The text of the above video

  • Mermaids Are Real: Part Five
    The witch hunters used a ducking stool to see if a woman was a witch. Where a woman was forced underwater when tied to the stool. The cruel logic was that if she drowned she wasn't a witch but if she lived, she was! This only makes sense if these wom

Ducking Stool

The ducking stool was used to find if a woman was a witch.

The ducking stool was used to find if a woman was a witch.

Mermaids and witches

In this video we explain why mermaids and witches were probably the same people. In ancient tales of mermaids we find them, like witches, practicing magic and dispensing herbal medicine.

It seems that most mermaids were wiped out in the infamous witch-hunts. Though why the church was against both witches and mermaids is explained in this video.

The text of the above video

  • Mermaids Are Real: Part Six
    Were human beings like mermaids and lived in an aquatic environment? This might be true if we are to believe the Aquatic Ape Theory. This theory explains how we evolved in a aquatic environment.

The Aquatic Ape Theory

If we accept that mermaids were aquatic animals, then we can say the same thing about aquatic apes. One of the theories about how we evolved from apes to humans is the aquatic ape theory.

This theory explains many things about us, like how we lost our fur, walked on two legs, learnt to speak and develop a much larger brain than any other ape

The text of the above video

  • Mermaids Are Real: Part Seven
    What does the Arthurian stories have to do with mermaids? I explain in this hub, that the Ladies of the lake, like Morgan le Fay, were also mermaids, witches and breath-holding divers.

The ladies of the lake

In previous videos we have shown that mermaids, witches and female breath-holding divers were all the same people

We can add to this list, the ladies of the lake, in Arthurian legends. As we explain the meaning of strange stories like how King Arthur got his magical sword Excalibur and what these stories tell us about these mysterious women.

My Mermaid Book/Blog Has Over 990,000 hits!

  • Mermaids are real!
    For further information on my mermaid theory, you can read my book/blog.

My first article on Mermaids

  • Woman Thou Art God: The Secret History of Mermaids
    Guru Rasa Von Werder's teachings on Matriarchy, Female Empowerment, the Feminine Divine, Yoga, Christianity, Mystical Union, the Beatific Vision, Self Realization, Enlightenment, Visions and Her Dictionary of Dream Symbols.

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William Bond (author) from England on January 18, 2017:

Agreed Gustavo

Gustavo Woltmann1 on January 18, 2017:

Animal Planet's mermaid docu is definitely fake.

Sanxuary on August 11, 2014:

Most likely, I was surprised that anyone even thought they existed. It is the same thing for dragons, little people, Big foot and so on. Still people have some stories and its amazing how old some of these stories go back. We have a great imagination or we see the non-dimensional World.

William Bond (author) from England on August 08, 2014:

I personally think the Animal Planet mermaid show is a fake. Why I think so you can see on another of my Hubs.

Sanxuary on August 08, 2014:

There is a video out where two kids discovered what they thought was a body on the beach. Instead it's a Mermaid and it is not very happy. They claim that the military came and got the body. I am a skeptic but I have not found anything to discredit it. In fact I had no clue that there is quite a community that believes that they exist. Other videos exist.

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