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Transfemme Products: Male-to-Female

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Kristina is a transgender woman, now living full time as a female. She blogs about her experiences transitioning from male to female.

Transfemme® is a US registered trademark of Avalon Essentials. I do not own or represent this company. I am a happy customer. I was not paid for writing about Transfemme or my testimonial.

Transfemme® is a US registered trademark of Avalon Essentials. I do not own or represent this company. I am a happy customer. I was not paid for writing about Transfemme or my testimonial.

My Male to Female Journey

There are questions I have had to face in my life on my Male to Female Journey.

Am I living as my authentic self? Am I living the life I truly want to live? Or am I living my life the way others expect me to live it?

I find a lot of these expectations are the way people are programmed to live, parts of living in polite society. We are all individuals and yet we must conform to set, proscribed ways of behaving and roles. If we do not conform, we get cast out, even if we are not hurting anyone. Our very way of being may be offensive to some people's belief systems or religion, including our own family. If we admit who we are, how we feel, or live, that could cost us everything, our family, love, a job, friends. This is a heavy burden to carry and one that takes a toil mentally, emotionally physically and spiritually.

There is the kind of oppression gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual people have lived with for millennia. Don't have an opposite sex partner, marriage or children? The labels, judgment, discrimination and hate pile up against you. People question what is wrong with you? You must be a bad person.

Many people, mostly men, have no qualms about doling about their anger, aggression, frustration, hurt, fear and insecurity and projecting it onto those society deems misfits, gay, trans or whatever label they have for those of us who are different. In fact many even feel justified in attacking, vilifying and even physically harming or killing someone who is LBGTQ.

I have been on a journey to transition from straight to gay and male to female.

Obviously I was always gay and had gender dysmorphia but the world did not know and my family did not know. Thankfully things have started changing in many countries and people have more leeway to be their authentic selves. LGBTQ have been afforded more legal protections to not be attacked or discriminated against for being different from the majority of the population.

After years of searching, first by admitting to being gay, I was finally able to come out as male to female. I was able to legally change my name and sex on my legal documents and take steps to physically change my sexual identity; this was not possible ten years ago. While we still have a long way to go there is some improvement, although the hate has gotten worse in the last few years against minorities, LGBTQ, jews, women and immigrants. I hope people consider that no one chooses their sex, gender dysmorphia, their skin color, or being gay. These are things we do not have the ability to change, and yet we are attacked and discriminated against for being fundamentally who we are, made to feel scared, unlovable, ridiculed. If you are reading this, imagine living in a world where your very existence is something that is loathed and you never have a moment’s peace. Imagine being racked with anxiety and fear because someone may find out you are gay or transgender; sometimes its your own children, your boss or parents. I know not everyone has any sympathy for people who are LGBTQ or ever will.

Keep reading to find out what’s great about Transfemme, what could be improved and whether you should consider a natural transition.

Before I found Transfemme® Products

I first visited several doctors and it was a quite embarrassing. I have had to endure many invasive, probing questions about my entire personal life in order to change my sex legally and get medical care. Everything from my sex life and sexual preferences, to abuse. My entire personal medical history, addiction, mental health, everything was probed and it was very uncomfortable. I also have felt pushed by my counselor to get gender reassignment surgery when I am not sure I want to endure such an invasive procedure. I have found myself agreeing because I feel pressured and this is wrong.

I have put together this article about my experience going to doctors and psychologists and why I ultimately ended up using an alternative method, the Transfemme products. I am happy to share with you everything you need to know about Transfemme versus prescription based transitioning.

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Why I Was Skeptical About Trying Something Natural

When I first heard about Transfemme®, I was a little skeptical. After all, when things sound too good to be true they usually are but, Transfemme has been around for decades and they have a very good reputation on the transgender message boards spanning over twenty years. The sheer length of time and volume of history made me overcome my skepticism enough to try the products.

I started looking at using an alternative method because I did not like the way I felt using horse urine and testosterone blockers. I was spending a lot of money seeing doctors, getting blood tests, being embarrassed and feeling judged. My emotions were bouncing all over the place and I felt more depressed than I had before I started transitioning. After going through all of that I grew about 1/4 of an inch in my breasts and I still had a beard, muscles and looked very masculine, which was even more depressing! I was told that is the way it is, not everyone gets great results on hormones and I should consider breast implants.

When I first started researching Transfemme®, I was a elated at the possibility of actually changing my body without using drugs or surgery. It is bad enough I was born the wrong sex, having to use a lot of artificial methods and being a fake woman was not appealing. I decided to give Transfemme® a chance because I really wanted to grow breasts, develop softer skin and have less hair without using the prescription hormones and breast implants. Breast implants have to be replaced every ten years and have side effects. I could not see myself coming up with the money in my old age to keep replacing the implants and I do not have the resources to deal with any complications that could arise.

What I Found Using Transfemme® Products Surprised Me

Transfemme® is not about trying to sell customers products, they actually care about their customers and know what they are talking about. While they make a big deal about their results, I got something else out of this that was just as important, caring people who cared to help me even when it was not product related. Think about that... I was more than just a dollar sign. I have used other companies herbal products. These other companies do not have a telephone number and are frankly a waste of time and money. When I used herbs my breasts had a little water retention and swelling and nothing actually feminized.

For Avalon Essentials, the maker of Transfemme products, customer success is a byproduct to truly providing caring, compassionate support to people who need it the most and usually have no where else to turn to.

What is Transfemme®?

Transfemme is a glandular capsule that changes the way your body processes hormones, it converts testosterone into estrogen. There is also a hormone cream that gives an extra boost but is not necessary to get results, it just adds a little extra in terms of speed.

I also use another product called Bountiful Breast® Cream that has patented peptides in it, this is made by the same company. It causes your breasts to enlarge by storing fat in the tissues without changing your hormones, it is US patented at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and it is clinical proven. I am not going to get into all the technicalities about it, if you want to know more about that you can research it on their website.

I enjoy using the breast creams, they are silky smooth, smell wonderful and are non toxic. The company cared enough to make sure they are methyl and propyl paraben free. The only thing I would change about Transfemme, if there is anything to change is I wish it worked faster but that is not realistic, it's not like one can magically go from male to female over night. Both of these trade names are located at their respective websites as a .com BountifulBreast is the women's site and Transfemme is the male site; they have been in business since 1996.

My Results So Far

My breasts and areola are larger. I have grown to a C cup. My hips have changed their shape and I have female body fat distribution. I have softer skin, less male hair, my hair is thicker and I feel happier! After feeling like crap for years, being depressed due to my lot in life and everything I have been through, including being beaten and almost killed for being trans. I have now finally emerged out the other side as a new woman. It took a lot of time, patience and heartache to be where I am today. I am so happy and thankful to all my friends, family and Transfemme for supporting me, even when I was difficult.

If You Are Not LGBTQ

I hope you will consider we are all human beings having a unique experience. I hope you will consider having a little more compassion for those of us who are different. You could end up different in some way yourself through no fault of your own or you could have a child or parent who comes out as different.

Gender Identity

This content is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for formal and individualized diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed medical professional. Do not stop or alter your current course of treatment. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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