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Killer Trunks Mankind

the horses and the night and the desert know me And the sword, and the spear, and the stationery, and the pen

The silence of the night was pierced by several screams from one of the rooms of that cheap motel in part of New Jersey. The owner of the motel panicked, especially with the appearance of a corpse a few days ago in the area surrounding the motel, so he quickly went to the desired room and knocked on the door forcefully, calling on the inhabitant of the room to open ... and the inhabitant of the room was one of the frequent visitors to the motel with the girls of the night. The owner of the motel started shouting at me from inside, but there was no life for whomever was calling, so he hurriedly called the police, who quickly informed one of the patrols near the motel, which in turn arrived within minutes and stormed the room to surprise what looked like a slaughterhouse inside... Iron chains, hooks, and whips... The prostitute was tied to the bed with handcuffs, with traces of beating, biting and rape all over her body. The police went to the house of the man who was with the prostitute and found a full arsenal of torture tools. That was on May 22, 1988.. One of the most notorious serial killers called Richard Gottenham, nicknamed the "Trunk Killer" because of the mutilation and cutting of the limbs of his victims, was finally arrested.

Who is Richard Gottenham?

He is the first child of an ordinary family from New Jersey, born in 1946. There is nothing abnormal in his childhood. The family was interconnected and treated its children well. His father soon joined his computer business and continued to work until his arrest. He married in 1970, and everyone who knew him said that he was a respectable husband and a polite man, and the neighbors watched him a lot as he took his three children for a walk, and he did not have a judicial record except for minor crimes such as driving under the influence of alcohol. Guttenham started the cycle of killing in 1967 and his first victim was a mother of two children. Guttenham tracked her while she was out and killed her and mutilated her body and did not tell the police of any motives.. Only she was in the wrong place and time!

Pictures of some of his victims


Several years later, the fire department responded to a distress call in one of the buildings next to Times Square in New York, where the firefighters found what looked like two corpses, with no limbs and heads removed, and burning material was poured on them and the bodies were set on fire ... The limbs of the bodies were never found, one of the bodies was identified As an immigrant, the police failed to identify the other body Not a year passed until the police found another victim in one of the cheap motels, handcuffed and her body full of violent bite marks, and she was strangled and assaulted. Then two other bodies were found in nearby motels, with the same pattern of attacks, but the police could not link them until after the confessions of Guttenham, who is still alive to this day and is still making serious confessions. In 2010, he was held responsible for the murder of a radiologist, and in 2020, he admitted to assaulting and strangling three other women in 1960. Then, in 2021, he pleaded guilty to the kidnapping, assault, and drowning of two teenage girls in 1974.

A picture of him during his trial


Jotunham was famous among serial killers that he used to take the heads and limbs of his victims with him as a souvenir. These heads and limbs were never found. The total prison sentence for Gottenham exceeds 200 years, as there is no death penalty in New Jersey As for his wife, she had left him several years ago before his arrest and took a ruling not to be exposed, as she said that he is an unrighteous, hateful person and inclined to violence No one knows what the killing pattern of Jotunham was, he killed mothers, workers, teenage girls and prostitutes. And in the testimony of one of his victims, he told her, “You are a prostitute and you should punish me.. But what about the others, that is, other than prostitutes.. Why did he kill them?” The total number of victims that have been proven is 11, but Jotunham said that the number of victims ranged between 80-100 victims.

The girl who befriended her mother's killer!

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Recently, the press has returned to the Gottenham case due to the strange friendship he had with the daughter of one of his victims. The victim was a young girl of Iranian origin who immigrated to America with her family when she was a child, her name was Deeda Kodarzi, who worked as a prostitute, and she had given birth to a child and then abandoned her and offered her for adoption. One of Dideh's clients was Jotunham, and on a stormy night, Jottenham killed Dida, then cut off her head and limbs and burned the rest of her body, leaving the crime scene with the head that was never found. After many years, Dideh's adopted daughter, Jennifer Weisz, and through research, she reached the identity of her mother and knew that she had been murdered by Jotunham in a hideous way, the girl sent a message to Jotunham in prison asking him why he killed her mother and where is her head? .. This letter was a precursor to other messages and then many interviews between the daughter and the killer, and over time these visits turned into a close and strange friendship, and in the eyes of some, abnormal, between a woman and a serial killer who killed her mother and beheaded her. Gottenham apologized deeply to the girl and said that he could not control his instincts which were the motive for his crimes. He told her that he had buried her mother's head under a bridge, but the police searched there and found nothing.

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